Tekken 6 - Clash of Fates

I’m new to this, so excuse me if it doesn’t seem formated properly. I’m not looking for any real criticism either, just had some idea floating around in my head after last night long story If you haven’t done story mode with most of the characters in T5 - there are spoilers in here.

End of the Tekken 5 tournament. Working his way thru the Tekken 5 tournament, Paul found himself almost surprisingly single-handedly winning contest. Paul eventually would meet up with his old friend Kazuya who warned himo fthe next match should Paul win, which he did. However, unlike previous tournaments, people were often so drawn in by “something” that the last battle field would see the faces of several contestants instead of just Paul. In fact Paul never made it to Jinpachi…
“Out of my way!” Paul exclaims to the dark musclar figure.
“Hmm, your Paul aren’t you - winner of several Tekken tournaments before this.” the figure replied.
“Yes I’m Paul - who wants to know” - Paul responded.
“I am Feng Wei, and to prove my value, I must defeat you”.

Never turning down a fight, and a chance to prove his own value, Paul sprang at Feng Wei. Feng shuffled his feet and hands, parrying and dodging each blow Paul thru. Feng then struck Paul square in the chest with an Iron Palm - breaking 3 of Paul’s ribs. Paul had experianced this pain before and knew what had happend. He admitted defeat as Feng Wei walked off towards the final arena.

In the pit Feng Wei was passed by Jinpachi, his combatant. Feng asked about the scrolls and was treated to an answer that didn’t answer anything. The two combatants went at it. Trading blows for several minutes - Jinpachi’s sheer aura would at times repel the blows sent by Feng Wei. In one final attempt - Feng Wei sent and iron pal to Jinpachi’s throat, crushing his throat. Still in shock at the event Jinpachi reeled just long enough for Feng Wei to strike a finishing blow to Jinpachi’s mid-section. Collapsing, Jinpachi told Feng Wei thank you for freeing him, and fell in death to the ground, leaving behind the scrolls that Feng Wei had been pursuing.

But in this tidalwave of activity, no one noticed the presence of Mokujin and Devil Jin. Jin had been eliminated earlier in the tournament, and in his defeat finally succumbed to the evil within. Mokujin, the 2000 year old oak tree had come to ensure that Jinpachi was put down.

Aquiring his prize, Feng Wei hastely left to read thru and begin studying the scrolls. As he fled, the storm began to part and light shown down - in this moment - Mokujin fell to the ground. HE then began to sprout small leaves and roots, seeming content to die and be reborn at this very spot. But all was not well. Devil Jin noticed th power still circulating in Jinpachi. Jinpachi had died before, merely crushing his throat would be insufficient, and Devil Jin had a better means to end this. Flying down Devil Jin picked up Jinpachi and began to transfer energy. This energy transfer however went both ways. The Devil in Jin no longer wanted to be suppressed, and thus sent the life eseence and energy of Jin into his great grandfather Jinpachi, while he absorbed the devil powers laying now dormant inside of Jinpachi.

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Almost a year has passed since Tekken 5. With no one to spear head the Mishima Corporation, Heihachi had no problems at all usurping it back under him. Still furious over the events from the past two tournaments, Heihachi goes on the roughest training he’s ever experianced. Heihachi plans on hosting another Tekken in hopes of finally ending the blood line…

Kazuya had disappeared again - and with G-Corp turning its back on him, it was unknown where he was. Similar, Jin was no where to be located, and with only a couple people surviving the final battle, no one had known what actually happend. So Heihachi decides to host a new kind of Tournament. An open tournament. His hopes are to lure Kazuya and Jin back out in hopes of finally realizing his hopes with the devil gene. He was unable to recover the body of Jinpachi, or the others, so the search must continue.

Julia Chang had left Arizona, and had begun doing research in Brazil. Her hopes were to learn something from the rain forest, that she could hopefully bring back to help the desert, she could just feel it, the answer was so close. Then she started hearing rumors of a living tree. She started thinking about it and putting pieces together. In the 3rd Tekken tournament, there was a wooden combatent that had come to life when Ogre was unleashed - and her research pointed to the Ogre’s blood resembling the Devil genes, perhaps - this “living tree” would have the answers she was seeking.


The winner of the Tekken 5 was the new comer Feng Wei. Feng lived to be the best, he could careless about it being known that he won, he got what he wanted - the Iron Fist Scrolls. Studying the scrolls he could feel his own body changing, there was more to the scrolls than just techniques, it was as if the essence of the scrolls has imprinted themselves on Feng Wei, each day of training, his body would become harder, stronger, faster. HE found himself gaining superhuman abilities, performing feats no human - despite skill shoudl be able to do. Upon hearing of Tekken 6, Feng decided he would enter in hopes of a new challenge, and to see how much his training has paid off

Devil Jin had accomplished what Devil Kazuya could never do - he freed himself from his owner. It was no longer Devil Jin - simply Devil. He lived for destruction, destorying villages and causing havoc where ever he went. His powers seemed to know of know end. HEaring about this new Tekken tournament, he comes in hopes of finding Kazuya, and “freeing” his devil side from the control of Kazuya.

Chu Pak. Disciple of the Chineese Kenpo. Growing up in training, his father ran a Kenpo dojo. At the age of 16 Chu Pak wanted to be his own man and left the dojo. He would come back 13 years later to find his father dead at the hands of one of his fahter’s former students - Feng Wei. In his travels, Chu Pak continued studying martial arts, and picked up new techniques and styles along the way, mixing hem with that of his father’s teaching. Upon hearing of Feng Wei’s entry into the tournament, Chu Pak enters for revenge.


Jinpachi died many years before Tekken 5, but his soul was never let go. In Tekken 5 his body had been used by the Devil Spirit to cause havoc and eventually destroy the planet. However he was defeated by Feng Wei. With the body almost in a state of rigimortis, Devil Jin absorbed the Devil spirit into himsel, and transfered Jin’s spirit into Jinpachi in hopes of purifying himself. This would have an unnatural side effect. After a few hours, Jinpachi awoke, miles away from where he had been laid to rest. He looked around and noticed that in the spot where he was - the deserted lands, plant life had started growing. Standing to his feet he felt stronger and younger than ever. Walking over to a stream he notices his relfection. His hair was still white, but it had grown back on top, his beard had even changed shape. His muscles now bulged with strength, and he could sense pain in his back. Lights flashed and Jinpachi fell, only to get up with red markings on his chest and back.
“No, the Devil in me is still here, I failed - human kind is doomed” Jinpachi yelled.

Wings started sprouting, but they were crimson in color. It was then he realized why he felt so youthful, deep inside of him was the great-grandson he never met. He had died prematurely trying to stop the mishima bloodline, and the end of the blood line was now in him.

Months would go by and Wang was curious about what happend with Jinpachi. Losing to Asuka, he never made it far enough. One morning he heard a knock on the door.
“Good morning - how may I…” pipe drops
"Jinpachi…is that YOU!!!"
“Yes old friend…I think it is me, but I need help”

Wang caught Jinpachi up on events over the past few years and explained to him what had happend since the end of Tekken 5. Jinpachi insisted that his second chance at life would be wasted if not spent ending his bloodline, and thus decided to enter the new Tekken tournament. Resfusing to let an old friend go so easily - Wang enters as well.

Mokujin had planted himself near the battlefield at the end of the Tekken 5 tournament. YEt shortly after finally resting, he was awoke by the evil presence of Devil. Something was different this time with Mokujin…he was covered in fern and leaves, he was no longer the remains of an oak tree, he had become Mother Nature’s instrument against the impending doom.

The two combatants kicked each other in the shins. After 5 minutes of fighting they stopped and looked at each other as if to say “we are almost evenly matched”. they then charged in feet first to finish the fight. Stnading victorious - Baek leaned over to pick up Bruce. “Not since the old days have I had a fight that thrilling” Bruce said to Baek. “Aye - nor I” responded Baek.

The two would go out to a bar to discuss things and catch up on whats transpired over the past 20 plus years. Both having turned to teaching, they decided that having matches against each other’s schools periodically would be rather interesting, and the two became good friends.

During one of the matches, a loud voice interrupts the annoucnement of the match. “WHo’s the best here” a the loud voice said. Several students from both programs stood up as if to challenge the brute.

Craig would hunch over and tackle both students in one leap, breaking ones nose, and fracturing anothers arms. Bruce and Baek chased after him, but he escaped. Hearing that Craig was entering Tekken 6, Baek and Bruce decide to enter to teach him respect, and in hopes of having another classic match-up.


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