Tekken 7 announced




i called this a million times on the net already. good shit. thats why even though we had our gripes with the tekken 6 console release, i was like, namco is about to release another tekken anyways. look at their timing on tekken releases. its pretty consistent. now hopefully we can do something about a quicker console release.


Probably will be console ported a lot faster since there is an existing current gen Tekken on consoles. You don’t want the established fanbase getting cranky 'bout waiting.

Let’s see what they do 'bout my boy Dragunov.


Speculation time


Thats was pretty fast, Tekken 6 had so many characters. I wonder how many in Tekken 7? Looks like Namco is making a few bucks on the franchise still, good for them!


Breaking the Tekken-SoulCalibur cycle, skipping over Soul Calibur 5 and going straight to Tekken 7? Tekken still doing well in Japanese arcades, hitting the iron while the iron is hot?


No salty comments yet?

No Alisa, no buy for me. And if db+3 gets any kind of nerf, people will die. :frowning:


jyea this is what you call a cash-cow.


Tekken 7? I thought that 6 was the final installment. Not that I mind that much or anything, but…I don’t know, I sort of feel the series has gone on for long enough.

Hmmm. Well, we’ll just have to see what develops. I’m sure by the time we start seeing vids and screenshots I’ll get me some hype, but for the moment…I’m skeptical.


As long as any franchise keeps making money, newer installments will be always popping out after some time.


Making a few? Dude…check the Arcadia arcade rankings. Tekken is THE number one game in japan arcades. SF4 can’t even touch it…hell…Gundam vs Gundam is beating SSF4…People love tekken.

And for whoever said the series has gone on long enough…what the hell are you going on about? Street fighter is in it’s what? 18th game?


It was just a figured of speech since I dont exactly know how much they are making. They must be making good profit since they pushing 7 out so fast.


I’m excited to see what they do to warrant 7ekken, maybe bigger lobbies and some better graphics (even though I thought they were fine). Anyways Tekken is my favorite fighter so I’ll probably play this day one i can find it in arcades, and buy it day one on ps3


I’ll be waiting for an official announcement, but it doesn’t come as a surprise since their game division operated at a $75 mil loss for the fiscal year and over $300 mil loss in total for that period. And what better way to raise some cash than by releasing a new fighting game you can charge full price for while fighting games are hot. Hopefully this will result in the release of 2 new games. We’ll see.


Gallopin’ gizzards! Those Namco boys don’t fuck around.


Project Soul Team, on other hand… lol



i hope for a speedy console release.


Firstly, there is the rumor that Soul Calibur 5 will be announced at E3. Secondly, even if it isn’t, then we all know Tekken 7 will most likely be out next year, and it will be 2012/2013 before it reaches consoles if T6 was any indication.


Looks like I’ll be through with Tekken this time for good. Only reason I got 6 was because I thought I was going to be able to play against real people offline. When nobody showed to the gamestop tourney I felt a little dead and I also haven’t been able to go to any other tourneys in my vicinty because i lack money and transport. I would be too busy with fufilling my dream in the next few years even if I do get a car and money. I’ve grown tired of it now.

1997-2010 RIP


IDK about that. Remember all the rage that happened when we got an early PS2 port of T5? That’s probably why it took like 2 years to get any version of T6.

Another version of Tekken so soon doesn’t surprise me. Make dat money.