Tekken 6 Hori Arcade Stick (Not PRO EX) help/advice


So, I’ve been looking around for sticks recently at my local stores, including mom & pop shops, and I’ve been having quite the hard time finding a stick.

Supposebly, the SFIV SE stick was discontinued and I don’t really have 150 bucks to spend on a TE. 360 sticks are usually the ones that are hard to find because there in such high demand.

I really just need a solid stick that is at the very least average or above average quality and I’ve been around the block or two and I know for a fact, HORI is in high renown in Japan and I know a many players who use them. That and because there’s a deal going on for the bundle of T6 so a game + a stick sounds pretty gewd at the price their asking for.

My question is, would this be a decent stick to purchase for the use of (not to be disrespectful to hardcore T6 players) a combofiend SSFIV player? I only ask because that is the main reason I’m getting the stick for. I like T6 but I’m addicted to SSFIV.

Is the stick durable enough to where I won’t break my buttons in a month? I know the overall durability of this particular model isn’t up to par with the PRO EX or a TE Madcatz but in comparison to the Madcats SFIV SE, how does it hold up and can I swap for sanwa or seimitsu buttons?

The most important part would be it’s functionality so I’m also asking is the stick responsive? Are there any flaws to this when compared to the SE? And is there anything that I should know before taking the plunge into buying this stick?

As an added note, please do not refer me to any online only purchasing as I don’t have a credit/debit card and I would rather not purchase a pre-paid card that would cost me an extra 5 bucks to add money to and I’m the type of person who likes instant gratification. In other words, I’d rather much travel the distance to physically get the item day 1 than wait a week or so and pray that it didn’t ship somewhere else or got lost in another state and I’d be losing out cash.

Honest advice would be greatly appreciated xP


This will be my 2nd stick I’ve ever purchased with the 1st one being the Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike Stick.


The wireless one? There is a huge thread on it here.

It is pretty good, but the stick has way too much deadzone on it. If you are new to modding arcade sticks, it isn’t a good choice to muck around with.

You should probably get the SE instead if you are thinking of maybe putting in sanwa/sem. buttons.

Thanks for the response eightballah. I saw the thread but it seemed pros and cons weren’t really weighed against each other. It’s pretty much just from a modding point of view, it’s terrible to work with, so I just decided to make a thread more suited for me rather than going through 70 pages in hopes of finding an answer related to a non-modding situation.

And yeah, I wouldn’t mod the stick myself cause I’m very new to that part of sticks seeing as I’ve only owned one and I’d be ignorant to say that I know all about sticks when I really don’t.

When you say deadzone, you mean that it goes out of sync if you place the stick out of a certain direction or do you mean something in mod particular terms?

Without modding it its probably one of the worst sticks you can buy at a retail store right now.

I personally use a T6, this couldnt be more true.

Once modded, all sticks are basically the same.
The only difference is layout, size, weight, ect.


Can you be more specific than vaguely stating that it’s one of the worst? Not trying to sound rude or anything of that nature but without going into detail, it’s not really helpful and it sounds opinonated rather than an objective conclusion.

@everyone else

if it makes any difference, I’m solely talking about the 360 ver. If i didn’t state it before and if it makes any difference at all. I recall reading that the ps3 is terrible when comparing to the 360 but I’m not sure if thats a rumor or concrete evidence

I would rather use a pad than throw money away towards T6 stick. Big ass deadzone, and stiff buttons that may last a few months I might be able to tolerate, but the lack of weight kills the stick. Also if the USB dongle is lost or broken, your left with a piss poor paperweight.

I bought the T6 bundle just for the artbook and sold the stick for $30. Shipping cost $18 and I still feel like I ripped the guy off, the guilt still lives in me.

Well, I played a lot of arcades in my days (not that im a geezer lol) but American buttons are a little more stiff than the Jap counterparts so that won’t be a problem for me.

As for breaking or losing the usb, I’m not really worried. My 360 is always laid down and it’s at a good distance and its out of harms way.

The only real issue im concerned with is that is the joystick an 8 gate and does it have any delay or super sensitivity with its buttons. I had an issue with a buddies old sanwa buttons where it seemed to be so close to a fully pressed down button and that on occasion it would randomly hit hp or etc.

Realistically, i’m expecting the stick to last around 5-8 months. Just enough time to either have a buddy mod it himself with all sanwa parts or just to get the marvel vs capcom 3 TE

SFIV SE was not discontinued.

Wow you just missed out on the Round 2 for 100 free shipping

The stick is just terrible an unresponsive, no need to add any more than whats already been said. The buttons are pretty trash, terrible feel, stiff, not clicky and responsive as American buttons. The case is terribly light, like unusably light. Wireless with a dongle, that enough is bad news. Might it last 5 months? Probably, but most people would be fed up with how badly it performs before then. Save for a TE is its not even worth modding.

I agree with FunkyP, I started with the Wireless one from the Tekken 6 pack aswell and it just didn’t feel right to me and I ended up ebaying it and buying an TE. The buttons and the joystick didn’t seem very good and not responsive as I was expecting for the sort of money I paid for it.

Thanks for all the input peeps!

As for the 100 bucks for the TE. That’s an online purchase which I frown upon. Add tax and shipping and I’d pay around 120 bucks and I would have to wait a couple of days. Just remembered about the extra 5 bucks from buying a prepaid visa… I could find a TE around my neighborhood for that price

is the tekken 6 stick the same as the wireless fighting stick 3?

Buy HORI Wireless Fighting Stick 3 (PS3?) - Play-Asia.com

Just different paint job or do they perform differently too?

Same Arcade Stick.

I see so many of these craps sticks at bestbuy for 79.99 with the game lol Theres seriously like 10 boxes, wonder why…

Well, by the time of the T6 bundle release, people already owned a SE or TE so purchasing another one would seem stupid. At any rate, not a lot of people play tekken when compared to sfiv series so why would that pay for a game they probably don’t want when they already have a supposed better quality stick? This is especially true for the TE since it already has sanwa parts.

wow, i kind of feel the need to call up the exaggeration police to this thread.

#1 the deadzone on the stick is pretty large (a little larger than a regular JLF, with a ‘mushier’ spring) open it up, wrap some electrical tape around the actuator. afterwards it’s pretty nice.
#2 it has a proprietary usb dongle for the PS3 version only. if you’re getting the 360 one, it just syncs like a regular controller.
#3 hori stock buttons are okay, but they have a bit more travel and the switches feel ‘mushy’ like with the stick.
#4 the stick is fairly light, but this really depends on how heavy-handed you are when you’re playing. i’ve played with it on a desk and on my knees with no problem.

the case is really nice and compact, plus i think it looks nice overall. frankly, if you’re looking at any stick in this price-range, it’s not going to be as good as real parts. as far as budget sticks go, hori parts are pretty decent and given how cheap the stick is, you’re not really gonna get better for the price.

personally, i’d recommend saving a bit, and getting something with decent parts. bear in mind that a full set of sanwas (8 buttons + stick) will set you back around around $50-60, something like a TE isn’t a bad deal.

Thanks for shining in some positive light to the stick (not that it’s a lot, lol). I was actually planning to buy some electrical tape for the deadzone (researched it for hrs, lol) of the joystick but I was only planning on changing the buttons after about a month or so to sanwa. There’s a complete tutorial to do a full sanwa swap on the T6 Wireless in spanish on youtube but I didn’t want to do anything with the joystick as it’s fine with me (past experience with hori joysticks) but the buttons imo could use a little work.

I’m still debating whether or not to get it. It’s only 60 bucks, and money is still really tight, and I’m out of a job at the moment, and my buddy took his SE which I was so accustomed to, and that not having a stick and being forced to use a 360 DPad is kind of killer… I’m not bad with the DPad but I could be way better off with a stick. Instant Cannon strikes are too much hassle on a pad =[

Thanks for your input KAKU!

If you check the trading outlet, you can usually find SFIV SE sticks for cheaper than what you’d pay for the T6 bundle.

I just sold a PS3 SE with Sanwa parts for $70 shipped last week.