Tekken 6 LE Stick - Strange Issue


Apologies if this has been resolved or discussed. I plowed through as much of the fight stick threads as I could including the Tekken6 stick thread - I just can’t seem to find a solution.

I picked up one of these sticks very recently, played with it for a few hours (SSFIV) and it was fine. I loaded up Tekken 6 to try it out, played a couple rounds and went back to SSFIV. However, now, no matter what controller setting I have setup - I can’t throw punches.

I can change the config of the buttons in game and the buttons work for kicks, but once I try and use the buttons for any punch nothing happens. All my other fight games work fine. My roomie has one of these sticks and his is fine.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug in SSFIV? Seems very strange that punches are the only thing that don’t work…