tekken 6 arcade stick

hey people i found A TEKKEN 6 arcade stick and was wondering if its worth the buy it for 30 pounds, you also get the game with it, iv seen reviews but not proper ones for someone who has actually used it for a long time and knows what is good and bad any one here can help?

also i want to know is the tekken 6 stick easy to modify i know about se its got QDs but im asking about tekken 6 please… is there any EASY tutorial for modding it or/and how long the original parts last i dont mash btw…

I’ve used one before and it felt really flimsy. It was unsettling how light it was. It felt like it would break if I was more aggressive with my execution. I wouldn’t reccomend it. I wouldn’t know anything about modding it, though.

Tekken 6 is not easy to mod. You have to solder to swap parts. Parts aren’t good quality, either.

right… do you think i should get a se stick

I’d suggest a Brawlstick if you’re looking for a cheaper option. I’m currently using one and I really like it. For the price, you’re getting a really solid product. Buttons are responsive. Joystick is pretty good, it isn’t as dead-on precise as a TE stick, but it’s not bad enough to the point where it’d be necessary to mod it first day. They’re hard to find in retailers now, but I’ve seen that most retailers have dropped the price from $80 to $60. Not sure how much that translates to in pounds, but go with it. :3

It wasn’t difficult to mod either, most of the parts that I wanted to replace either popped out and snapped into place, or required a screwdriver. I changed the square gate out for an Octogate and the balltop on the joystick to a bat top(Slightly obvious that I grew up on American sticks, mirite?). Nothing overly difficult. I didn’t have to worry about burning myself or losing a finger.

And if you’re not too keen on having two big sweaty men on your stick(see what I did there?), it’s not that difficult to find a nice template and mod that also.