Tekken 5 Xpadder Button 17



First thread here, did a search and also read through the “LOOK HERE FIRST” threads at the top.

I recently picked up a Tekken 5 Tenth Anniversary Hori stick at a garage sale for cheap. (9 dollars!)

I bought it for Guilty Gear on the ps2, but mostly for SF4 on the ps3. The controller works great on the PS2.

I bought an adapter from Fry’s, a generic ps2 to ps3 adapter. Unfortunately, every time i have it plugged in, it appears the controller is hitting the PS button every couple seconds.

From searching on here, i found the program Xpadder, to see what the controller is doing on the PC. It appears Button 17 is continuously flipping on and off. After mashing all the buttons, i can’t find a button 17.

Anyone know what mapping that button is? Is it the stick? Or is it something in the ps2-ps3 adapter that’s doing it? The Xpadder software says the T5 stick is a 19 button controller.

TIA for any help.


hmm. i think i figured it out.

Button 17 is the PS button. And since the stick doesn’t have an extra button, the adapter keeps searching for it, triggering it on and off.

I figured this out by plugging in a wireless logitech ps2 controller, and the adapter turned the “mode” button on the controller, to the PS button for the ps3.

So the question is, how do i add a button to the tekken controller, or are there other adapters that don’t do this?


The Fry’s adaptor will not work with that stick… it needs an analog PCB apparently. Return it with haste and order a Sumoto adapter off ebay. Works great with the Tekken 5 stick on your PS3. Look up the converter compatibility thread for all the gory details.


Thanks for the quick response. I looked on ebay, no Sumoto adapters. I will return the Fry’s adapter today.



This is the one. I ordered one and used my Tekken 5 stick and Alpha Anthology to test it out. Worked good.


awesome. thanks again for the help.