[Tekken 6] How can I customize the rage?


I see we can customize the rage of a character in the customization section. But I already got the platinum trophy and tried to finish the Azalel level in hard difficulty in the campaign mode and completed the arcade mode in ultra hard difficulty, we can’t buy the rage customization but I still don’t get how we can have it.



i’m not a 100% sure on this but I think you can only customize rage in SC mode


can i get some tips on beating the SC mode on hard? i think its kinda of cheap.


are you talking about the Auras? or just items that give rage boosts in SC mode?

cause yea as tanner said, the Rage buffs are only for SC mode.


To change the color, buy aura’s in customization.


I don’t mean auras.

It’s in the ‘profile’ > ‘customize’ > chose a character > ‘XP Model’ > equip > there is a category named ‘Rage’ just between ‘Effect’ and ‘Aura’.

I don’t see why there is a rage category if we can’t chose it.

I just got some rank S and A items and customized Raven with some items he collected when I played the two levels in normal difficulty with him, and the level is pretty easy.


you can customize rage by getting a Lucky in a roulette and receiving a new rage color if it gives it to you.

I know you can because I played arcade and one of my friend IC cards got a new rage color from getting a lucky then getting an item.


Wait… so how exactly do you get new rage colors? I don’t know any roulette thingy.


roulette’s always been a random thing…though lately my Lee’s been getting roulette’s all the damn time i’ve played rank.

lucky leads to super roulette where uh…I get lost there. I assume more money depending on the “RUSH” you get lined up. but there boxes in the super roulette that I assume leads to an item?


Yes , thats exactly what happens. If they match up you get a random rare item or rage color. Not to mention , You can get items in SC mode that you cant buy lol.


So it happens after a ranked match? I haven’t tried ranked yet but I have over 200 player matches and never saw a thing.


After a ranked match or in arcade mode, you can use your 2 controllers to play against a human. I got some ‘lucky’ in the past, and had many roulettes in a row, but never a new rage. :sad:


you can get roulette pretty much anywhere in offline and online mode. I get them almost all the time in Ghost data after awhile. Just play a good long run of Ghost data and roulettes will start poppin out of nowhere.


i just got the black rage. it took me 3 hours of roulettes to get it . lolllll google search tekken, 6 roulette trick & u will find a video on how to do it. or use Only 1 character in ghost & play untill u get a flashing red bar on top of your life bar,when u start a battle with the flashing red light bar, quit ghost mode ( it will auto save the red bar/ roulette bar). NOW go back into ghost mode with the same character and u will have. when u win roulette will play. NOW if u fail to hit the lucky so u can get the super roulette so u can try to hit 3 treasure chest in a row , You have to quit the whole game with the PS button thus restarting the game and trying again. remember when u quit the whole game u will have roulette bar waiting for u in ghost battle. if u hit a lucky and hit rushes in super roulette , rushes mean u get a few free roulette games after each battle win or lose , u can keep winning battles and try ing to get the 3 treasure chest, but after a while u will have to quit and start over again unless u hit more rushes. when u hit 3 treasure chest u will have a random rage waiting for u in costomization mode. when u hit the 3 chest , u can just quit ghost mode ( press start to quit so it auto saves ). if u want more rages u just have to pick a character and play untill u get another red flashing bar on top of your life bar to start over again. woww sorry for the long tip lol. just watch the video. I heard u can get fire rage, lightening rage, ice rage, black rage. i only seen black and fire rage on videos. it will take u forever to hit 3 treasure chest to unlock seceret rages so good luck and get ready to use up many hours to get it. ohhh blue flashing bar on top of your life bar means roulette also. red flashing bar means 1st player get roulette game and blue flashing bar means 2nd player gets a roulette game , so u can be playing online and your opponent could get a roulette when they win also. if u ever lose with the flashing bar, i think u play roulette before u hit continue. ok.


I’ve never used the trick. I’ve played almost 1000 ranked matches now and have had the treasure chest in lucky roulette four times. I’ve got rages every time aswell, dunno if there are other things you can get. I got black then white then a yellow one that is 3 lines instead of 1 block of colour and now I have a red lightning one which looks awesome.


wow, 1000 matches. my way is faster. try it. im doing this until the patch comes out, tekken online is bad.


While we are on the topic of rage customisation, has anyone found out how to get black ki? It isn’t available for purchase like aura and from what I’ve read it isn’t available as a reward through roulette either. Is it even in the console version of the game? You can see it on Lei in this vid [media=youtube]hKc3-FghQls[/media].


The black ki looks sick but I don’t think it’s available on the console version because I’ve never heard of anyone having or unlocking it. I’d rather have black ki than custom rage colors.


I saw black ki while just sitting there watching the cpu fight itself after the intro. The ki is where it looks like energy’s coming off the characters, right? If so, then definitely black ki. It looked like black smoke.


That is black ki alright, has a smoky look to it looks way better than the auras or other kis imo. Well if it is viewable in game it should be obtainable somehow, namdai couldn’t have tripped again with this as well, right? Maybe it is awarded when you get the platinum trophy for 100 percent completion?