Tekken 6 wireless arcade stick vs sf4 te stick

hi guys i just wanted to know if anyone has purchased this wiresless controller for 360. if so is it square gate or oct? how does it feel, and a general review on it vs sf4 te stick. thank you

Does it have the capability to be wired at all? You might have trouble getting tournament organizers to like you if it’s wireless only.

the hori tekken 6 stick is a square gate and has stock parts. T6 stick is not that bad if you play casually, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you plan on going to tournaments. I’ve been using the T6 stick since T6 first came out, and now 2 of my buttons don’t register about 10% of the time. After a while, the buttons will wear out… If you get the T6 stick, you’re going to have to switch out the parts later on.

You can’t compare the wireless Tekken 6 fight stick to the Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition fight stick. If you’re talking about the Tekken 6 fight stick that comes with the bundle (with the game and art book), it feels just like the HORI EX2 for the Xbox 360 and HORI Fighting Stick for the PS3 / Wii. It’s a HORI stick, period. It has a square gate. Personally I’d prefer the case of the Tekken 6 stick over the other HORI sticks because the Tekken 6 one is more rectangular and bigger in both length and width. It feels pretty nice, minus the fact that the parts are HORI. But even so, the stick’s not that bad, even for a wireless stick. People complain about how the stick is wireless but trust me, you won’t notice any lag at all. I’ve played with the stick ever since it first came out and I really liked it. I was already used to HORI sticks back then because it was all I had at my house. But now I’ve upgraded to higher quality sticks, lol. I’ve still got my HORI sticks but I don’t have the tools to mod them and switch the buttons out yet.

Now if you’re talking about the HORI Real Arcade Pro version of the Tekken 6 stick from Japan, I’m assuming it’s also square gate because every other HRAP stick has square gates. Also, I’ve never heard of an arcade stick that already comes with an octagon gate. All the parts on the stick are HORI except for the joystick and Start / Select buttons; those are Sanwa, which is good because it saves you about $25 on a new joystick. And then for about $20 or under, you can use that to buy eight buttons (or just six) for the stick. The HRAP sticks I have right now (I have one for the PS2, 360 and PS3) can all fit Sanwa buttons. I think they come like that because the HORI buttons that originally come with it are 30mm I’m guessin’ (I bought my sticks used so I’m not 100% sure). If that’s true then that’s even better. You don’t have to file down the holes on the panel in order to fit Sanwa buttons. You just purchase them and stick them right in. This stick is just as good as the TE stick, as long as you get all the high quality buttons for it. It takes a bit more work to mod than the TE stick though, only because the HRAP requires you to unscrew the bottom panel in order to unscrew the top panel, whereas the TE, it only requires you to unscrew the top panel.

Do I really need to explain the SFIV TE stick to you? Everyone has this stick because it’s the best; it already comes with high quality Sanwa parts and the size / weight of the case is perfect. Other than the parts, the only other difference between the TE stick and the HRAP is that the TE stick uses the Viewlix button layout and the HRAP uses the Astro City layout. Personally I think they’re too similar to even notice a difference while you’re playing. Personally, I prefer smaller sticks but that’s just me. I don’t like playing with big arcade sticks on my lap so I just play sitting on the floor so it doesn’t matter to me anymore.

The Tekken 6 fight stick that comes with the bundle is worth like $40-60. Both the HRAP and TE are worth $150 but they’ve been going on sale for $100 at random times. If you had a choice to get one of them, of course I’d say go with the TE because it’ll make your life a lot easier. You buy the TE and you’d be all set. If you buy the Tekken 6 fight stick, the parts feel crappy and it could break down on you, plus the joystick gets stiff eventually. I know this because I’ve used HORI sticks for a long time. Modding it is a huge pain in the ass too. The HRAP version would be better than that. So in the order from worst to best in terms of quality, it goes Tekken 6 HORI, Tekken 6 HRAP, SFIV TE.

This is not true, LOL. I doubt tournament organizers will care whether your stick is wired or not. I’ve seen people use wireless 360 and wireless PS3 controllers at tournaments. It doesn’t matter. And both the Tekken 6 wireless sticks do not have the capability to be wired, although you can mod them so that they can be.

This is true. Coming from a HORI-user to another. The Tekken 6 stick is great for playing casually but if you really wanted to use it for tournaments then I recommend you switch out the buttons. I’ve had HORI buttons break down on me after long periods of playing. That’s why I always stress the fact that you need to switch out the HORI buttons for high quality ones like either Sanwa or Seimitsu.

The Start and Select/Back Buttons on HRAP are Hori, not Sanwa.
Except for Special Edition, which are Seimitsu.
Except for Special Addition, which are Sanwa.

Hrm, Evo currently does not allow wireless controllers. Didn’t mean to speak for them all but I guess I implied such, I apologize then.

I guess I should have been specific, hope you don’t have to take it to Evo. shrug This might change, it might not.

The Tekken 6 wireless stick = garbage


The Madcatz TE stick = good

read tech talk

Yes, he made a Thread in Tech Talk.
And I linked to him information.

And this Thread made one minute after the Tech Talk.

I liked the T6 quite a bit, but its not made from the best parts. Barely 2 months of use, and the jab buttons started to get less and less responsive. This lead to me throwing it on the ground a few times when my jabs weren’t linking properly, and then eventually, me stomping on the piece of shit til it broke completely. Been using my standard edition with custom sanwa stick and custom buttons and its about 1000 times better then the t6 stick ever was.

Bottom line - t6 stick is a nice collectors piece, but its a true piece of shit. You cannot rely on it for long term use, so do not get used to it.

Umm yes they are banned at MANY tourneys.

Many people are willing to trade for a SE. Possibly a good oppertunity to grab yourself a tournament worthy stick. Otherwise all other points are covered.

for T6 stick for the (ps3 at the least)

  • signal drops from time to time; on the usb the light blinks (blinking code for searching broadcast signal from the T6 controller to USB).
  • if somebody steps in the path of your wireless signal, your signal temporarily suspended until the path is cleared again.
  • if you input commands like FADC you’ll just get a blank command once in awhile, almost as if your controller dced; happens once in awhile. maybe like 1/20 or something
  • battery life feels like 3-6 hours on full recharge

sf4 TE stick (360)

  • Roundhouse blows out from time to time (every 3 hours, then it became every hour, then 10 mins)
  • On MVC2 TE stick the whole controller just went into search mode after 12 hours of play (This has MADCATZ PCB, maybe different than SF4 TE PCB? found out by plugging into PC to play SF4)

maybe wait around for super sf4 sticks if your at this point

I’ve played with the hori T6 stick a few times and it’s not a square gate and feels NOTHING like a hori ex2, i’ve used a ex2 for months and i know how much rage that thing is…the t6 is a decent stick, not as solid build as the T/E but can’t go wrong when you can buy it for 25 (38 dollars i think)

It is Square.