Tekken 6 Midnight release tourney @ Play N Trade VA beach!


Play N Trade of Virginia Beach
2201 Upton Dr Suite 906, Virginia Beach, VA, 23454
Phone: 757-430-9269

O-NO/Play N Trade Present: " Tekken 6: Midnight Moonlight. "

When: Monday, October, 26th, 09’
Sign in Starts around 8pm

Entry Fee:


If you preorder Tekken 6 at VA Beach Play N Trade $5 of your entry fee goes toward your game!

Grand prize will be a Tekken 6 Game/Arcade stick bundle! :wow: *

2nd and 3rd place prize will be cash determined by number of entrees.


Default characters.
Double elimination.
2/3 rounds, 2/3 sets.
Winners, losers, and grand finals will be best 3 of 5 sets.

*The grand prize will be guaranteed based on 16 players. If there are LESS than 16 players then the prize will be based on entries.


oh you already know im there! what time will this end some people have to work in the morning >.<


I got school the next morning, but I’ll try to make it. Sounds fun.




Nice. I don’t think a Monday night all-nighter is too bad…


If i could do it that weekend, id be all over it. remember, the grand prize is can only be given if there are 16+ people in the tourney. The more the word gets out the better!


New ish, Lookout!



Phoenix Down!


Tekken 6 Jin Kazama arm tattoo sawg available for preorders as well now! there pretty cool if you have no seen them.