Tekken 6 Brady Guide, Dont buy it

Save your money.

Not surprised. :lol:

I take it they don’t have frame data?

What else does the guide fail at?

Nooooo shiiiiiiiiiiiiiitt

I was hoping it would have been as good as the Tekken 5 guide. Amazing guide.

No frame data?

Duh lol.

Seriously it sucks? I was hoping they would produce a good one this time around at least with frame data…

Thats like saying don’t buy an ass cake.

you already know its full of shit.

Duely noted sir.

It DOES HAVE FRAME DATA I was reading it at Lamestop today I was shocked.


next question is: Is the framedata correct?

I haven’t picked up a Brady guide for years.
I think Soul Calibur 3 was the last I got, and that was mostly for the artwork and character information (Story, etc).

Brady guides seem to be rushed IMO. And in todays day, with the internet, there’s no need to ever pay money for a video game guide.

Perhaps, but there’s something to be said for a nice, tangible guide that you can have laid out on the floor while you’re running through practice mode that’s well organized and produced. The Anniversary Edition guide and the Alpha Anthology guides were both fantastic and well worth the money, regardless of the vast flow of information out there, due to the well organized nature of the guides as well as the information inside. The SF4 guide was pretty damn good too, although maybe I’m biased because I got it for free.

No frame data.

But SDTEKKEN to the rescue…

Here. I’ll give you something the guide can’t give you.

Anyone using lars?


Also. If you don’t know how to read frame data. Refer to here:

We have like 8 characters out of 40 done. We’ll keep working through them.

I just so happen to main Lars :smiley:

Much props MarkMan!

So I take it there’s no value even to someone completely new to Tekken?

I suppose you can find a lot of it online anyway…

I say if you’re completely new to Tekken, the guide would be useful. Compared to old strategy guides (notably the ridiculously shitty Prima TTT guide), this guide is actually relatively in the know-how of TZ. They discuss concepts like lightdash, electric side step, chicken, and stuff I wasn’t expecting a mainstream guide to have.

T5 guide is still superior cause they obviously had TZ contribution. I really missed the top 10 moves list, which this guide does not have. No frame data. Pictures look nice.

For each character it’s basically move list with hit properties (hlm, unblockable, knockdown, etc.), a new punisher or quick moves list, a written blurb on how to apply their moves + strategy, and some explanation of their throw strategy. There’s a little more, but nothing too significant. I wish they would summarize like in T5 what kind of playstyle the character has and how they compare to other characters.

This reminds me of the SC4 guide with some decent info. bits of which are high-level, but not enough to be TZ worthy. Overall it’s definitely not on the calibur of T5 guide, but has enough high-level concepts to make it acceptable. I just buy it though cause I it gives me something to read on the can and I like looking at pretty pictures while I’m learning lol.

Oh there’s a cool history of Tekken at the beginning of the guide that I thought was pretty accurate and neat.

The guide would be good for n00bs but if you are past anything but a n00b just go on TekkenZaibatsu.com.

Got Alisa?

Oh man that would actually be extremely useful. Still, thanks for the advice guys. Leaving to get the game in just a bit.

Hands down the best ever Tekken guide is the original T3 guide. It was written by players and has solid strat advice that’s still applicable to today’s game.