Tekken 6 BR is the greatest fighter ever made

I just got a chance to try this new game out. It blew me away. The graphics are AMAZING. The characters look so lifelike and almost as good as the damn cg ending scenes to be honest. The music is incredible, especially Jin and Azazel’s themes. The gameplay is superb, the new Bound system is the most innvative system I have seen yet in a fighting game, and far outshines anything seen in SF4, BlazBlue, KoF 12/13, and even Virtua Fighter 5. Controls are smooth and combos are easy to do, but hard to master. There’s a large selection of awesome characters to choose from, and this is just a fantastic game.

The game is so good, that I’d be satisfied if 2d fighters died out for good and we just had Tekken games. After playing this I can’t even get enjoyment from 2d fighters anymore. SF4 just seems like a fucking joke, same for KOF and BlazBlue.

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Arcadia disagrees with you.

Do the mods here check IPs to ban multiple accounts? I mean because they are all being made by one guy. He’s not even very good. If he wanted to troll there are easier ways to do it.

Sales disagree with you.

Tekken 6 BR sold extremely well, and is the most popular fighting game on the market. You sound delusional.

How exactly is it the most popular fighting game on the market? Because a Japanese magazine says so? You sound retarded. Fail troll is fail.

Yeah a Japanese magazine that determines what games are played the most in Japanese arcades. You try way too hard.

I play Sfismahjawn for the win.

Considering I attacked that retard when he was posting stupid shit in a thread I made a couple days ago, no. It’s funny you’ll try to deflect my point about Tekken so you can spam one liners about people being trolls. Go back to 4chan.

Why don’t you go to the Tekken board and talk about it then? Fail.

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Why does my statement have to do with me? We are talking about you going to the Tekken board to talk about Tekken. Please, stay with me. Americans, in general, are stupid. Especially if they think that people who say that are communists.

This thread’s going places…

Even though I disagree with thread starter, you did just totally dodge that Tekken is the most popular fighting game right now, at least in the east. Have you seen all the well produced shows in Korea and shit for Tekken? It has been the #1 arcade game in Japan since it came out pretty much.

And I hate to say it, but when I’m playing a game or two in public, I usually get the ‘casual crowd’, aka the dudebros and whatnot that want to play Tekken. Probably cause Tekken is easy enough to play on a pad. Again, it has it’s complexities, but it’s far less demanding execution wise at least.

Huh? How did I dodge it? I asked him how it’s the most popular game on the market. Arcadia deals with Japan. They aren’t the entire market. Have you seen the ones for Street Fighter?

As popular as SF4 is, 3d fighters like Tekken are still more popular and mainstream than 2d fighters. It’s just the way it is.

Since SF4 has 3D models it’s become a lot more popular. I think it’ll have more entrants than Tekken 6 at EVO and SBO.


How old are you man? Street Fighter series has been around long before Tekken was. If you were to ask someone in his 30’s what fighting game he has the most distinct memory of, he’s probably gonna say street fighter, maybe Mortal Kombat. During the 90’s there have been more "rap’ songs and references to Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat than any other fighting game.

Hell Mortal Kombat is more mainstream than Street Fighter and that series went 3D and has gone to hell really. But Street Fighter is where it started and is why people remember it so well. Ono and Capcom did exactly what they said they were gonna do and it is documented, to bring back street fighter the way people remembered it.

Thats why it’s more mainstream and thats why it’s more popular than Street FIghter. Mostly newer generations are taking more of a liking to Tekken because of it’s "bells and whistles."
Sorry man your statement does’nt hold water here on these boards.