Tekken 6 Brady Guide, Dont buy it

Whats so bad about this guide? I’m going to buy it tomorrow @ work.

I’m a complete newbie to Tekken so I thought I’d pick this up, because I feel like I’m reading an alien language when looking at Tekken Zaibatsu threads.

If you’re completely new to Tekken, the guide would probably be very helpful. TZ can be a bit overwhelming if you’re new to the game, because the majority of people there will use jargon and abbreviations that you probably won’t be familiar with yet. The guide is also good if you’re a visual learner.

However, if you’ve played Tekken before, especially recently (e.g., Tekken 5 or DR), then you’re probably already familiar with Tekken concepts, so visiting TZ would be better than buying the guide.

After looking a little more at the guide, I have to give it some additional points because the combos they listed are pretty decent. For King, they actually tagged on iSW enders, which for me shows they know something at least. I wish they changed the notation though because fff2+4 is misleading. It should really be ffnf+2+4, or in other words it is the timing of a dashing jab (ffn1) but replace the 1 with f+2+4. But that’s prob. too technical for newcomers.

Devil Jin’s combos aren’t bad either. His staple combo as I saw from Korean vidz is hard in my opinion for newcomers because it involves 3 EWGFs one of which has to be dashing. I guess you could say either my guide standards are too low or I’m just too nice lol.

Actually, some of the in-game sample combos posted in practice mode command list are pretty slick. I think a mix of those + those in this guide will give you a good start to experiment. Of course, TZ is optimal but I’m typing all this in the context of if you’re on the edge about getting the guide.

And TZ is really disorganized haha. Dustloop was so much easier picking up a character for Blazblue. I basically learned most of my Tekken in the old days from old school TTT and T3 faqs from GameFaqs. Haha those were so much fun to read when people started making sections on how to verbally humiliate your opponent when you got them in a King command throw.

Well, f,f,f+2+4 is not misleading, because if you CAN do it fast enough, that notation is correct.

Another thing I WILL complain about, is some of the combos aren’t listed correct. But seeing as this was a rush project, I don’t blame the authors.

Yea I just thought it was misleading b/c I tried that notation for so long and couldn’t get anywhere until I started thinking of it as a perfect dashing jab. But I understand some people can get it thinking that way so that’s right, the notation is just fine.

Which combos you noticed are listed incorrectly? So I don’t keep trying to do them lol.

Also, their backdash canceling description seems kinda complicated. I forget what exactly it is off the top of my head, but after reading Help Me’s translated description his seems easier. So that may throw off some newcomers who are trying to learn backdash canceling. I just do reverse wavedashes, but I think that might not be as optimal as the actual way.

Does it at least lay out all of the characters moves in an easy to read list? As someone without a good printer, it would be worth it alone for me to run through each person’s moves. What kind of notation does it use?

Yea, it lays out the movelist for each character similar in format to the T5 guide. The notation used is arrows followed by the four face buttons. So pretty easy to read and none of that 1,2 or LP, RK business.

I think the notation is small though compared to the T5 guide. It’s somewhat harder on the eyes because the background color is also high contrast.

Note: I’m going off memory as I don’t have the guide with me right now so please don’t crucify me if I’m mistaken lol.

Every game guide has only one test to pass: Reading volume while taking a shit. If it’s read-one-character-per-shit, that’s 37+ shits. IMHO, that’s good ROI.

Yeah, a buddy of mine picked this up. It’s buns…

I picked it up yesterday, I’m liking it so far.

Thanks, I’ll probably pick it up with the game then. I know the good stuff is on here and TZ, but I like to be able to practice a characters whole move list without having to go through the damn menus after each move.

I picked it up cuz I can’t read the movelists on my civil war era TV. I agree it is good shitter material as well.

All those fuckin pages and they couldn’t have pictorals on the combos and moves?! I miss Gamefan. Their guides were the fuckin truth.

Edit: I just hit my book closet and dug out my Bradygames Bloody Roar: Primal Fury guide: they have move pics, sequential combo pics, Hyper beast mode attribute enhancements, everything. I think they changed some of the staff since then, or just got REAL fuckin’ lazy.

Where on your site is that info? I have trouble finding stuff like this or the podcasts on your site.

I know which guide you’re talking about. I don’t know if I still have mine though…I might have thrown it away since I wasn’t into Tekken anymore, but now that I have T6, I wish I had that guide.

Oh snap. I thought I was the only one that did this. I level up my game every shit I take. The last shit I took, I was on Kazuya so that’s who I’m trying to learn right now.

I picked it up just to have something to flip through instead of going back and forth in the menus/online. I couldn’t care less about frame data, but the only thing that bugs me is that it doesn’t tell you what moves do the bounding state.

Are you just translating from inatekken or are you checking stuff with players on training mode to make sure everything there is correct?

Also leveling up your game while taking a crap is very tempting to try… XD

I would have killed to read the fully unabridged TTT guide as originally intended (some 10-15 pages per character, written by 15-20 pro players like Valle, tomhilfiger, JOP, Mike Watson, etc.) from Versus Books before they were forced to heavily edit the fuck out of it. Shit would have been epic. As it stands both T3 books (tragic’s book and the Versus Books) were amazing, but I still think the O.G. SFA2 guide is the definitive American fighting game guide of all time.

hi, i am searching this guide in pdf format, anyone has it?