TEKKEN 6: SRK Edition - Match Making/GG's/BG's Thread

CONNECTION 1’s and 2’s need not apply!!! :lol:

I didn’t see a thread, in this section of the site, dedicated to Tekken 6 (PSN). So I figured I’d make one. Here we can discuss the following:

  • Match Making
  • Good Games (GG’s)

And obviously…

  • The Bad Games (BG’s) :lol:

A lil strategy talk wouldn’t hurt either. :cool:

First post will have a “T6 SRK players list”. For quick reference to possibly find players close to your area. That list is located below (Note: More players will be added, when they post in this thread, if they request it.):


United States:


SRK - Digimonemporer
PSN - devildigimon
Characters - Anna (MAIN), Ling, Leo, Ganryu, Heihachi, Bob

United Kingdom

SRK - Ultrabison
PSN - Anakiny2k
Location - UK
Characters - Steve (MAIN), Kazuya,Jin,Yoshimitsu,Bryan

There is a much more detailed SRK PSN directory, located here:

http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=185419 By: Yeah Dood 120%

Well here’s to hoping that this thread gets some attention. I actually hated Tekken for a while lol. But now I’m back in the scene (I’m old school). I’ve been playing T6 for 12 days straight on PSN (with connection 4 of 5’s)!!! And I must admit, it’s pretty damn good imo. :pleased:

POST UP FELLAS!!! :woot:

New to the Tekken scene…I’d love to get some games in with anyone.
SRK- PapaRhino
Location- MI
XBL- iRhino v2
Characters - Lee

Hey, :lol: , uhmm this is the PSN section. Might wanna recreate this thread in the XBL section of this site.

Nice avatar though. :tup:

you can hit me up for some matches. main is Kuma. i suck though.

Online is playable? Someone who plays Kazuya tell me if they can do EGWF’s online.

And it’s even funnier that Webster of all people started this thread with his neverending hatred for Tekken.:lol:

Been playing tekken since tekken 1 but i did take a few years out after tekken 4 so im pretty rusty.

PSN: Anakiny2k
Location: UK
Characters: Steve(main), Kazuya,jin,yoshimitsu,Bryan

I can do EGWF or is it EWGF?? about 75% of the time even on 3 bar connections so it aint too bad.

First bit of info webster your anna aint shit compared to mine! LMAO

Q I’d GLADLY MM you Anna vs. Anna for any amount of money I am able to muster. :tup:

SRK- blinky77
Location- AL
XBL- blinky77
Characters - Asuka

Location - Bahamas
Characters - Kazuya.
Just really trying to get serious with Tekken(I.e Beginner.) ( last played 4, but that was eons ago.) So add me for some friendly matches or what have you.
I look forward to it.

PSN is i_am_on_a_boat
Current mains are Ganryu and Kaz

I am no Pro! Add me!!!



<3 ,ijjijijij just testing just testing just testing:party::party::party:

yeah i play tekken 6 looking to get better lost my aggression! VOA_Roze

I usually play Baek, Alisa, and Hwoarang.

Lars , mishimas


Anna - Nina - Armor King