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aka, i cant win without gimmicks people dont know and work due to lack of matchup knowledge.
aka2: i really need to learn that matchup.

i am on hei right now due to getting two people into the game…or more to say 1…the other already did by himself a bit. and for gods sake i cant get the ewgf out constantly when i dont use both hands on the movement buttons (hitbox) which is arkward to do and i am not used to it…


Were those first two lines directed at me? x.x

Anyway. Hitbox ewgf. I do recommend practicing several different ways of executing those, but using both hands on p1-side is EXTREMELY easy to be consistent with compared to all other thinkable methods of executing it, since it removes the need for frame-perfect left-right hand coordination entirely. It might also be a good idea to test doing the input by using SOCD, in case you like that better than the “regular” input.


well im close to shortening my list and i think maybe ill only run 3 characters for this next tournament coming up
and yesterday this happened for me

im now gonna take a break from ranked with devil jin until i get other characters up there like nina and heihachi nina is at overlord and hei and akuma are at savior i think i can get them up there in time
after that ill climb again!


Jimmy Mr Naps shared his tier list:



Looks about right to me. Would probably put Feng a bit higher a Law a bit lower but w/e.


new patch is out which seemed to have fixed the matchmaking issues where you had to kill the game in the task manager to be able to get some opponents again. couldnt test it by myself but reports seem to confirm that it works now as before noctis arrived.

on the other hand pc user got a bug now with fireball chars. no matter your graphic settings, certain fireballs cause stuttering/framedrops on hit/block like elisas - darkwave2. seems to be the case for everyone, no matter which system you use.


aaand they are aware of it now and on it


Justice is a great Tekken 7 player, always coming up with amazing Paul tech, combos and setups.
I’ve been watching his stream a lot in order to improve my gameplay.


definitely one of the best chars in term of comeback factor.



I invited my friend over to grill some Rib Eyes and Hot Dogs and ended up playing/recorded/saved some offline matches this past weekend on my channel.

Asuka vs Ling (testing out Asuka as a ling counter since hwoarang sucks against ling)
DJ vs Ling
Kazumi vs Ling
Josie vs Leo.

He usually beats and gets the better of me overall with Ling, and we have been playing Devil Jin vs Ling since Tekken 5…though I skipped out playing Tekken 6 seriously. Same when with Hwoarang vs Ling in T7 even though I play a lot and he doesn’t…I usually lose.

Ever since I’ve been primarily sticking to Josie and practicing good habits and fundamentals with Kazumi, overall my game has improved. And I realize how oppressive DJ can be.

This is the first time ever I had an overall win advantage against him with DJ. His Xiaoyu is no slouch either and he has been to Japan in the past and played against some of the best Ling players there in the T6 days,…though he doesn’t abuse AOP as much as it can be abused in T7. I’ve seen him take wins off a Xiaoyu, Top 16 Evo 2016 placer in mirror matches…he swears ling is not top tier and knows how to beat her. And he told me he once beat cuddle core’s ling online and didn’t get a rematch.

Here’s the DJ vs Xiaoyu match…I get triple perfected at one point when he had a enough of my defense and just decided to go all out. I loved the backdash ewgf punish on the whiff jab at the end.

Here’s the Josie vs Leo Match.
6:50 and onward is why I love Josie and why she has good flow.


Had some fun yesterday.

In the morning, played about 20+games online against a DJ player with Shaheen, did not win one match. He was good.

I had lunch and played with an OG tekken player and friend at my place yesterday for basically the whole afternoon, took a two hour break to just talk tekken, played some more. Then had dinner.
We played first to 5 sets…basically to keep it “intentional” and not just mindless play.

first game, I go up 3-0 with asuka against Jack 7, one of his mains, he runs it back 4 straight, I switch to Hwoarang, close match and lost.

He recently won a tournament at the soft opening of super arcade and took out Jackie Tran in the process.

Then he was pretty smart in taking advantage of hte session and asked me to teach him Hwoarang…as I’m one of the few hwoarang players in this area. So I taught him combos and basics and he wanted to play a first five set with his hwoarang and I was like ok… didn’t really take it too seriously cause he clearly was new to the character…to my surprise, it was very challenging and he was picking up real quick. I still won the set with DJ, who is Hwoarang’s worst matchup.

Then I asked him, “let’s do a FT5, but the other way” My Hwoarang vs your DJ.

Here’s the result. I put up a fight…fought with everything I had…did not go well though lol.
still some close matches.

This is the closest I got to winning one match.


He told me to go check out superhwoarang.who recently played against Qudans.
He said he plays hwoarang like dragonuv, doing lots of fff+3, like dragonuv’s fff+2. And lots of lows…instead of your typical flamingo mixups starting from flamingo jabs like most hwoarang players.


What’s so bad about DJin for Hwo? I thought Ling was his worst MU?


No actually you’re right. I think Ling is worse for Hwoarang…but if Ling doesn’t know the matchup. You can exploit the lack of knowledge. With DJ, I don’t think it’s a matchup specific thing, more so that DJ is super S tier and can oppress a lot of the cast.

Mishimas in general I think are good choices against Hwo because their neutral game is much stronger.


Played 15-ish games against a Paul/Eddy-player I haven’t played against for a few months. Last time we played I barely took a game from him. This time I had significantly improved my poking game and was very successful in locking him down/stepping him up close, and I quickly got a good feel for his movement habits (he approached at very predictable timings and never changed this up) and landed a shitload of df2s against him because of this. I lost a grand total of two games in the set.

His response afterwards? He stated I just hit him with a bunch of random df2s and that Leo was a super gimmicky character, unlike Eddy who was a legacy character and everyone therefore should know the MU.



both are chars which can carry you a bit especially when your opponent doesn’t know the matchup.
but at the end that goes for a bunch of chars where you have to go into training mode and have to learn how to defend/counter these “gimmicks”.

you won, he lost. thats all that matters. at the end of the day people can just blame themself on theire loss no matter what they think about the char theire opponent picked. It can be frustating to lose to such things or even win with such things when you pick that char to see how far you can get with random shit…but the game offers options to counter these things and either you learn it or not. i many cases i still have not learned it but thats my fault :3


Played some sets against my main FG training partner the past few days, who came back to Tekken after being bored with it for a while. We play a lot of different games together, and he’s better than me in most of them (with the notable exception of Third Strike). He’s also widely considered one of the best Tekken-players in Norway, having won several tournaments here. Prior to this week, I’ve never had a chance against him in Tekken.
Long story short: he won the vast majority of the games yesterday, though a lot of the games came down to the final round and I noticed some habits of his in the process. Today, I went ahead to and proceeded to go dead even with him.

In other words, I’ve improved. A lot. Great feeling.


Tekken 7: Korean Masters 2018. Top 16. Tekken World Tour Season 2


Panda making top 8 is great. Rangchu is a beast.