Tekken 6 Still Worth Picking Up?


I’m contemplating picking up Tekken 6 for the PS3, just to become familiar with the franchise in anticipation of Street Fighter X Tekken.

However, I’m not sure if I’ll actually play it as I am STILL addicted to SSFIV and will probably be glued to Marvel VS Capcom 3 once the 15th hits.

Should I pick up Tekken 6 or just forget it as it may not be something a Capcom fighting game fan would enjoy?



I suggest you try it out but not for Street Fighter vs Tekken. It doesn’t seem like that would work for that game. Try it out anyways you might like it.

Tekken is a very different style of game. I absolutely hate Tekken because I get beat by people that just headbutt their controllers. The learning curve for Tekken is also alot different. It seems like it’s very based on memorization. It’s also “UP IN YO FACE” the entire time you’re playing. I bought a copy of T6 because my wife said she wanted to start playing it, and I gave it a shot.

Ask yourself a few questions:
Do you like to zone in SF?
How do you feel about being in your opponents grill the entire time you’re playing?
Each character has 50+ unique strings of attacks, how’s your memory?
Are you comfortable with a bad guess costing you 60% or more of your life bar?

? How does that happen?

Figure of speech.

I know that much I mean like mashers on tekken are just easy…

I’ve played Tekken 6 twice. Just to put it into perspective for you.

give it a shot.

It’s like only 20 bucks at Amazon, you can’t go wrong for that price

Thanks for the feedback guys! I’ll pick up Tekken 6 soon, though I fear it will get stuck in my backlog of games I have yet to play. Ever since I’d received my HRAP V3 SA, I haven’t had the urge to play anything BUT SSFIV.


I think he means mashing in T6 will get further than mashing in SF. Which is true. But it won’t get u far.

It is WAY different compared to SF. There are 40 characters which is a great roster. It is really balanced. It is not like SF where its very matchup heavy. Any character (with enough practice and creativity) can definitely win against any other character. Unlike SF where you would jus apply what you know that’s good agains X character, you could really e creative and sort of mold your character to how you want to play.

I think people are just intimidated of the big move list of every character. But I think that’s one of the good things about Tekken. It’ll help you become unique from the rest. And you can avoid people being up in your face with good movement since you cab sidestep and all that good stuff.

And TTT2 is coming up. For what it looks right now, it won’t change much from Tekken 6. So if you wanna play TTT2 and want get a head start, I suggest you pick up T6. Also it’s only like 20 dollars? So it’s pretty good =)

Tekken 6 is a bargain for $20 or less i believe. Just give it a chance. I actually just picked it up and im having fun with the online mode

Don’t play if you are planning to use it towards sf x tk, because sfxtk looks like it plays drastically different. But tekken 6 is a great game with alot of depth, I just re-bought it a few weeks ago and can’t put it down. Plus its only $20. I’m getting ready for Tekken Tag 2 later this year.

Thanks again for the advice, everyone.

I’ve ordered Tekken 6 last night and also picked up Borderlands for $10 as part of an Amazon Buy One Get One at 50% video game sale.

2 highly rated PS3 games for $30.
It’ll be hard for me to regret this purchase!


I can play Ghost Mode all day with T6. best current gen fighter atm imo.

it is exceptionally balanced and deep, still my favourite fighter

uuuhh tekken 6 is far less balanced than sf4 is

It’s just an attack mashing game. Learn all you want, it’s still going to be much easier to mash out attacks than to defend, because defending requires good reaction speed. That’s a problem with almost all fighting games anyway - you try to learn them but there’s somebody in the group who mashes attacks and as you don’t know the game well you can’t defend against that - thus the game is ruined. And then nobody will play the game and nobody will learn anything but to mash in every fighting game.

Well other than that I don’t like the Tekken series quite as much as the Virtua Fighter series. Though VF5 doesn’t have online play I’ll say it’s far superior to Tekken 6.

Well, he may not be able to learn anything for Street Fighter x Tekken - but at least he can pick up fundamentals for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and eventually Tekken x Street Fighter - which will be the crossovers game that matters in this instance.

Tekken 6 is fun. It may not be the best Tekken, but they’re all fun to play.

You have no idea what you’re talking about.