Tekken 6 BR MLG April 16 10'


Hello Everybody!!

MLG has recently announced that Tekken 6 : Bloodline Rebellion has been added onto the season roster. The MLG has also added me onto their team and hired me to organize and coordinate the tournaments for this season as Tekken 6’s Tournament Director/Coordinator. I have gladly passed up the opportunity to participate in this tournament to put in work and deliver the most promising tournament and exposure our community has been waiting for.

As a community we have to let go of what has happened between the MLG and the tekken community. I will do my best to learn from previous mistakes and bring something to the table which has not been put on the mainstream. So let me secure you with the following details which will help you feel secure about investing in the 2010 MLG Season.


We all know that the main thing in tournaments that affect us is the Monitors used for these tournaments. There is absolutely no sense in getting in too deep about the situation because we can all go for days just talking and complaining about how tournaments would have been 10 times better if they used the proper equipment. Instead I will be requesting the EXACT monitor which will be provided for the tournament and do a test along with players to really break down the lag issue and to avoid “laggy” tournaments. If i even smell a tiny bit of lag , I will do EVERYTHING in my power to provide us with what we need.


Everything will be on a tight schedule. Players and staff will coordinate to follow a neatly arranged schedule to expedite the tournament process. This tournament will be a test of true skill and will completely determine how to good a player is, and not how much sleep/rest they got, or how many energy drinks they go through.


**EDIT Rules have been posted .

I feel that these rules will truly determine who is the best. There are no excuses this time around, so practicex10.

  • Money

The MLG has been established for long enough for us to trust them with this issue. Please check out the listings for the prize pool. (Dont drool on the keyboard)

Regular Season Competitions

1st = $2,500
2nd = $1,500
3rd = $1,000
4th = $700
5th = $500
6th = $350
7th = $250
8th = $200

National Championship Competition

1st = $12,500
2nd = $7,500
3rd = $5,000
4th = $3,500
5th = $2,500
6th = $1,750
7th = $1,250
8th = $1,000

I would love to hear from the community! I need your help! Lets use this forum to discuss any issues that are important to us all. Im open ears and open to suggestions that would benefit this tournament. I want to the community to trust in me this one time because this is a huge opportunity for us all.

As gamers, players, organizers it is our duty to maintain the integrity of the competitive scene. I want you all to feel driven, knowing that the organization of this tournament is in good hands. please show me your interest in this by checking out your tickets for the event and register right away. This is no mixup…

Please register HERE :


Rules :


Where is it?

Disney Wide World of Sports Complex
700 S. Victory Way
Kissimmee, FL 34747

TEKKEN 6 | 1v1

10:30 AM - 1:30 PM Early Check-In
1:30 PM - 5:00 PM Check-In / Warm-Up
5:00 PM - 5:30 PM Welcome
5:30 PM - TBD 1v1 Event

8:00 AM - 10:00 AM Warm-Up
10:00 AM - TBD 1v1 Event

8:00 AM - 10:00 AM Warm-Up
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM 3v3 Event


General Rules

  1. Players may not use a controller with Turbo capabilities or Wireless capabilities. Controllers with Turbo capabilities allow Players to map a button sequence to the Turbo button. Pressing that button results in their Character performing a set of actions that would normally require the Player to press multiple buttons.
  2. Players may not use a controller that has been modified in such a way that it alters their Characters abilities and/or in-game mechanics. Players may not use a controller that has been modified to include a Turbo button and Players may not map more than one action to a single button. Players are allowed to make cosmetic changes to their controller, however, Major League Gaming reserves the right to deny the use of any controller suspected of providing an unfair competitive advantage.
  3. Players may not attach a headset to the PlayStation 3 or TV.
  4. Players/Teams who break General Rules #1-3 will be given a Warning. Each subsequent Warning that a Player receives will result in a Forfeit of the Game (See Gameplay #3).
  5. Players may not intentionally manipulate a button, trigger, bumper, D-Pad, and/or joystick on a teammates controller while a Game is in progress. Breaking this rule will result in a Forfeit of the Game.
  6. Players may not appear on the Main Stage or Feature Station with sponsor insignia that is not approved by MLG or conflicts with MLG sponsors. Players may be asked to wear MLG apparel for Main Stage and Feature Station Matches.
  7. In the case of a PlayStation 3/TV malfunction, the Game will be restarted with the appropriate Round Score. If necessary, Players will be instructed to move their Characters to the appropriate section of the Stage for the restarted Round. If the Round Score is not known at the time of the malfunction, the Game will be restarted from the beginning.
  8. No Warm-Up Games may be played outside of scheduled Warm-Up periods.
  9. During scheduled Warm-Up periods, all Games must be played with Best of 5 Rounds or less.
  10. During scheduled Warm-Up periods, all Players must get up at the end of a Game and allow any Players, who have been waiting, to take their seat.
  11. During Saturday and Sundays scheduled Warm-Up periods, Players/Teams who havent been eliminated from the Event have priority over other Players/Teams regarding the use of open Stations.
  12. Players who break General Rules #8-11 may be given a Foul (See Pro Circuit Conduct Rules).
  13. If a Player/Team fails to report to their Station within 5 minutes of their Matchs announcement, they will Forfeit the 1st Game. 10 minutes after the announcement, a Player/Team will Forfeit the 2nd Game. 15 minutes after the announcement, a Player/Team will Forfeit the Best of 5 or Best of 11 Game Match. If both Players/Teams Forfeit the Match, the higher seeded Player will win the Match.
  14. Players/Teams may Forfeit a Game or Match if a Player leaves their Station without their Referees permission, or are otherwise unable to play. Referees may set a time limit for a Player who has requested that they be allowed to leave their Station, however, Referees may also deny a Players request to leave their Station. Players/Teams may Forfeit a Game or Match if a Player hasnt returned by the end of their Referees set time limit.

TEKKEN 6 | 1v1

Regular Season Competitions - Tekken 6 1v1 Event

  1. Events will have an Open Bracket only. Open Brackets will be separated into a Winners Bracket, containing Players without a Match loss, and a Losers Bracket, containing Players with a Match loss.
  2. Open Brackets will support as many as 128 Players.
  3. Open Brackets will be Best of 5 Game Match, Double Elimination Brackets.
  4. After losing a Match in the Winners Bracket, Players will enter the Losers Bracket.
  5. A Match loss in the Losers Bracket will result in elimination from the Event.
  6. If multiple Players, finishing the Event ranked in the top 16, are eliminated via the same Losers Bracket Round, they will be scheduled to play one, two, or three Consolation Matches in order to determine their exact 5th-16th Ranking. If the Players who win one and lose one Consolation Match havent played a Consolation Match against each other, they will play each other in a Consolation Match in order to break the tie. These tiebreaking Consolation Matches only apply to Players who lose in the same Losers Bracket Round. Consolation Matches will be scheduled to begin immediately after a Player is eliminated from the Event.
  7. Players will be seeded using the following criteria, in this order: Tekken 6 Pro Circuit Rank Points and Tekken 6 Online Qualifier Rank Points. Ties will be broken using the next available criterion, or randomly if necessary. Players with no Tekken 6 Rank Points will be seeded randomly. No Players will have Tekken 6 Rank Points to seed the 1v1 Event until the 2nd Pro Circuit Competition.
  8. If Players are scheduled to play each other for a 2nd time in an Open Bracket, their Match will expand to a Best of 11, include the previous Match, and pick up where that Match left off. For example, if Player A beat Player B 3 Games to 0 in the Winners Bracket, the Best of 11 will resume with Game 4 and Player A leading 3 Games to 0. When the Match is resumed, the winner of the Winners Bracket Match must use the Character that they used in the last Game of that Match. The loser of the Winners Bracket Match will be allowed to select a new Character.
  9. If the Players scheduled to play each other in the Finals have not yet played against each other in the Open Bracket, an initial Match must be played. If the Player who came from the Winners Bracket wins the initial Match, they will win the Event. If the Player who came from the Losers Bracket wins the Match, a tiebreaking Match must be played. The winner of a tiebreaking Match will win the Event.
  10. The top 48 Players in each Event will receive Tekken 6 Pro Circuit Rank Points.
  11. The top 16 Players, determined by Tekken 6 Pro Circuit Rank Points immediately following each Pro Circuit Competition, starting after the second 2010 Pro Circuit Competition, will earn Pro Status. Ties will be broken by each Players Ranking in the most recent Event.


  1. Players must use one of their Characters default Costumes.
  2. Players may not customize their Characters Name or Costume.
  3. Players/Teams who break Gameplay Rules #1-2 will be given a Warning. Each subsequent Warning that a Player/Team receives will result in a Forfeit of the Game (See General Rules #4).
  4. Any sign of cheating may result in a Forfeit of the Game, disqualification from the Event, and ejection from the venue. Players who are disqualified from the Event wont receive any Rank Points for their ranking in the Event.
  5. The higher seeded Player/Team must press start at the title screen and select their side of the screen before the start of a Match. In the 1v1 Finals, the Player without a Match loss will press start at the title screen and select their side of the screen before the start of the Match.
  6. Players may request a Blind Pick of Characters for the first Game of a 1v1 Match.
  7. In the 1v1 Event, the loser of each Game may select a new Character for the next Game. The winner of each Game wont be allowed to select a new Character for the next Game.
  8. Each Games Stage will be selected using the Random Stage option. Players may request that their Referee select the Random Stage option.
  9. If a Game is started without the approval of a Referee it will be restarted.
  10. Players who Pause a Game, without Referees permission, will Forfeit the Game.
  11. Before the start of the 3v3 Event, Players must select the Character that they will use throughout the Event. Players may not change their Character once the Event has started.
  12. Players on the same Team may not select the same Character for the 3v3 Event.
  13. Teams must set the order in which they will play before the start of each Match. Teams may change the order in which they will play from Match to Match.


  1. Game Mode = Arcade Battle
  2. Rounds = 3
  3. Round Time = 60
  4. Guard Damage = Off


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