Tekken 6 PSN

So after all the hate I’ve been giving SF4, I’m thinking about learning Tekken…

Anybody want to get online and teach me some Tekken?

Also, this can just be an area anybody that plays Tekken can go to and talk about it.

I’m not a pro but I’ll play you if it’s not lagging.
This is a really good source to learn T6.

… and Tekken Zaibatsu


I’m in NY. I typically don’t lag with people local to the EC.

Sup Scogz, I think I may join you.

It’s not that. My connection with T6 has been crappy lately.

Edit: I’ll be on tomorrow evening if you want to send me an invite or vice-versa.

Alright, we’ll see. I might be busy, but that’s a MIGHT

Tekken is my main game. I’m bike_seat on PSN

add me and we’ll fight