Tekken 7 Discussion


Saint vs Shadow 20z 5th and 6th round was great.
Shadow 20z is new school, super young too.

RunitBlack taking out Jeon Ding was great too.


I have not seen all that matches. Shadow is a player from USA? If he is, then USA has a young good player at Tekken.


In his twitter, knee told that jimmy has the best Bryan in the world.


maybe i should switch from feng and claim then that i am “better” with other chars which has more gimmicks and mixups tools which then carry me like everyone else does.
do you guys even meet some online? i havent since weeks. not counting the breaks.


dem you Monster Hunter World,
I must stop playing this game lol
so I can come back to T7 sometime


mhw will be played trough once…t7 will be still there for you afterwards. :china:
playerbase seems stable enough so i dont worry about that part on pc for the next years.
i doubt that even soulcalibur will change it.


2018 Strongstyle 6 - T5DR Side Event - Binchang vs FOX | JDCR


ATP Commentary Reel, 2018 Edition: Aris @ Tekken World Tour 2017


TAS’d this just to show someone it’s possible


ps4 store tekken season pass with -40%
11,99 instead of 19,99



on march 14 there will be a broadcast with some infos about nocits.

two interesting tweets from harada.
in the first one he talk about some bans they put on people already who cheated in t7

second is about possible upcoming new stuff


Welcome back everyone. Still getting used to this format.

About a week ago, I did well in a tournament setting and it built my confidence.
We were playing casuals at a local place here and then they decided to do a 4 team 3v3 team tournament as there was 12 of, single elimination team tournament in socal.

I don’t remember how teams were picked but Suiken, top 8 Evo 2017 placer, picked me as part of his team and I decided to go first. I tend to feel more comfortable in a team tournament environment, and I knew that since it was SBO style, one game only, I was gonna pick Katarina without question. My strategy was to play as dirty as possible.

First game against a local paul player, no walls. I started pressuring early, and the I could hear in the background the other teams best player trying to coach the guy telling him I’m putting on “fake pressure” and to not be afraid lol. I was doing lots of df+1 into dick jabs or d+4. I poked and snaked edge my way to victory. Next was against a King player, who has played top 3 at some of the smaller weekly tournaments, no walls again. Next was against the Nina player. The fire alarm went off…we kept playing but it was annoying. I took it as well. First team, OCV. My team was happy and cheering for me, it was a great feeling.

The other two teams played and I waited for the winning team.
Second team, I played against a Panda player who was hitting me early with stuff, nevertheless, I was confident as he was a player I didn’t know. Second game, I played against a solid Asuka/Gigas player, and this gigas player eliminated me in my first WNF. This was the first match I was kind of nervous as I knew nothing about the character, nevertheless, dirty ass Katarina took the win. 3rd and final game was against a solid player that I was playing casuals with the whole night, he was using his new character Feng.
As I started playing, I realized my dirty style wasn’t going to work against him and I actually had to play solid and smart. He took me 2 rounds to 1 and was the first guy who took a lead in rounds on me, nevertheless, I took a close round 4 with a rage drive, and went to the final game, fell behind. I don’t even remember what I did, but when I got the final hit and won, everybody cheered, and the guy shook my hand even though I think he had the match.

I felt a little bad and downplayed it by saying katarina is a BS character.
So it was only 6 wins, but my team never had to play. I ended up buying sodas for the team :).

Katarina is filthy man, she does a lot of mental damage with her lows and snake edge.


Kotaku stated that Noctis will get released next week.
If this is true, now that would be pretty amazing.


Noctis Release Date 20.03.18


some more cosmetics for the arcade version.
with all the stuff missing so far for the home version i doubt that we will not see a season pass2
hopefully not just filled with cosmetics.


does anyone know at what time ( Europe ) Noctis gets released on March 20th?


Pokchop :joy:

It was playing SFV though


So uh.
I heard Knee is back.



noctis is now playable on pc.
i like him so far…i guess it gives a little sneakpeak about how soulcal will be played?