Tekken 6 vs. Street Fighter IV


I have been going to the arcade and been playing Tekken 6 since December 2008 and I must admit it is well worth a buy and with the hype surrounding the launch of Tekken 6 do you feel that a lot of people will put Street Fighter 4 on the shelf for a while? I ask this because even though Street Fighter II revolutionized fighting games the Tekken series has sold over more than 30 million copies altogether (even though sales doesn’t mean it’s the best) and it is one of the most popular 3D fighting games of all time so I’m thinking that you won’t see a lot of people online on Street Fighter that much except the hardcore fans also because the popularity of Street Fighter decreased when SFIII came out but it just gained popularity back with SFIV but will it get shunned by Tekken 6? Just tell me how you feel I want your opinion.

a) Yes
b) No


Street Fighter is way too iconic over Tekken. You just can’t beat a legend. Although for me, I’ve happily accepted both. I just like Tekken more.


It never has before. Different fan bases and all.


Tekken is just as iconic as SF.

But they both have two completely different fanbases. I dont think either cares about the other.

In my heart I want to go back to Tekken. Its the first fighter that got me started (before SF even) but…Soul Calibur isnt quite dead yet.


How the fuck did this idiot get to make a poll?! SRK, you’re fuckin’ up!!




The question is simple and everyone except for the OP is skirting it. YES, SFIV is going to get over shadowed.
It’s fanbase is small compared to Tekken’s. Whether the fuckers want to admit it or not. Posting this on
a Street Fighter website is pretty dumb though IMO…neg reps abound…

I absolutely love both games. Yet I’ve never played either. (SFIV/T6 that is…) but it’s not stopping me
from buying both just like I have with every iteration of both series that have ever come out before.

The both fill styles and gameplay that the other doesn’t.



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I dunno about Tekken 6 overshadowing SFIV, bro. I mean, can you picture Tekken 6 starting a custom arcade stick hysteria the way SFIV did? It was a cottage industry for years. Along comes SFIV and all of a sudden people are getting scalped for double or more of retail cost for TE sticks on eBay? Arcade parts suppliers were SOLD OUT of parts for weeks because of SFIV. HUNDREDS of pages of “check out my new custom arcade stick” threads. All sorts of hacks, mods and innovations. I’m not saying they weren’t being done before SFIV, but the scale was nowhere near what it became after SFIV. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fanboy. I love pretty much all fighting games, but SF is THE definitive fighting game. It IS iconic. And that’s coming from a guy that loves 2D and 3D equally. Just my two cents…


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1: this thread is unnecessary
2: the fanbases are far more intertwined than you think
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