TEKKEN 6 Launch Party Tournament (Hawthorne, CA) - 10/24 - SF4 and BB too!

ACTivegamerS LA and SRK present…


Details here:

TEKKEN 6 Launch Event/Party
6PM - Midnight

Tournament will probably start around 8PM.

$10 general admission

FIRST final version of TEKKEN 6 console tournament.

Grand Prize - TEKKEN 6 Limited Edition Wireless Arcade Stick Bundle

This is more of a fun event to celebrate the launch of TEKKEN 6. Just chill and hang out with the fighting game community!

We can run individual side tournaments for SF4 and BB pending people are interested in playing.

If I can get enough people interested in SFIV or BB, I will have SF4 TE Round 2 sticks as prizes.



update your website so we can register yah?

Yea, it’ll be updated soon, will keep everyone updated.

You know I’m down for this sexyness :clapdos::clapdos:

I wanna go to Asa Ramen!!


I’m in vancouver, canada and actually thinking of going…how far is hawthorne from the Los Angeles airport? Is that the route to take? I’ll only be going for the weekend for a mini trip and have never been to LA before. Going solo too lol.


Hawthorne is hella close to LAX!

so is Asa Ramen!!


going, lemme teach you fools how to LURK!!!

Get your tickets for the TEKKEN 6 launch party now!


See you there! VIP tickets are LIMITED!

We will have four raffles for VIP ticket holders to win a copy of TEKKEN 6 early from Namco Bandai Games, Inc.!

Also, as a heads up. The venue charges $5 for parking during this night event.

However, there is free parking along the street. Just a heads up.

VIP btw, gets free parking too.(SOOO CARPOOL WITH A VIP!)

Lean like a cholo.

hey markman or anyone in the know. Why are they trying to charge me $40 for vip when it should be $25 as posted on the front page and mentioned.

Can someone from active gamers chime in here? I tried to buy it few hours ago.

^ answered your PM


TEKKEN 6 Launch Event LIVE on 10/24!

TEKKEN 6 Launch Event will be streamed LIVE, courtesy of UFRAGTV!



how much is it at the door for general?

$10, make ya holla

sweet cant wait for today

Is it really 40$ for VIP access? I wanted to get VIP, but 40$ is a bit too much for me =[

we demand answers from the recent findings of the game!

for those who dont know the stream is at http://www.ufragtv.com/show/tekken-6-launch, they are giving away copies of the game if 500 people are watching so msg your friends :smiley:

the catch is though, You have to register on ufrag

get your asses there. im there. on chat. lol

We’re doing a quick 30-minute chat in just a moment as we wait for the broadcast - http://tinychat.com/gytnews