Tekken 7 Discussion


I’ve barely played online, but I want match replays back and a first-to-two option (and first-to-three) for player match lobbies.


The season pass was really disappointing. At the start they were saying it’d be something new :(. Hopefully the DLC packs are a bit more generous. Some characters get so much more than others - costumes, hell even panels. Hopefully it’s not just the story mode content. Which are already functional in game.

Considering the solid sales, (hopefully season pass too) & tekken mobile. I wish we could get another expansion akin to FR, BR etc. Legacy characters, modes, costumes, Tekken mobile stages or legacy stage remakes, decals & a more robust gradient wheel.


This Weekend SEA MAJORS Tekken 7 2on2 Bracket - JDCR & Saint, AK & Doujin, Nobi & Yuu, KNEE & CHANEL & more

Tsubumi, Take
AK, Doujin
Nobi, Yuu
Soyongdory, Malgu
ZF, Meat
Okay, LiLiMaN
Tanukana, KARI
kkokkoma, qudans
Book, Minit
pekos, noroma
LowHigh, Help me
jeondding, dimeback


The Team Tourney happens at the same time as the singles Top8.
Stream to be determined.


Tried some Bryan yesterday.
How people can claim this character is hard to pick up is seriously beyond me. Really fun to use though.


the only hard part from what i heard is his taunt jet upper stuff…but beside of that i never heard someone claim that he is a hard to pick char overall…


I see you’re enjoying the safe orbitals over the missed electrics.

I been using King instead of Bryan. I love throws. I’m much more comfortable attempting a throw then putting a string of pokes together.

Started using Devil Jin too, always been my favorite despite my sub par execution.


Regarding Bryan’s taunts , I’ve never once landed taunt b+4. Not even going to attempt taunt jet upper.

I can land taunt, 1,4 or 2,3. Df2+2, 1 is harder.

Just landed taunt f+2,1,4 for first time Today. Can do it probably 20 percent of the time.

Didn’t know you can do taunt df+111until I saw the Naps vs jeon ding match , unless he just wasn’t blocking.


Lol TMM released this video right now:


…almost everything he’s mentioning here applies to Leo as well lol x_x


Top 8 in Singapore

Low high vs Noroma
Qudans vs JDCR

Jeon Ding vs Book
Nobi vs Saint

This is kind of cool to me because Low High and Qudans are currently my favorite players to watch right now.

I also think they have the best Shaheen and Devil Jin respectively.

Book also seems to be the most consistent Jin and then of course you have Jeon Ding with consistent Chloe and Eddy.

JDCR and Saint are a given but you have Noroma who took out JDCR last time.


Sway character so you’re backdash cancel has to be absolutely flawless.


Sure, and that’s one of the reasons I don’t think he’s an easy character. Jet upper block punishes are also fairly demanding. But he’s pretty easy compared to the actual hard characters.

Also, since I play on hitbox, the backsways are kind of a non-issue for me. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t get this game. My Lars is fucking gutter trash tier no matter how much work I put into playing him (Just lost 0-3 (rounds) to a Miguel who literally only did this spinning jump kick into either a grab or poke. Had no clue what to do). While my Alisa gets to Vanguard after literally 10mins of practice (Lars is at Grand Master with 516 games played).

I really want to make him work but something about his gameplan doesn’t suit me and I don’t get what

[details=Spoiler]im pisssed /rant

EDIT: I got decked 0-3 by a Devil Jin who almost only used unblockables for fuck’s sake[/details]


Need to get used to sidestepping.
Lose all shame in losing, and just experiment with shit thrown at you.
Sidestep, sidewalk, backdash and all that shit. Try it when you run into moves that seem too good, because they probably are too good without lateral movement.


Harada responding with no tutorial because no one used them makes him come to the conclusion they aren’t needed. Instead he should focus on why people didn’t use them. When looking at TTT2 it was presented in a fun way but ultimately hardy gave the players any real knowledge how to REALLY play the game aside from familiarizing them with the mechanics, it didn’t teach them anythiing about how this can help a player effectively. It doesn’t help that Tekken has a bazillion mechanics and most of them are “hidden” aswell as massive movelists wher eyou can disregard literally 50%.

GG had a tutorial and it was presented in an extremely fun way aswell as extra challenges, people do use it there…

This is such a backwards step in improving FG’s, especially in appealing to the casuals. IIt shouldn’t be though of as a mode that just teaches players either, it should be thought of extra Single Player contentm fun minigames that teach you not only the HOW of its mechanics but also the WHY.

Shit like Harada statement grinds my gears.

Anyway, i want to focus on T7 again but my PC crashes whenever i play T7 or MVCI after a while. I think it’s my PSU…


Harada is an idiot in that regard.
Even if nobody uses team battle, survival, Tekken Force, online bowling or tutorials if they WERE in the game, it would leave a lasting impression on customers.
Same with good online and all the other kinds of polish you can put into a fighting game, or in any game really.

I mean Tekken 3 was a big success also in part because the console port did so much that they did not have to do. On top of all the game modes that fucking series was once known for having the lowest loading times of any fighters for the PSX because they specifically researched a method to lower it.

Now you don’t have to do that, but I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that the most polished products are usually the most successful. Making video games is a form of art you do as a team, and the consumer hella feels it when a lot of love was put into the work.

I mean they do well with the game but I still feel it’s kind of a missed opportunity to make Tekken 7 the Tekken 3 of the new millennium.


Very good finals, love seeing some D.Jin


Yes. @“DevilJin 01” should be proud for being the victor of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 7.


Have you checked your stats with tools such as Core Temp or SpeedFan to see if anything is overheating (CPU; Graphics Card, etc.)? Your motherboard might have a feature for something of that sort as a safety mechanism.


Nice tournament finish at SEA TWT. In his last 20 tournaments, this is the first time that jdcr did not made the grand finals.


that happens when you are out of touch with your actual real active playerbase and look just at numbers.
he might be right that percentage wise the majority of people who bought a game doesnt finish a tutorial mode.
but the same applies to being a active member of the online community and playing online in ranked, jet he for
sure wouldnt think about scratching that from the game.

the story mode itself didnt worked out as any kind of tutorial for the game…so when that was the intention with it they failed in that regard.
they have “trials” implemented in the trainingsmove/movelist, same would have been possible for the basics like sidestepping, movement, wakeup options, walljump ect with little to no work.

at the end of the day they even created tutorials for some of the basic stuff…on the official website with text and videos but no mention of it ingame.
so why did they created them outside of the game when “no one uses them”…even just a hotlink to theire website or a mentioning of it would
have helped newcomers a bit.

:ps the echo fox raign got broken.