Tekken 6! and kof 12 at tilt!




Wow, they are really holding it down.


Damn. I missed that by 2 weeks.


damn, now all they need is SF4 lol


yeah portland, oregon is the first place in the usa to get kof12! and its not even out in japon yet. what the heck that happened?


Anyone wanna trek down there at some point to hit up that KoF? That shit looks dope and I wanna pick it up.


Tight, can we get some reviews once people start playing?


Ross, Matt (BBH) and Evan have all been posting quite extensively in the main thread, as we are the only people with info on the game, it seems. LOL


Is TK6 really at Tilt? Very cool if true! (I haven’t really heard anyone outside of this thread say that TK6 was even in Portland).

If it’s true, I’ll be quite excited :slight_smile:



Portland we da best


Its there 1 dollar per play.


In two linked Korean sit-down cabinets, screens at 90-degree angles to each other.


tekken 6 is officially
at **Lloyd Center’s TILT (after lots of request)**but overall it’s a nice play with a japanese cabinet
and U.S bucket seats…
tho is $1 a play, don’t complain, cause it’s better then what the orginal price should be($1.50)
and for the rest of you that haven’t scooped up the area pull through and nerd it up.

Also, the cabinet doesn’t come with SANWA/360 joysticks, but if you guys
request them either through e-mailing TILT or letting Estevan know you guys prefer 360 sticks
theres a possibility we’ll get them for you guys…peace.


That’s wonderful news!

Great to have all the energy all over the place in Portland again :slight_smile:


I would like to say that I wasn’t complaining about the dollar per play I was just more trying to be informational… so Im sorry if it came off that way.

But yeah people should def go play.

I want sanwa! haha.


hopefully now that KOF12 & TEKKEN 6 are in portland,
we could finally get more players to come out and play.
But as far as KOF12 goes, the control panel will be swaped
out for a better one soon, sense some people were saying
they were cracked out and weren’t working as they should.


whats the point in getting tkn 6 when it’s already a game behind?


Wait. It’s not T6 BR?

Not complaining… Just askin.


no just vanilla t6


I played it, it has amazing graphics…