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does anyone know at what time ( Europe ) Noctis gets released on March 20th?


Pokchop :joy:

It was playing SFV though


So uh.
I heard Knee is back.



noctis is now playable on pc.
i like him so far…i guess it gives a little sneakpeak about how soulcal will be played?


Oh I though Noctis was tomorrow. Gonna check it out to see if I end up buying him.


Noctis in Tekken 7 is hella amazing! <3
so many awesome moves and dat range
but hey I guess let’s wait for the frame data at first lol


Noctis is main matierial
so much fun and ive been looking for a fun easier character to use i got 4th again at my last tournament so this is a good chance to learn someone for tournament settings alongside devil jin.

his punishers are really good he punishes everything including the moves with long pushback if you can do instant running 3 youll always have a threat of a combo starter thats safe. warp strike is a good whiff punisher and his throws look so cool! i was so excited more so then geese so im gonna use him as a mainstay character


I think I’m gonna get him to. Will try him tonight. Been playing mainly bryan and josie lately wouldnt mind a character in his mold as a third.



Move List
Staple Combos


Anti Noctis Guides
Noctis Tekken 7 Punish Guide


My first impressions of Noctis in Tekken 7:

  • has low high mixups with his own version of Paul’s Demo Man

  • df+2 launcher is really fast, prob one of the fastest in the game and has an amazing range to whiff punish stuff

  • warp strike can act as a projectile & also catching the opponent pressing buttons from far range

  • 1,2,3 or 4 does lead into a teleport for rising 2,2 which puts the opponent into a juggle state for corner carry

  • the second hit of his spinning sword can get canceled for mixups

  • db+1+2 is chargeable, has huge range and launches, it’s -16 on block, but has a better pushback than deathfist so many characters will not be able to punish it

  • uf+2 & df+1+2 can hit grounded opponents

  • db+2 is solid to keep the opponent away, when the opponent expect you doing it again
    you can go for uf+2 launcher, it has an even better range than df+2

  • he has the best range in Tekken 7, but ain’t that good at close range combat

  • f,f+1+2 is amazing & homing, his spinning sword is also homing, both juggle on CH

  • his parry is amazing

  • for high crushes you can use db+3

  • Noctis dominates the long range, you just need to find a way to keep out the opponent.
    Close range pressure characters like Nina can give him trouble.

  • after warp on hit you can either mixup your game with demo man or running 1+2

  • you can roll and when ppl expect the slide you can go for uf+3 launcher

not sure how good his roll mixups are

These are just some Noctis combos & stuff I’ve compiled today.
All these things need more testing since it’s just day 1 for everyone.
Thanks for watching and good games @ll


That’s a lot of great info.

Only thing I could possibly add to that is his db+2 cannot be low parried. But if it’s blocked, it’s highly negative…but I don’t believe a lot of characters have the range to punish it (asuka can).

He’s definitely fun. Basically everyone was playing him in casuals before the tournament that I went to yesterday.

Game is weird, I was doing better in Noctis mirrors despite just learning him compared to using some of my other characters.
One thing
His db+2 can’t


got read like a …book.


they acknowledged the matchmaking issues which came with the recent patch and trying to fix it.


Savage, Harada. Savage.


NCR Top 8 was sick


that comeback at the end :smile:


managed to get third at a out of town tournament
theres a big one coming to my town at the end of the month so i am going to prepare i have to dwindle down my characters though i used devil jin, nina, jin and feng
so many lol
in the end i made it to winners finals and got beat by their areas best player and a player i sent to losers who trains with him. but i got invited back for a 8 person invite because of my placing. should be fun! im gonna run devil jin more and more though


I still have the same problem as before.

Entered a tournament two weeks ago,
First match Katarina vs Bryan (this guy uses a hitbox with the directions on the right like a true keyboard), clearly a new school player. I won first match close, got blown out second match, switched to Asuka third and lost. In retrospect, I think my hwoarang could have won since I have a lot of exp in that match.

2nd match Won vs a Feng with Josie, 3rd match Beat a Claudio with Josie.
4th Played the guy I wanted to take out, he uses Noctis, I win with Josie, he switches to Lars…and he always beats me and I have no idea how to fight, wins second game, I switch to Katarina and still lose.
I specifically prepared for his Claudio not Lars.

So I decided to take Katarina out of “the lineup” lol cause she’s just not that fun to play imo.
Even though I like the character, my Asuka is complete trash when I have to attack or initiate.I either have to get way better or drop her. I read on twitter that Fergus might drop her too.

Played Ranked with Hwoarang the last two nights and got blown up by a Lee and King.

Josie seems to be the best fit. She has a good flow and makes good use of momentum. I’m decent at fighting Xiaoyu with her compared to my other characters.

I’m planning on going to combobreaker in May and gotta level up with her.


@evilj stop switching characters constantly lol

Speaking of switching characters, I had my first set of Tekken-games in a long time just now. Struggled to keep up with a friend of mine who plays Bears / Shaheen with my Kazuya; I keep having issues with punishing stuff with him because electrics take more time to physically execute than a d/f+2 or a hopkick and I don’t know the ranges well enough, and Bears are weird to punish or combo.

So I switch to Leo after a while. I still notice how rusty I am (I don’t block punish nearly as well as I should) but now it goes from me barely keeping up with him, to him bursting into flames whenever I get a touch on him.
Muh gurl is so good <3
Gotta play this game some more.