Tekken 6 Player Roster

I’m surprised there hasn’t been a thread on this yet. Tekken 6 comes out on October 27th and the online play/netcode is supposed to be better then the previous Namco fighting games. (t5dr online, SC4 online = :tdown:)So I will most likely be playing this game a lot online. Im pretty sure most of guys are going to also. So… Post up! And add me!

Post up with your:

Character(s) you play
optional: Times your on, other games you play…

Ill get this started

GT: Not Madwak
Location: Milwaukee WI
Characters: Nina, Lei, Zafina
Headset: yup
Times online: Varies, but Im on a lot in general during the afternoon, night, and late night.
other games: SF4, MVC2, HDR, UMK3 (sadly) And a little BB.

also I really would like to get some matches recorded to up my game up and to put some GGs on youtube, so if you have a capture card and want to get some matches upped then that would be awesome.

Gamertag: Spiderman
Other games: MvC2.

I live in Australia so I’m not sure if any of you will want to play with me. I’m not that good at Tekken either, but I will be playing heaps.

Location: Hawaii
Headset/mic: Original one…yes it sucks.
Times online: Random…very random.
Other games: SF4, MVC2, HDR, MW2 (when released), MUA2
Character: None right now. I’m a Tekken 6 n00b.

GT: iPerfectLegend
Location: Ohio
Headset/mic: yes
Times online: Alot
Other games: SF4, MVC2, DOA4, HDR
Character: Mishimas, Law, Lars, Bob, Steve

GT: DN3000
Location: UK
Headset/mic: yes
Times online: Weekends
Other games: SF4, KOF 98UM, Garou MOTW,
Character: Jin, Mishimas, Paul. Im terribly out of practise for this game :crybaby:

GT: WatCnBrwnDo4U
Location: So. ILL
Headset/mic: if my cat doesn’t chew threw the cable, yes.
Times online: Everyday except for Sunday, at random intervals, but usually late night.
Other games: SF4, HDR, BlazBlue, SC4.
Character: Since I haven’t played the game, I’m not sure. I usually go low tier in Namco games, so most likely Xiaoyu.

GT: spektrum SRK
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Character(s) you play; Eddy, Hwoarang, Bruce Irvin & Lei
Headset/mic: have one, but rarely use it during fighters
Times on: anytime between 6pm and 2am EST during the week. randomly on the weekends
Other games: SF4, HDR & Halo 3

GT: buns of stone
Location: NY
Characters: idk yet
Headset: yup
I don’t play tekken, but as a fighting game fan, i am obligated to get it, getting it on release date. Prolly gonna play Marshall law, I ALWAYS go with the bruce ripoff

GT: link123h
Location : Florida
Character(s) I like to use hwoarang :slight_smile:
Headset/mic : i have it, but i rarely use it, if you ask , i’ll put it on.
optional: im usually on afternoon, nights, and weekends and i play mostly fighters

including sf4, mvc2, doa4, sc4 and so on


Location: Los Angeles, CA
Characters: Likely Bob, but that may change.
Times: Usually 10pm-2am
Headset: Same as Spektrum

GT: Spud334
Location: Alabama
Characters: Asuka and/or Nina and/or Anna
Headset: yeppers
Times online: Afternoons and evenings on weeknights, whenever I feel like on weekends
other games: SF4, BB, and soon MvC 2

GT: Depstar
Location: Ohio
Characters: Jin, Dragunov
Headset: Yeah
Other games: SF4, BB, MVC2

Location: Tampa, Florida
Characters: Bryan, King, Armor King
Headset: Yeah
Times online: random, but mostly nights
Other games: HDR for now

GT: ActionPL
Location: Poland
Characters: Yoshi, Bryan, DJ
Voicechat: No preference, language is English
Times online: random
Other games: VF5, KoFXII, HDR, DoA4 and soon Garou

Location: Hammond, Louisiana
Character(s) you play: King, A.King, Asuka, working on others.
Headset/mic: Yes
Optional: I’m generally on from early morning till late at night. CST
Also have: MvC2, HDR

We also have a 360 player list in the SRK Tekken section.


GT: Carfullofblack
Location: Walker, Louisiana
Character(s) you play: Alisa, Heihachi, Bruce
Headset/mic: Yes
Optional: My GF plays too, so if you play someone really good, thats her. If you play someone that sucks, thats me.

Hit me up sometime dude, we are close so there should be no lag.

GT: PyroFenix x360a
Location: Richmond, VA
Character(s) you play: Law, Jin (both of them)
Headset/mic: yes
mostly 2am - 7am; if i’m not Gears, COD, SFIV or SCIV

GT-buns of stone
location- brookyln NY
character- Law
other games- every other fighting game, cept kof =P
MAN does the tekken netcode suck >=O

GT-Moishe ham
Location- CA, L.A.
Char- Feng Wei
Times online- Varies

I’m looking for some training partners so please add me!!