Tekken 6 Still Worth Picking Up?

I agree.

Even though I’ve played Tekken games since II, I’ve only been trying to learn Tekken hardcore for like half a year off and on in between Metal Gear Online and SSF4, so I’m a Tekken noob. Even from my perspective, itwastuesday’s post seem like some bullshit. Seriously, I used to mash in Tekken. Needless to say…I got wtfpwned.

I just bought it for $20, it was an absolute bargain. I want to learn loads of combos, but I don’t seem to have enough time, and SSF4 feels a little more appealing than memorizing combos and grinding out the campaign. I’m maining Miguel and Asuka, they are both soooo cool.

One thing I noticed about some of the veteran Tekken players who I play SF with occasionally is that they have godlike reactions. Great sense of spacing as well.

Thanks for all of the additional feedback, guys!

People that think Tekken is a masher are severely mistaken…

Slap on buttons in Tekken and you get your ass whooped. It depends really. I felt like I could’ve done without the game. From the tourney experience I had it seems like less people are getting into it as it goes along. MLG had dropped the game already. The major cons for me with this game is the netcode, bound mechanic, and obtaining money.

As far as I know, the scene for T6 in most areas is currently smaller than it has ever been during the life to date of T6. That is to say, in most areas it’s probably a tough or at least a suboptimal time to try and take the game really seriously.

It’s a very fun game, though. Even if you only want to play Tekken casually, you’re missing out if you don’t play Tekken casually.

Concerning the netcode: honestly, if you’re as bad as I am, you won’t even realize how bad it is. Hahaha.

This is true but I believe Eddy and Bob are Masher Friendly, tekken just has a different rhythm/type of mashing… This I mean in a fight between two beginners… I have played tekken for a few years against friends and had NO Idea how No Good I was until i started listening to AvoidingThePuddle Podcast recently when I re-bought T6 for PS3 a few weeks ago (had it for 360 when it came out) I have been trying to learn but I Severely lose online. DEFINATELY a ridiculous learning curve and alot more to remember not to mention more places to go on a 3d plane.

Some of the fundamental things you need to know to be highly competitive are way harder than any 2D game I believe.

No it isn’t… Just because you see the same character doesn’t mean it aint balanced. That’s Just Tier Whoring.

edit: Just got troll’d lol

yeah…you should pick tekken 6 up in anticipation for TTT2 and tekken x sf. not for sf x tekken.

tekken is a great game in its own right. you’ll need to pick it up now to learn movement (the hardest aspect of tekken IMO) and how to get out of certain stuff. and what beats what and why.

tekken is mad hard. def not a masher. whoever told you that doesn’t know a damn thing about what they’re talking about when it comes to tekken.