Tekken 6/sf4 tilt tourney pdx, or coming soon

thy boy is trowing a dayam tourney for all
dha swagga playas out there.
Yu think yu gotz wha it takez fa win?

tourney day and time is on the works playas.
so check it, we allz kno thurs playa hattas out there
ind thur’s playas out there who play to be hatted.
prepur to to be hatted and prepur to play to be hatted.
because WINNER takes all, so whos the real playa?

As of now October is the month for the playa tourney.
Topic will be updated with exact day, and prices.

wtf did you say?

a tourney is WTF.

Post the date please.

stop trying so hard.

you don’t have to front to kick it.

i’m planning a tourney too!

jibba jabba jibba jabba


You guys really need to learn to read. It clearly says that there’s a tourney in october but the players only get hats on thursday.

No, I think the winner gets all the hats. I mean, that seems kind of unfair to me, but it’s his dayam tourney, whatever that is.

Spread the love, share the hats.

i want a hat.

So the entry fee must be a hat?

idc i want a hat.

Please post date!

Please post hat.

The dates are in the hat, he will draw them on Thursday

I was interested in going to this…till I opened the thread.

I will only participate if the host can ensure that there is ZERO lag on any set up. Because I can only play on set ups that sport ZERO lag because I am that good. I can tell when there is .00001 millisecond lag so don’t try to put one over on me.

Don’t worry about the lag, you’re gonna lose anyway. How would there be lag on an arcade machine??

I need the 100% pure titanium microswitches on the cab with a hacked monitor and all wiring on the cab MUST be fiber-optic to ensure that I have direct response time in regards to my desired inputs.

There shall also be NO BACKGROUND NOISE. This is important as it may distract me from executing. Also, there shall be UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES any shoulder touching WHATSOEVER. I have a broad set of shoulders so I must be given 100% assurance that no one will be in direct contact with my person and furthermore I need room for my elbows.