TEKKEN 6 Launch Party - 10/24 - 6PM - Midnight! GET HYPE!


THIS IS IT! TEKKEN 6 is finally coming. Southern California, are you ready for the next battle!? Join us on Saturday, October the 24th for the official TEKKEN 6 launch event! Join in as the fighting game community comes together to celebrate the release of a game we?ve been waiting for for years! Get hyped!




Presented by [**ACTivegamerS LA**](http://activegamersla.com/)

In cooperation with SDTEKKEN, SHORYUKEN.COM, and the fighting game community!

Sponsored by Namco Bandai Games, Mad Catz, & Starbucks.

Southern California fighting game fans! Get ready for the next battle! Celebrate the launch of TEKKEN 6 in style with ACTivegamerS and the rest of the fighting game community as we party the night away on Saturday, Oct. 24 in Hawthorne, California.Join hundreds of TEKKEN fans as we unveil the fully playable retail version of TEKKEN 6 to the public! Join in on the launch tournament and participate in our awesome raffles and win some cool TEKKEN prizes, such as: Shirts, tattoo arm sleeves, hair pieces, and for the select few, an early copy of the game!

The TEKKEN Swaggin? Wagon will also be at the event with TapouT TEKKEN shirts and other cool TEKKEN swag! Take your picture with the Swaggin? Wagon and it?s beautiful TEKKEN art & detailed finish!

An all-star list of TEKKEN community members will be in attendance? Play against the top tournament players from the Southern California region and enter the first official console TEKKEN 6 tournament for your chance to win more prizes and maybe even an early copy of TEKKEN 6! Bring your game pads and arcade sticks! The grand prize winner of the tournament will receive a **Limited Edition TEKKEN 6 Wireless FightStick Bundle!

Among the who?s who of TEKKEN community members in attendance, include:

[]Alain Mazer from Namco Bandai Games, Inc.
]Joey ?MrWizard? Cuellar ? Founder of Evolution Fighting Game Championships
[]Alex ?CaliPower? Valle ? World Renowned Fighting Game Champion; Official Namco TEKKEN Tag Tournament United States Champion
]Mike ?MYK? Kwon ? from I AM TEKKEN and MYK?s Tekken Time Podcast
[]Mark ?MarkMan? Julio ? from SDTEKKEN.COM and designer of the Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition
]Vik ?Castel? Steyaert ? from Tekken Zaibatsu, the largest TEKKEN resource on the net for over 10 years
Fighting game fans are in for a real treat as we have over 20 TEKKEN 6 game stations running throughout the night, in addition to some Street Fighter IV and BlazBlue action! You heard it right! This is an event by the fighting game fans, for the fighting game community!Professional Fighting Game players from both the Street Fighter and Dustloop communities will be in attendance to show everyone who?s boss!

  $10 for general admission, $25 for VIP access. With VIP access you get a chance to hang out with the pro players, free food, prizes, and get up close & personal with all the exciting TEKKEN 6 media coverage during the event!

Food and drink will be available at the event. The event will be taking place from 6PM ? Midnight. Limited parking available. Event will take place at:

3203 Jack Northrop Ave.
Hawthorne, CA 90250

  For more information, please check the ACTivegamerS website by clicking [**here.**](http://activegamersla.com/)

John Nelson
ACTivegamerS LA
(310) 654-3649

Mark ?MarkMan? Julio


i have been attending launch parties, and i gotta say there pretty siick, especially the launch event sf4 had… then i went to the blazblue one, which was pretty cool, and now if there is a tekken one i would definitely go… as long its in so cal perimeters…


me too if in the greater LA area


I’m down if it’s in the LA area


Yes, LA area.


Sounds interesting.


im in


<— would go


Even tho tekken is an inferior game, I would still go for sure. I’ll pass the word down here in the south bay as well ;p


sounds GDLK

add booooooooooooooooooooooze


Some sort of guarantee for players actually being able to get in? I’m 100% there, SFIV Launch Party was hella fun, but really sucked for those that got stuck outside.

As apposed to Street Fighter IV? Lulz…


How much dick do I have to suck to win a copy of the game?


hey im pretty down, tekken is a sick game! and who could turn down free shit and a party? and just like shoo said add some booze and we are money baby!


hell yea i’d go! i would be all up on this. make it happen please


tekken 5 was a sick game at speedzone too.


i would actually travel to LA from SD to play the game or try to get an early copy. fuck, mooyang90 is on the spot; would suck dick for it too haha. <- Kidkai btw :stuck_out_tongue: hi mark


Yes I Can?


This man speaks the truth. Sure, the club hoes were nice and all, but standing outside for hours was not.

And yes, you know we’ll be down for this.


I’d go.


o snap just post the time and place and im there yo!