Tekken 6:BR officially announced on PSP


awesome. do you think they will use this as a base to see what they can do to improve the game before it comes to console?


It will be released at the same time as console.


mmmmm, im buying the ps3 version, but now i feel tempted to buy this one too


Oh fuck me. Now I have to buy this and the 360 version.


How does Namco keep doing this? How are they coaxing this out of a little friggin’ PSP? Do you guys remember how impressed everyone was with T5DRs graphics back when that came out? I was already pretty wowed by SC Broken Destiny less than twenty-four hours ago but this is crazy. Serious hardware abuse, IMO.


tekken 6? or tekken 6br?.. and im sooo suprised this was able to happen… i thought it was like asking for sf4 on the wii :lol:


I bet they’ll release it to the Wii next.




Tekken 5.1.

…they’ll lose money if it’s 6.0. It’s BR, minus the extended title.


This just makes me love my PSP even more! :smiley:


idk how to feel, mainly pissed that this is one of the reasons we have been waiting so long. in all honesty we could of had it for the ps3 by now, then they felt the need to 360 it (fine by me, brings more tekken fans in), then now for the psp (now kaz has said fall, no longer oct 27 release). i will spaz the fuck out and shit my pants if they want to bring it to the wii and push back the date again


I’m gonna get the PS3 version…hopefully Jack can kik azz now.


AFAIK, it’s fall in Europe, as per the shops (between Oct 30-Nov 3). The US release date is unchanged AFAIK.

Hey, think of it this way, if it’s +1 month because of Netcode, then why not? Harada did re-state in Cologne (as per SDTekken’s post) that the netcode has been rewritten from the ground up.


Will there be online play on the PSP? And I don’t mean that “Upload your character” thing that they did with Tekken 5. I mean full fledged online play.


In the videos I saw, it looked to run in reduced (kinda grainy) resolution, and at the same speed as Tekken 5 dr psp’s win poses…what was that, 30fps?


Damn. Hate the game, but I got to respect Namco’s hustle (not really).

Obviously it can’t use the same graphics engine the real T6 hardware utilizes, so what, its going to use t5’s engine or something?


Oh he can! :smiley: