TEKKEN 6 Limited Edition Bundle + Arcade Stick?


No pics of the stick yet, but it will definitely be a Hori stick. Get hype? Or get scared? (Based on recent licensed Hori sticks)…

another hrap for ps3 and ex stick for 360

Kinda scared due to the recent hori sticks. But im sure either way they’ll be on ebay for like 2k <_<;;;; More hype about what comes in the tekken 6 LE. This is awesome news though, good to see that they’re pushing more sticks into the market for easier access as opposed to before where you had to hunt for one to even import. Thanks for the heads up.

Hope it’s not an EX2/FS3.

Yea regardless of what it is…

In for 2.

Of each console.

Passed on the SF4 one, Passing on the blazblue one, Will most likely pass on this one as well if it’s a hori ex 2 :confused: if it isn’t I might grab it. Right now just waiting it out to see how it looks after all it is tekken.

Wow, namco actually listened to my emails about this? Hope it’s not the ex2 and uses QD’s.

^ I don’t think they listened to anyone’s emails.

I mean after all, they did one for the last console release, this was a no brainer for them pretty much.

How much you want to bet that it is… $60 game + $90 stick sounds like they are shitting sticks and are cashing in on T6.

If they are HRAP, count me in.

PS: Sup sucko.

probably ex2’s… unless the bundles are going to be $200. It should be interesting though.

yeah probably EX2. if it’s a HRAP ex clone, then win but probably not

Reserves started at Gamestop on Friday. $149.99, so its a $10 downpayment.

Not worth my money, for sure.

im glad they are doing this deal again, this will be a get for me

It actually might be since it does come with the game. Besides, you could always cancel your pre-order and get your money,

My money is in. If anything, I’ll just mod it if it isn’t worth it.

But the game that comes with it is a Tekken game, so IMO its not worth it.

But passing on info when I saw the thread, since i work for Lamestop. :slight_smile:

I’m gonna get one or two I’m sure. I really hope they make it mod friendly. It feels like since the success of the Madcatz sticks, we should be past crappy pcb’s with buttons soldered directly on. If the cases are the same as the T5 I’ll be happy. I don’t think there are many people on these forums who are capable of leaving a stick stock anyway.

The T5 mod’s not that hard.

The major pain-in-the-butt with it is the time it takes. It probably has the easiest PCB to desolder and solder once you get used to a soldering tool. You’re talking a week minimum if you want to do a decent job and not go crazy with all the other stuff! Painting is definitely the most time-intensive part since you wait a minimum of two days for drying even when it’s boiling hot. In colder, wetter weather, 3-4 days minimum.

I definitely like the hexbolt key interface on the SA sticks’ and the MadCatz TEs’ faceplates better for sure but that’s not the connection Hori uses on its regular HRAPs and special edition sticks!

Every time I want to check my wiring or make an internal mod, that procedure of removing twenty pieces of screws and bolts on the T5/standard HRAP’s adds at least another 10-15 minutes to my job!

It’s ridiculous but I understand Hori probably does this to preserve some exclusivity for the more expensive SA line even though their anti-mod tricks really don’t work…

25 bucks each reserve at my eb

how many sticks do you have markman?

Any money it’ll be a fightstick 3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but they never released any HRAPs over here, did they?