Tekken 6 NYC tournament console. Bandai X New york tokyo


October 29th, Thursday 8-12PM
White Rabbit - 145 E Houston St, NYC

Check in Time: 8 pm

Entry Cost: $5, payable at tournament desk (cash only).

Max Registration: 32 players

Setup: Each contestant upon checking in will receive a randomized number for that tournament. This number will be the players handle. We will keep track of your number, and use it to call out the ladder positions. From call-out, you have 3 minutes to claim your match against your opponent. If you lose, you are disqualified and your ticket will be taken.

Match Rules:

  1. Default setting.
  2. Must pick random stage.
  3. 60 second rounds, 3/5 matches and 2/3 games.
  4. Player must choose character from default lineup. No memory card saved characters, no item/character edits allowed.
  5. Player must keep same character for the 2/3 games (may switch after win)
  6. Only house controllers may be used.
  7. No pausing during the game.
  8. Any violation of the above rules will result in a VIOLATION. 2 VIOLATIONS in a tournament will result in immediate disqualification (with no refund of entrance fee).


for Competitors:

First Prize: 2 Namco Bandai games including TEKKEN 6 , T-shirt
Second Prize: TEKKEN 6 game, T-shirt
Third Prize: Random Game
Finalists: Consolation Prizes

for Spectators:
Prize for Betting on a competition
Free swags

you have to sign up here.


chocolate lemon will be recording matches ;D


what trains go there?


of course ille be there.:lovin:


I’m in there !!! :mad:


how do i sign up? i dont see no form.


does anyone know?

You think you?ve got the skills to take on some of the New York area?s finest fighting game fanatics? Step right up and go one on one for some great prizes! If you want to participate as a competitor, please fill out the RSVP form below. Also, if you want to join as a spectator, you may also fill out the RSVP form below.

i dont see no fsvp form tho.