Tekken 7 Discussion


>practice ewgf for 20 minutes on hitbox, fail miserably
>try to use keyboard, do 5 in a row on both sides on my first try



20 or 30mm buttons?


Interesting news from TWFighter.

Qudans (Best Tekken 5 Devil Jin ) sent JDCR to losers.

Saint got beat by Chanel and Doujin.

Top 4 is Qudans, Doujin, Chanel , JDCR for tomorrow.


I know this is kinda a late reply but this is actually right. Hitting the opponent low enough against the wall changes the combo scaling to 60 percent instead of whatever it normally is. Example: if Leo uses b1,4~Knk~d/f 1+2 at the wall the 1+2 hits way late and gets 16 damage(60 percent) no matter how long the combo before it was.

Edit: Didn’t see someone already said this. Whoops.


Cheering for Qudans, that guy is so fun to watch.
I believe he’s a TTT EVO winner too?


It’s all cool. Our thread is Hollywood now.
You still competing in SF or are you all Tekken now?

lul nevermind that was Veggey.


jdcr a Tekken beast among beast. He is just amazing.


Nah that’s definitely not me, I suck at SF.
I actually had to look up who Veggey was.


I can answer that: he still travels for SFV-tourneys at times, even though he’s hated the game from day 1:V He’s okay-ish at Tekken but he doesn’t really play it, can’t be bothered learning all the strings and stuff iirc.


Qudans bring back memories <3

A bit off-topic, but I went ahead and ripped the headerless Sony ADPCM content from the Namco System 246 (Arcade) version of Tekken 4, which had some notable audio differences when comparing the PS2 version:



that was sick



note to myself…try to avoid that stage :pensive::

since the game is out for a bunch of month and had several patches concerning the matchmaking infos and stuff.
how is your online experience?

i must say that with the newest update where you can see the country infos (when people dont change theire language)
my experience really got better. it wasnt bad before but since i can now kind of filter out bad connections due to that info manually it
turned out into a really solid experience with little to no frustration.


The only remaining frustration is the player factor; people leaving after a single game in Player matches and such stuff. But that’s outside of Harada’s jurisdiction. I’d say it’s fine where it is, just need that rematch button for 1v1 lobbies and we’re golden.

Finally got rid of that extra loading time you told me about some time back. Gotta say, I expected it to look uglier. Nice stuff.


A rematch button, rank information shown in Quick Matches or at least being able to narrow the search parameters and match replays is all I want at this point.
Bonus points for putting in more online modes like team battle and all the other shit that was in every other Tekken that costs them no additional money to put in, but greatly heightens the user experience.


look uglier? it just skips the flame animation… :pensive:
in player matches too? i guess its because of your char.
i had not as much people who run away, denied rematches or quit than during my paul run.
when people think your char is “cheap” jajaja ect they just move on instead to try to learn the matchup.
but i guess everyone has some chars which he trys to avoid from time to time…

yeah,.really wonder when it will come in. i hope that at least with the geese patch we get that button.

yeah, they should have handled ranked and player matches seperately instead to change the system for both.
first version with the list was actually a good think, just not fitting for ranked matches.

i doubt we will see new modes or things like replays…we will most likely get the season pass content and thats it.
i wouldnt mind another season pass next year but with how bad it got received i am not even sure if the season pass itself sold
well enough for them to consider it…which at the end is theire own fault.

i guess you have read it already but tekken7 managed to sell over 2million copys in the 4month since release.
the pc sales are compared to the other fighting games not bad too so i hope this will lead to continued releases for it.


Season pass is not over yet though. Might generate more interest with the 2 DLC packs coming up.
Kinda losing faith though. Makes you really think what those Namcops are doing in their office trying to sell offline bowling for 14 bucks.


I’ve barely played online, but I want match replays back and a first-to-two option (and first-to-three) for player match lobbies.


The season pass was really disappointing. At the start they were saying it’d be something new :(. Hopefully the DLC packs are a bit more generous. Some characters get so much more than others - costumes, hell even panels. Hopefully it’s not just the story mode content. Which are already functional in game.

Considering the solid sales, (hopefully season pass too) & tekken mobile. I wish we could get another expansion akin to FR, BR etc. Legacy characters, modes, costumes, Tekken mobile stages or legacy stage remakes, decals & a more robust gradient wheel.


This Weekend SEA MAJORS Tekken 7 2on2 Bracket - JDCR & Saint, AK & Doujin, Nobi & Yuu, KNEE & CHANEL & more

Tsubumi, Take
AK, Doujin
Nobi, Yuu
Soyongdory, Malgu
ZF, Meat
Okay, LiLiMaN
Tanukana, KARI
kkokkoma, qudans
Book, Minit
pekos, noroma
LowHigh, Help me
jeondding, dimeback


The Team Tourney happens at the same time as the singles Top8.
Stream to be determined.


Tried some Bryan yesterday.
How people can claim this character is hard to pick up is seriously beyond me. Really fun to use though.