Tekken 6 psn online play as good as ssf4?

I play A LOT of ssf4 online and the lag is practically non existant at times (one frame links, option selects, techs are all fine), so … I was thinking in buying tekken 6 for the ps3 in order to have some nice matches online as good as the ones I have in ssf4. Hows the net code? is it as good as ssf4 or not? Im a KOF, tekken, and now SF player, and the reason why I didnt buy kof 12 was because everyone said the online play was trash. Is this the same case with tekken?
Thanks in advance.

Netcode is bad, stay with ssf4 if i were you. Alot of people im better than beat me because of the retarded netcode. There is input delay, and some lag spikes.

But if you still insist on getting Tekken 6, i suggest only playing with 4 or 5’s should they ever show up when you are looking for a game.

I also have the game so in case you get it, PSN: Khaoz77

Damn. I wanted to get a good deal today at gamestop by buying tekken 6 in a buy 2 get one 1 free special, but now not anymore.
I guess the online play for blazblue isnt also as good as ssf4 then.

The Tekken 6 netcode **used to be **bad, but was later patched. It still isn’t quite as good as SSF4, but it’s comparable. BlazBlue has better netcode than SSF4. The pre-match intros lag at times, but 95% of the time it corrects itself by the time the match starts. That’s if it’s Calamity Trigger. I’ve only played Continuum Shift online a few times and they were all against the same person, but the netcode seemed the same as in CT.

I wouldn’t say it is.

Tekken 6 is using the same netcode as SSFIV now. Pretty good stuff. :cool:

tekken netcode is HORRIBLE

In my experience, from wordt netcode to best:
kof 12 -> Tekken 6 -> SF4 -> Blazblue (CT/CS) -> MVC2

tldr: MVC2 netcode is A-MAY-ZING.

Tekken 6 netcode is horrible. Just, really bad.
I traded it in. And yes I’m talking about after the patch netcode. Anything lower than Green is just a stupid match.

tekken is UNPLAYABLE online.

And then it was patched again to suck as badly as it did on release. After the first patch the netcode was actually really damn good, but after the second patch the online component is largely comprised of scrubs who do nothing but abuse the fact that you can’t block, parry, throwbreak, or really do anything that requires precise timing. And because of this, the online player pool consists of scrubs picking top tier and spamming retarded lows, throws, and bulldogging jabs that a sidestep would destroy offline.

MvC2 netcode is not amazing… o.O It’s quite bad.

again, lots of players chiming into the net code perspective w\o any true knowledge. This is why we have bump ass net code in the USA. Uninformed players making points with no actual knowledge. Then the developers see it and assume there is no problem.

mvc2\HDR\BB are the best fighters online that are tournament games. The reason being is that they use the roll back\ggpo style net code. People say VF5 is good online but i’ve never touched the game.

ssf4 6 basically use the EXACT same style net code, input delay. To say ssf4 is good online but t6 is bad is just awful. They’re pretty much the same. We don’t use TVs @ tournaments with input delay. If you think ssf4 is good online, its no different than saying lets use TVs with input delay for tournaments. Even the amount of input delay is pretty much the same for both ssf4 6. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-10+frames of input lag in the USA.

With t6, its much easier to spot the input lag. The hi\lo game is much more valid in t6 than it is in ssf4. So when someone starts doing multiple mixups on you back to back, its very easy to spot the input delay. Since ssf4 lacks sufficient hi\lo games, the input lag isn’t noticed as much by newer players. On top of that, t6 has more input techniques like dash back cancels and side step+buffering block which take fast precise inputs and that also becomes extremely noticeable with input lag.

I’m the poster boy to test t6\ssf4 online. I do play these games but when I do, 99% of the time it is offline. I have as much problems with ssf4 as I do with t6 online. You always have to respect the input lag no matter what and that is not a good experience.

sigh T6 used to be my favorite game to play… and now its just a hollow shell of what it used to be online. :frowning:

I can never find Tekken players online in North America. Doesn’t anyone play here? Hit me up at PSNID Darryl-Lee