Tekken 7 Discussion


Interesting, sounds like Leo players.

I wouldn’t expect the same from filthy Miguels.


Indeed, so join us in the land of gender-ambiguous Germans.


this thread has been awesome! gonna miss yall and this place it was a good place to discuss tekken and hearing you guys stories and how you approached the game and improved has been fun to hear and see!


some things are still moving so i wouldnt declare it to be for sure death.
the guy who holds the forum (not mr wizard) seems to have hosted it for years at a service which is way to overpriced.
he made a twitter poll about if people are willing to patreon the forum and there the stuff got brought up.

you guys should still join frozteys discord group which is listed in the sf thread…just in case.

ed.- and it seems to be safed for now.


I started learning Katarina after one of my regular online friends bodied me with her…and my offline friend does decent with her against me. Random online Katarina’s also destroy my Devil Jin.

Now that I’ve learned more about her…damn she’s such a filthy character but fun.

I started using the Bears again after a 3-4 month hiatus. Now that I’m much better at the game and understand the wall game more, I still think Bears are severely underrated.


I have such a hard problem changing from one character to the other. I played Bryan for a while when I change to Devil Jim today is like I never play him before. Have to go to treasure hunt to regain my knowledge.

This is a problem because on tournaments if I want to change char for reasons I will be fuck. The only char that I never loose touch on how to play it is Josey, and that is the main reason I still keep her as my second character.






so you found your way to this fighting game community to ask this question?


dont forget to make regular backupss of your safefile…fucking harada, please -.-


6 months after the release there are still ppl who host tournaments and don’t kick 1 red bar players like wow
rofl the best ones are the hosts who are losing vs those laggers they didn’t kick before and then they write hate comments in the chat


Was playing Kazuya this morning…damn he’s fun. I never liked Kazuya since tag 1 and preferred DJ or Heihachi.

Kazuya forces you to rely on movement and timing much more so…but I think it actually makes you a better player. I think I like the fact that he has a mis step as well. Seems to be the most fun mishima to play for me right now, and I think my DJ will get better from playing Kazuya. Also, I think I’m better on pad than stick when playing him.


Kaz is fun until you have to block punish stuff with EWGF. That part hurts. :frowning:
Otherwise he’s a blast.

Online Kazuya-players tend to be weird to play against. They enforce mixups all day and only do that, and even if you sidewalk and whiff punish their EWGF/hellsweep four times in a row they’ll do it again because fifth time’s the charm goddamn it! Also they’ll always duck and do random twin pistons on defense. I’ve played like three Kazuyas like that the last week, and I’m kinda ashamed about the fact that I’ve gone pretty much even with all of them rather than beating them D: Their movement is always good though, I’ll give them that.

Oh, and trivia question. Did Kazuya have an EWGF in TTT1, or did he only have a WGF? Asking because I watched some old tournament footage where Kazuya and Devil seem to never get actual electrics, while Jin and Heihachi very clearly have them.


Kazuya and Devil didn’t have ewgf in TTT1. Only Jin, and Heihachi, and Heihachi’s EWGF had stricter timing than Jin’s.

Having said that, Kazuya’s mistep fast wgf goes under some mids or strings I believe (almost like a crush even though crush didn’t exist) whereas Heihachi didn’t.

T7 Kazuya…I noticed I stand a bit further with him than when I play DJ, and I’m waiting for whiffs more often…which is what I think you should do when you play mishimas. I successfully whiff punish a lot more than when I play DJ. I feel like my Kazuya matches also end more quickly, both either in losses or wins. He’s definitely riskier, but it forces you to trust your decision making.


Kaz vs Hwoarang long set. More anti hwoarang theory. Block High all the time. When you get hit by his powercrush move (the one out of flamingo not backlash), always go for a low parry next…the best move after the powercrush move is LFF D+3,4 which is low that can be done from RFF as well.

This hwoarang is only warrior but I feel he’s pretty good and better than mine even though my hwoarang is ranked higher. Didn’t 10 and 12 frame punish me though. Unfortunately for me, I discovered I have a hard time breaking 1+2 throws on pad compared to stick.


Played some Kazuya again yesterday, for the first time in a few months. This character is so satisfying to play once you get him to work. You really so feel lile you outplayed the opponent when you get wins with him.


Punishing stuff online with kazuya is a crapshoot it’s hard enough as it is so you are forced to go to his 50/50 game and space and poke I can do pewgf but in my time of playing I’ve only punished a hopkick once shit is tough

mentally hes just taxing i think its a day to day thing when you play him
some days ill be feeling it and somedays not
the only thing about kazuya is that its really hard to jump up in your play
like if you face a newbie and then immediately go to a seasoned played you can be disillusioned pretty easily because you were beating the new player with your strats but then to immediately jump to someone that sidesteps left or reads your hell sweeps/electrics is tough. hard to adjust.


Yeah, at the moment my punish game with Kaz is incredibly sloppy because I have to expend so much mental energy on the actual execution. I notice I often let whiffs go unpunished in situations I’d easily punish with Leo, and my block punishment is just wack right now. I’m not ready to punish anything at all. I suspect that comes with experience though.

Also I got caught in the Mishima vortex and emerged victorious-ish: I managed to do 10 consecutive EWGF on P1 side for the first time today, and I can do Gates of Hell from wavedash semi-consistently now. My P2 EWGF is still subpar though, I need to really sit down and tinker with that (or, you know, just ensure I always queue on P1 online, I’m still gonna have Leo for tournaments :V).


Fuck my life. Just don’t have any reactions. Played like over 2 hours with this Kazumi, get hit like a hundred times with her mid kick into high punch string, tell myself every fucking time “Duck the second hit”, do it twice in the whole fucking set, don’t punish it the first time, punish too late the second time.
Same shit happens every time with Paul’s 3,2 and b+1,2.

I should play turn-based games.


there you go


what i noticed on myself is that i cant play to long because i completely lose focus and then such things happens.