Tekken 6 HRAP very unwieldy

I have the Tekken 6 stick, and I’m starting to regret it. The stick spins around alot in my left hand, almost like a top. But I’m told a stick is supposed to spin around to some extent. Is this how it’s supposed to be, or is there some way to tighten it?

I’m kind of a stick newbie, so I can’t tell either way… but it just doesn’t feel as solid as a TE.

The balltop might be loose. Open up the panel and get a large flathead screwdriver ready. At the very bottom of the steel shaft for the stick you’ll see a notch for the screwdriver. Stick the driver in to hold it steady and prevent the shaft from rotating, then twist the balltop clockwise to tighten it.

Supposed to be like that.

Supposed to be like that.

I should’ve just got a TE… the screws on the bottom of the case are something I’ve never seen. Bummer. Thanks for your help in any case…

Are you referring to the carriage bolts that are holding the top panel in place. In that case you need a 7mm bolt screwdriver.

Also, getting a TE wouldn’t have changed anything stickwise. The JLF in the TE will still spin since that’s the way sticks are.