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this is sick



Watched it yesterday. Enjoyed and understood the logic.

Only thing is, as a Josie player, I don’t see her being in the same line as Shaheen. Shaheen is much more straight forward, and Josie has more options. Pros and Cons of each. Using Aris logic though, I would keep her in A+ but on a lower line.

Also, I never believed Lars to be a crappy character. Bears, Lee and Lars should be on the top B line (if there was enough space).


Lars has trouble maintaining pressure he cant stay in for long he also has very little in terms of lows
the best lars player in the us Ltrain who ironically put me out at our regional at 9th place this past week admit tingly will tell you that he isnt as good. i think he can win but his loss of df2 b1 range being nerfed tracking on other moves being nerfed makes the climb tough. his lows are extremely questionable as well. his decent ones are all launch punishable if they are blocked and the ones that dont means to have to give up advantage and back off for spacing. lee has the same problem. he cannot maintain pressure and has limited range. aside from hitman stance mixups and b4 keep away his poke dont offer a high net positive. punishment is questionable for him as well. with those characters it will always be more about the player then the character.
I think geese should be higher tbh. with bar and wall hes always a clean touch away from being in the match.
kazuya should be in the same tier as heihachi also for the same exact reason. theres no reason to play him unless you like the character when devil jin is available. hes a good character but dvj does all the key things better including punishment. i dont care about PEWGF when in tournament or session. you would have to have tunnel vision to land it for actually punishing something. devil jins punishment is better in essence and in actual tournament/sessions. there were upsets all over my regional because people got away with bullshit. i think shaheen and josie at good where they are at. shaheen actually has better tournament results then josie. i think nina should be in a+


Kaz’ best selling point is ws1,2 honestly. But in a tournament setting he’s tough as hell. I agree he should be B.

I also played a long set against a good Devil Jin/Hwoarang player yesterday who said he’d never be able to play Kazuya (whom I was playing) simply because Kaz requires far better decision making while DJin is way safer and has an easier time going nuts.
Was a good set too. I beat him pretty handily with Leo, but with Kaz it was relatively even though he won more than I did. He also hit me with iWS2 from wavedash into like three electrics at one point, all I could do was smile.

That set also highlighted something I’ve been thinking about lately, and that’s the concept of good movement. This guy had a way better BDC than me, but my movement was still clearly better since I was better at using it to make him whiff something or run into my moves. This was particularly clear at range 0, where I combined pokes with sidesteps far better than he did and got a lot of damage from whiff punishes that way. I touched on this a while back in the thread, but it kinda reinforces that on low-mid level, knowing when to move is more important than how fast you can move.


you only need 2 to 3 backdashes at that point beyond that really you are giving up space, positioning, and your characters range. theres a point about standing your ground. some people back off way too much. depending on the matchup you wanna make sure they have trouble approaching or close in. against asuka or xiayou they have good keep out moves but no way to really get in. stay at range poke wait.


I can’t see Lar’s ff+4,3 coming…and it does a crap load of damage.

I know his Orbital can be sidestepped in either direction and especially sidewalk to the right…but honestly that thing has so much range…I get hit by it way more than Bryan’s orbital. Green lars players give me as much trouble as higher ranked lars players in short sets.

I think defensively…he cannot be pressured…kind of like how you can’t pressure Asuka too much because she has the best panic moves in the game. Between lighting screw, orbital, his snake edge type sweep, his df+1, his df+2,1…It’s difficult for me personally.

Agree that Geese should be higher and that Shaheen has better results than Josie. I’m surprised Josie is that high to be honest even though I think she’s good…I would put hwoarang over her even though I would play Josie as a tournament character over him.

Speaking of Hwo, I recently discovered some new Hwoarang tech that adds even more pressure to his game…and it’s not flamingo stance related… I hardly see anyone use it and am still getting used to its application…but I played a long set with a Bob player yesterday and didn’t do too well… I really need to lab up that character in practice mode.


sounds like your footsies are just overall more solid…maybe some carry over from 2D games?


Knee was in Tokyo last week, playing long sets against some of the best players in Japan there. The videos got uploaded to Kurokuro’s channel if anyone’s interested.

I especially recommend the set vs Masa, who’s very likely the most complete Leo-player I’ve ever seen (and also the only guy to actually win his deatchmatch against Knee).


friend was showing me Paul combos I didn’t know existed.

Apparently someone has landed it in a real match.


that so…there must be a hard part otherwhise everyone would just use it all the time. any clue if its char specific or something else which is required to land it?


there’s a slight sidestep right before the rage art, and I believe the ff+4 can be difficult to land after the deathfist. My friend told me another ff+4 is actually guaranteed after the corkscrew, second deathfist as well.



I’ll be going to combobreaker this weekend for Tekken 7.

This is the first time I’ll be travelling out of state for a tournament since 2006 where I entered Evo for MvC2. I’m going to channel the quan of this thread for luck.


good luck!

arcade costumes coming now to the home platform as a one year celebration free pack for everyone.





I turn on the combo breaker stream and see the match load screen, thinking “ah shit a Katarina, guess it’s some scrub who’s gonna 444 and hopkick all day, not sure if I wanna watch this”.
Then I realize it’s @evilj playing :V


Thanks bro . Big tournaments man…I won my first two matches with Katarina against a Miguel…who I have no knowledge of, but who could Block. Then I played a Paul who was still new to the game so I won.

3rd match was on stream against Jody.

I actually trained for Lee before I came a bit with Suiken but the josie vs Lee matches didn’t go well.

So I stuck to Katarina …went up two rounds and he ran it back 3. Second Match, I think he made adjustments and started going low more. Everybody was telling me not to duck so I never did.

Then I played an asuka in losers…lost with Katarina and didn’t feel good, went to josie and lost.

I’m slightly disappointed but man the competition is just rough.

Couldn’t afford to play Devil Jin or Hwoarang in tournament …I played some casual sets with them earlier in the day and you just gotta be completely on point in tournament. One execution error and the mental damage is just Unmeasurable.

I have family here though so I’m gonna enjoy the rest of Chicago with them . :slight_smile:


Stream chat went in on my big forehead. My forehead actually not big but I lost a lot of hair over the last 10 years plus


Did the match get uploaded? I was looking for it on twitch / YT but I can’t find it.