Tekken 6 early release?


I’ve noticed some people on Ebay are listing Tekken 6 for PS3 and say that they are shipping today.


How the hell did they get it early?


Probably just shops who got the copies but don’t want to wait until the actual release date.


Calling gamestop tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:


I have it already in NYC, picked it up at J & L games in chinatown. In the Newark NJ area, a store called video game world has been selling it since yesterday.


Don’t bother calling gamestop, the big chains won’t sell the games before date. They can get fined for doing so.
Release dates are meant to be kept by all resellers so noone gets an unfair advantage by selling it a week early. These stores are probably small shops who don’t give a damn and want the customers.


if you bought it from there then thats awsome but dont name the place because they will get in serius trouble if they get caught.


Yeah, I saw several people rocking copies of T6 while waiting in line at Capcom Fight Club. There were at least two popular locations in Chinatown selling the game early, which has been something they’ve done for years, lol.


I own a copy of Tekken 6, however I’m afraid to put it in my Xbox 360 as Microsoft was banning users for playing Forza 3 early.



Yeah how about we not name places that broke street date.


I know my Gamestop is having a midnight release, but that’s about it :wonder:…


Online play doesn’t work until Tuesday anyhow ;O


I had both copies in my hands yesterday. Big chains usually get their next weeks new releases 4-7 days early to ensure they are in stock before release date. @ Gamestop, its $5000 fine and the employee gets fired, the manager of the store either gets fired or written final warning.

its serious shit.


Yeah there’s a small place in my area that is selling it today but I don’t feel like driving an hour just to get it.


Shit is leaking quicker than Soul Plane lol


Believe me, the store where I got it from is known for years of selling games early and is a place actually known by developers. I’ve actually asked that question to one of the clerks there when I bought halo 2 there years ago and they said they’ve never been fined.


:frowning: Guess im waiting till tuesday.


I’m in the same boat :frowning: Although I may just do the midnight sale…


J & L in Chinatown in Manhattan has it. I picked my copy of the PS3 version up earlier.


I woulda bought it if it didn’t have such a slow ass shipping method.


I just got my copy… what I’m wondering is WHY THE FUCK IS THERE A $1 OFF CHURCH’S CHICKEN COUPON IN THE BACK OF THE MANUAL? So random.