Tekken 6 Arcade Stick

I’ve asked and looked around for a while now and the only “semi” reliable answer I gotten about this arcade stick is that it may be the HRAP like the Street Fighter IV one. If anyone has any links of knows if this is confirmed I’d really appreciate it because I want to make this reservation for the game but I don’t want to waste money on something thats gonna be trash.

Want the best stick out there? Get the SFIV TE stick.

I don’t think anyone is crazy enough to believe its a HRAP in this bundle. Something along the lines of an EX or fighting stick is more believable.

The molds of the new T6 sticks look nothing like the EX or FS line. I would not be shocked if they added the same internal parts. However, If they allow for easier modding they would be a steal in my book.

Doesn’t look like a HRAP to me based on the pictures shown.

Actually it doesn’t look like any previous Hori stick I know of, probably a new model since it’s wireless. For the price though ($149), I’d at least expect a Sanwa stick like the HRAP.

To be honest, it doesn’t even look like a picture but more of a pre-rendered mock-up… We’ll just have to be patient and wait for more info.

You have a point there. Still, the final product will probably be close to what’s been shown (no sense in showing a pic of a product if it’s going to change last minute).

IMO, the part that needs looking into, besides the parts, is the wireless since that’s a) going to cost batteries and b) may be a source of input lag if they don’t do it right.

I don’t know where you are preordering from but usually they don’t charge you for preordering. http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=194046 is probably the thread to look for any ‘confiirmed’ information once it shows up

This is kind of an old response but you have to pay to reserve a game at Gamestop to guarantee that one is saved for you. If you are putting down money on Collector’s Editions since they are a lot more, they may or may not ask for more money.

I just realized, there’s a thread for this over at Tech Talk which should cover any and all questions about this stick.


Reminds me of the Tekken 5 stick. Probably be like the same thing so its not an HRAP.

I’m not even considering this because I don’t trust a wireless stick. It’d be different if you could usb charge it like the pads, but if that shit’s batteries then no thanks.

tekken 6 stick is a toy, not a stick ^^, ex2 clone.

Yeah I want the Hoodie with the Special Edition Bundle, not the stick. lol

Why do people still think that it’s an HRAP? HRAPs cost too much for this bundle to come with an HRAP. They always sell arcade grade sticks seperately and put standard grade sticks in bundles. You gotta mod or shell out them dollaz if you want the real deal.

149 means Hori wants to overcharge you for their cheap parts like they always do. Especially when you’ll be getting the collector’s version of the game with the bundle that already retails at 80 bucks. Plus the 10 dollars worth of artwork and 60+ dollar stick that already adds up to 149 ish. If it were to come with an HRAP Hori would overprice the bundle to at least 200 bucks cuz they know they’d make the money. HRAPs aren’t even truly arcade grade. Only the stick is. Buttons are still standard Hori parts unless you get one of their special editions which cost more.

Whenever a new standard grade (hori parts) stick comes out they bring it out with that “quality arcade stick” price that’s way overpriced. Then 6 months later you see the stick going for 30 to 40 bucks. Plus the stick is apparently wireless which usually adds an extra 10 or 20 dollars to any arcade stick price. A wireless one system HRAP would go for 150+ easy.

The bundle overall is literally just for collection purposes. If you’re buying the bundle expecting a quality arcade stick…heh.

i’m only getting the collection so i can get the art book



It is very likely the PS3 version of the Hori EX2, the FS3 (Fightstick 3, what a stupid name). It’s shaped differently than the 360 EX2 because the boards inside are smaller. And it’s black instead of white/green.

They wouldn’t ship a super expensive HRAP stick with a game. Noone would buy it then. Plus, a HRAP stick is WAY bigger and bulkier than the normal one on the picture, even if it is a mockup pic.

Oh well. No American parts no want.

Eh, stock hori parts aren’t that bad. I’m still using a stock Tekken 5 stick that’s had coke spilled on it and it works great.