Tekken 6 infinite Gold link?

Anyone have a link for this cheat if it exists so I can start customizing?

Play the game like everyone else or look elsewhere(gamefaqs is that way, etc)

Its a reasonable request. I did like 3 or 4 levels of Tekken Force, and saw that I had like 470,000 G, I’m like “awesome!” It was alot in T5/DR.

Then I look at customs, and a fucking PONYTAIL is like 700,000G for one person.


Lol at hairdressing being a more profitable career then being a mech with chainsaws coming out of your arms fighting bad guys.

Wonder if we can take it up with Yoshimitsu’s sword in a hidden minigame to earn mad cash.

tried google with no luck

too much fun against real people so I don’t want to earn the gold

If you play each other in arcade mode you still earn gold and rank up.

Just watch, they’re going to make infinite gold a paid DLC.

Some Tales of Vesperia nonsense all over again :rofl:

Wow… Spoiling the fun on earning already huh?

The fun comes from being able to actually customize your characters and play other people. Not so much earning fake money to purchase items. It’s just a matter of preference. If you’re having fun doing that then no need to trash other people for not having as much fun as you.

Also why is everyone ignoring the Tekken subforum?

Personally I have fun doing B! combos.
lol wuz gold

Yah, its really fun grinding games like MMOs.

I’d rather get the gold the hard but fun way than doing the easy but boring as fuck way.

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Yep I love spending hours and hours grinding things. It is SO much fun :(.

Personally I don’t really care much for the whole “CVS1” style playing the game forever on your own specific profile just to earn wild costume shit for your character. Won’t even be able to use my own personal costume in a tournament any ways and that’s really all I’m playing this game for. To compete.

Exactly. I don’t see where people care about the alt. outfits.

What can I say…I like playing dress up since I’m big on aesthetics.



would be cool to rep my prettyful outfits at tourneys.

That’s the whole point. You won’t be able to since most tourneys will probably be on PS3 and there’s no way to transfer your personal data in a tournament. I doubt it’ll be any easier if possible on the 360. Unless you’re playing at the arcade in Japan this is not something you’ll be able to look forward to in a tournament.

I know…I was being sarcastic. Should have made it clearer.

You get more than enough gold for playing tekken force. Not saying it’s not tedious, but it isn’t a bad mode.

The only gripe I have is with the controls.