Tekken 6 Hawaii: Oahu vs. Maui


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The Tekken community in Maui wants to have a 5v5 rematch with Oahu after Oahu sweeps Maui away in a past Regional tournament. Money matches are also being called out. It’s going to be great.


Is it true (WaveKing) moved back to Korea? He had a crazy King and Hwoarang. Not to mention his Mishima’s were a beast too. He’s really good for placing third in the Pacific regional tournament that took place in New Zealand. He played on an entirely different level from the rest of the Hawaii players.

Unorthodox still playing Yoshimitsu? And is Crimzon still playing hardcore?

Who is going to evo? Wish WaveKing would go. He would have done well up there.


WaveKing may have moved back to Korea. We have had no contact with him whatsoever in the recent months. No one is going due to poor planning, stupid reason, I know… We really did want to go, but plannig didn’t start until LATER like you had suggested. Next year is a must for us though. Hopefully Tekken is still up and we’ll be up for the trip.

Unorthodox is still playing Yoshi and Crimzon has also come back to play against the Maui crew.


This definitely doesn’t belong in FGD. Punted to Tekken. Probably should be in the Hawaii regional forum though.