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Whoa wth buddy theres no need for the female tackles for a example


Man shit has gotten crazy in here. Can’t we all just agree to disagree. @NeverYouMind has his own opinions on what tekken should b as do the rest of us so let’s just leave it at that.

@NeverYouMind Only thing I will say is that you shouldnt assume that just cause competitive talk doesn’t go on in this thread much doesnt mean people in here aren’t competitive. Most people don’t come to shoryuken forums for tekken tech and frame data etc… there are other places with much more info that most competitive players go to.


I don’t care if you can’t handle gameplay mechanics branching out. I am far past being upset about Tekken 7. I am at the point of enjoying the sight of the train wreck as it happens and Tekken 7 has never failed to disappoint in that regard.

Feel free to ignore that every character including Xiaoyu has a running tackle, forward and backward mount animation, and mount strikes as recently as Tekken Tag 2. Feel free to ignore the implementation of similar/identical mechanics and animations in previous games. Also, feel free to ignore me if you can’t take the idea of thinking outside the box or historical precedence and context.

The only thing I am upset about now is Soul Calibur VI being vaporware.

@p.m novaroad pilot
Arguing would require choosing a position and supporting it with evidence and providing counterpoints against the opposing position.

Tekken Tag 2 Killing Hawk: Is a one launch death juggle unbalanced? Considering that an average of two juggles are needed to do the job, I would say so.

I played Tekken 7 at Round 1 in Chicago in the summer of 2015. Ripped the everliving soul out of a spamming Shaheen with Kazuya’s old tricks and new b+4 (rising kick move from Devil Jin, which was apparently later removed for whatever reason). Beat down a Katarina player with Law’s tried and true. Took the high road with Paul on a Josie player that didn’t know how to move, block, or parry lows. Played the worst implemented fighter in Tekken known as Gigas against a crush hopkick happy Claudio twice and never came back. Not even power crush could help that poor excuse for a character. Sidestep was worse than in Tekken Tag 2 and effective movement was practically limited to 2 dimensions (fortunately for you that aspect was later adressed). I played tons of the old Tekkens in the arcades and don’t ever remember any of them being so despicably woeful.


  1. I was unfortunate enough to experience Tekken 7 at the arcade.
  2. I gave Tekken 7 more time than it deserved. For every little detail I found amusing, I found a list of grievances.
  3. Assuming makes an ass out of you and me. I have played enough Tekken since the mid-90s in and out of competition to know when it is not moving forward any longer. It might surprise you, but I actually played nothing but Tekken for years. Didn’t know and didn’t care whether anything else existed at the time. Branching out helped me see that variety is the spice of life and that there are greener pastures out there.
  4. Advanced placement, actually. Never been in a remedial course. Your comprehension, however, does seem to require remedial English. None of my suggestions would turn Tekken into either Virtua Fighter or an MMA simulator and neither are referenced in the suggestions. As covered in great detail, nearly all suggestions have a precedent. If I need to rephrase that in a way you can understand or you have any further questions please let me know.
  5. Nice demonstration of a hissy fit. I will remember the location of your post if I ever need to quote one.
  6. The upper picture is hilarious! Namco Bandai is so cheap that they use marketing material from Tekken 6 to promote Tekken 7!

P.S. This discussion has turned into a comedy sketch and I did not even give you any rope to hang yourselves. Those of you that intend to get Tekken 7 on PS4 instead of PS4 Pro should probably be worried about frame stability and netcode about now.


You really need to give up that post about the killing hawk.
there are more damaging combos in tekken then that and my team does over that on the regular.
ill show you my example.

that combo damage you are showing is something that can be done with other teams.
and is a little bit higher than a basic b&b they all melt health anyway.
then some parts of the video you posted are simple ass tech traps.
hence why the damage is high cause they techrolled and got up the wrong way.
AKA it isnt a combo.

other than that I like seven
you dont for whatever reason i really dont care but you posts are trying to root facts in aesthetics and bashing the game because it doesnt fit your personal schema of what it should be even though you ideas and shown to be misguided and quite frankly bad design a multitude of others here have praised the game and its gameplay



Yet you were acting idiotic over Tekken aesthetics not too long ago, which is why most people have a problem with you in the first place. So you’re not really in a position to talk to anyone about reading comprehension or hissy-fits when you were acting weird just moments before, accusing Tekken of taking assets from other games (which is what every fucking fighting game does to some degree, especially by ones that were made by the same company. This also is not a new concept either, so I still don’t get why you were making a big deal out of this earlier on the last few pages and I am not the only one who called you out on this shit. And, then you have the balls to actually accuse me of making assumptions when you just told me that I don’t even go to tournaments for this game or for this series. You are the only one who does not see anything wrong with that either. What I find funny is that you showcase a lot of hatred for this game, yet you still keep wanting to talk about it even after the game mechanics are already set to stone for the most part. Not only that but you even go as far as to try to suggest unnecessary and scrubby changes, essentially trying to make a Tekken game that no longer plays like a Tekken game. You are part of a vocal minority that outright hates the game and keeps suggesting changes for a game to suit yourself either because you suck at it or because you don’t like the aesthetics. Then ypu threw a tandrum claiming that everyone here and the developers of Tekken 7 were never going to move forward with their “ass-backward” thinking, becayse they did not agree with you suggestions (all the more funnier, sense we are tslking about "hissy-fits here. Turns out you’re not really that much better at all). Fact of the matter is that turning Tekken into whatever game you are trying to make is a bad idea in the long run. If you hate this game so much, then I will ask you again; what is your purpose here? Because, at this point, you are just coming here to bash the game even more and then try to justify it with everyone here while still being an asshole. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion as long as it is an educated one and others can see where you are coming from. But, the shit you say here is just ridiculous. What’s worse is that you keep giving everyone else shit on this thread just because they happen to like something that you don’t (even if the said product from NamcoBandai is proven to be doing well in terms of popularity even while the game is still in development, otherwise you would not have people going to the tournaments or events for it in the first place. Not entirely sure what your standards of success are and strangely enough, you might not be either). If you are that adamant about Tekken not being the way you want to, then keep your scrubby ass off of this thread.


I’m not really sure why people who don’t enjoy a game are posting in a thread for that game. Don’t you have better things to do with your time?

Then again, I’ve usually found it beneficial to ignore people who are being random. Don’t feed the trolls.

MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th

That is some Steam games discussion thread level of “criticism”.


looking forward to play this game


me too :smiley:


I hear from the grapevine that Harada is going to make Kiryu Kazama a guest character in T7 idk what to say


i seen dragunov has a shower over his head. does it stay active when he has the life lead? cause i want to know how some of these items work.

also i cant wait for 7 too. Orange is really making Jin look great!


A lot of the joke head items do something goofy when your character is in rage.

Shower head starts sprinkling, police alarm lights up, etc.


I thought the shower head item was always on?


@p.m novaroad pilot
Killing Hawk has no equivalent as a relatively quick juggle buffered unblockable tech roll catch (and cross-up) that can do 80%. Rage, bound, wall carry, wallsplat is not even needed for that unlike your example. Whether it is part of the combo or not is just semantics. My opinion on the matter is as dead set as yours apppears to be.


  1. I went to local tournaments for Tekken 3 and 5.
  2. Aesthetics are important for sales figures and have a huge impact on player retention and attracting new players. Most people are shallow.
  3. Gameplay systems for major fighting games have in recent times been built on old blueprints without much innovation or expansion. Borrowing old elements from archaic blueprints will not change that. Viable gameplay styles inside games slowly converging into one makes the games easier to play, but much less experimental and entertaining in the long run.
  4. Sales will tell whether Tekken 7 is a success commercially and whether the changes were popular overall.
  5. My purpose is to observe the process and effect of marketing relating Tekken 7 and sometimes provide news to assist in that goal. Everything else is sidetracking.
  6. I will share my ideas and opinions freely and continue to defend them until a valid counterargument arises with enough evidence to discredit my own. If that fact causes you grief then so be it.

P.S. Devil Kazumi will join the Tekken 7 roster and Online Tournament, Rank Match, Player Match, Quick Match online modes will be made available in Tekken 7’s console version.


There are already summaries as to why your auggestions are bad ideas. You’re the only one here that actually believes that your approach is somehow superior, even while knowing that Tekken already has its own identity going for it. It does not need any exaggerated or arbitrary changes to suit the needs of a vocal minority. The “changes” that you were requesting were too extreme and it got to the point where you were basically trying to make a completely different fighting game. And, not Tekken. It was looking more like a odd UFC simulator (which are normally never taken seriously anyway, especially by the FGC). Tekken has those things but they are not overly essential elements to the game. And, complaining about juggles at this point is just going to make one appear to be a scrub who is new to Tekken or isn’t really good at it to begin with, even though the “hacky-sack” (as you call it) issue has been a thing ever since the first Tekken game. A other thing to consider, fighting games utilizing assets (varying from game mechanics or aesthetics) from other games should not be that surprising to you (or anyone else for that matter) nor should it really be that big of a deal at this point, especially from a competitive perspective. If you really want to make a “revolutionary” change to fighting games, make your own. And, then see if your ideas will actually work out (between both the casual and the competitive audience). Or, keep track of fighting games that you actually… y’know… enjoy. I still don’t understand the point of you keeping track of a game that you don’t even like or even going on a thread discussion about the said game in the first place. Normally, if one does not like something, they stay the hell away from it (and in thos case, the reasons behind why Tekken may be disliked are subjective and not everyone is going to agree. There is also a such thing as unpopular opinions. And, just because you “can” do something or make a suggestion towards a specific subject does not always make it a good idea.


Game Mode/Feature Trailer

no online trainingsmode unfortunatetly.


There’s a warm up mode in Online Ranked Match.



Version H Build top 8 tournament within Dublin


Also, Roger is apparently cut from the roster…


Any news about the netplay?
Delay based I guess?


The reason for it was freaking stupid.