Tekken 6 wireless arcade stick for ps3 troubleshoot


ok so played ssf4 on my ps3 then my stick stops working the usb peace keeps blinking ive changed the batteries plugged unplugged the usb peace and the usb still keeps blinking and they are not syncing up i think what can i do i just want to play streetfighter on my tekken 6 wireless stick !


Open it up to see if anything’s loose.


sorry to bring a dead thread back to life, but i ran a search for this stick on here and this was the closest to my problem…

i use this wireless tekken stick at my boys house so that i dont have to take my TE with me every time i visit. i been using it for all fighting games, and its been fine for months. but now the USB wont blink green anymore when its plugged in. does anyone know if theres anything i can do? cause that has nothing to do with the stick i presume…so do i need to fix the USB piece somehow? or do they sell just the USB pieces by themself?



It’s likely the transceiver PCB if you haven’t modified the pcb/buttons/stick at all. After modifying mine and throwing it around all the time that small-square-piggyback-sister-pcb worked it’s xx-amount of pins out of the main pcb socket. So I suggest;

-First insert a fresh set of batteries, even if you just put some in. If that doesn’t work try the following;

-Power Off your PS3
-Remove your USB Receiver
-Remove your batteries
-Remove the bottom panel (tri-head screw driver/or small flat head, if this becomes a problem I suggest replacing the screws with philips/flat head screws if you plan on opening this case often)
-the small-square-pcb IIRC is top-center underneath the large-main-pcb. Just reseat all the pins, squeeze nice and tight just using your thumbs/index/middle fingers and that should be enough pressure to reseat the pins
-Reinsert your batteries
-Insert your USB into your PS3
-Power on your PS3
-Move the joystick/press sum butt-ins and see if that there green lite emitteng dyode stays lit&steady on the USB receiver
-If that green led keeps blinking it’s not receiving any inputs what so ever so if it was me, I’ld start tracing that DCv starting from the batteries and make sure you’re not losing power anywhere… or if you modified your stick, to make sure any grd traces weren’t erased, GL! Take lots of pics and post in the official Wireless Hori T6 thread.


thanks for the response, totally appreciated but this seems to be more directed towards the original post where they were asking about the light constantly blinking and not reading the stick. whereas my problem is the usb itself isnt blinking the green light at all anymore. i havent done any mods to the stick, although it has been tossed around a bit (nothing extreme, just the usual gameplay love taps)… so it may or may not be loose inside, but i would imagine that even if it were loose inside the stick, the usb would still strobe on its own, wouldnt it?

although, i dont know much about sticks…so ill still try your suggestions either way and i appreciate the help!

also, i saw those official threads for this stick…i did a search before posting this…but like i said, this thread seemed to be the closest to my issue…even though my issue is inverted from the original post on this thread haha, that other official thread was geared more towards mods. i also contacted HORI themselves, but with it being a weekend (i would guess thats the reason), no word back.