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Try this link, it’s time stamped . But you can rewind and hear the lore.


One mistake I did was going HAM in the 3rd round of the first game. My friend told me don’t go HAM before the match . But being up 2 rounds , I wanted to go for it and probsbly looked like a noob Katarina in the process . That shifted the momentum.

Since 3 players made it out of pools , if I won that match I would have made it out of pools which was my goal.


Hah, your match specifically got cut out of all the videos from Namco’s official channel, lol. No wonder I couldn’t find it.

My first thought after watching that was you looked frustrated from losing the poking war, and got read pretty badly when you got the space to do offense. It’d be even worse hadn’t Jody dropped all his WS punishes.
You also didn’t sidestep at all. I don’t know how good Lee’s tracking is, but Jody seemed like the kind of player where range 0 lateral movement would’ve been a good idea.


To be honest I wasn’t too frustrated .

I was just focused on being calm and not showing any emotions.

I completely agree with you with on sidestep . I can sidestep from far but my range 0 sidestep game essentially is non existent with any character except for asuka who has ss+2.

The only thing I thought I did right was the very last round where I was catching him with the df+1s, the third hit could have been a counter hit 4.

I was purposely doing delayed timing/rhythm tech. And my friend texted me afterward to say he saw he try to do it. He was teaching me this last week.

End of the first round I was walking forward to bait a wakeup. But I wasn’t ready with anything. I just didn’t like being called a Green rank Katarina by the chat lol. But if I would have played hwoarang, it could have been more lopsided in his favor. I’ve put at least 4x more hours into him but tournament style is completely different.

Too bad I didn’t know about the auction tournament , I would have stuck around to bid for him for sure.


I was chilling at millenial Park , upset at something and all of sudden these dudes walk by me.

I’m all about team echo fox now lol. Qudans refused a picture at TWT finals last year. JDCR takes pics with everyone


your 1st 2 rounds were good but the third round you got mad impatient. you also had a rhythm were if you hit with a low you would instantly go low again and you cant do that with kat cause her lows are too telegraphed so you got blown up. 4th round adjustments are obvious good players do that. the last round he noticed you approach of jabs too much you tried to make your ofense too compact and lees d3 will blow that up only useful on counterhit though. plus you tried stuff on wakeup and got counterhit running 4,3 twice.
in the other matches jody whiffed alot of stuff he didnt play particularly well in the second round of the second match. or the third. you didnt wanna back dash. which was a idea because yall played center stage for the majority of the match. you need to represent other pokes to make him hesitate. i think you shouldve reached farther into the movelist. just because you needed to represent something else in neutral. all in all if you wanted to play risky lee is a not a bad character to play against. his ws punishment is eh… hes a bad character. i just think the both of you couldve had better movement. it just looked like a slugfest and ultimately b4 and d3 saved the day. lee is so bad lmfaooo this match just shows how trash of a character he is. he has no range and hardly any plus frames on block or hit for a character that can be out spaced. kat is rough too he approach options are limited. df1 is mad good but she suffers too.


Thanks bud, yeah I gotta get much deeper with the character and have a ways to go.

Yes, that third round I got impatient wanted to finish it off. And I got lucky with the snake edge into rage art the end of the second round. Maybe if I had a wall in the first match, it would have helped me out for the lack of other options in the neutral.

Thanks for the all the feedback. There was a socal katarina player (weapon x), who gave me tips after the tournament. He used to travel a lot the first year of T7 FR before it came out on consoles. Gotta work on my movement and utilize her FC game more…work more on fundamentals.


Was watching the knee vs kane and trench match.

Ryan Hart mentioned “Honkey #1” a guy who could lightdash on pad. Wasn’t there someone in this thread that mentioned him or playing with him before?


Yeah that was me lol
there are 3 people in ohio that can consistently lightdash on pad and honkey#1 is one of them
hes the originator of doing it he also placed top 8 at evo for tekken tag 1 in turn after him is 50yen who is the guy i learned to play tekken from. he was good at tag 1 and made nationals for t5. then its my other friend who lives down the street from me. i cannot move that fast consistently on command yet ive moved that fast in a match a few times before but that kind of movement takes forever and your hands have to be warmed up for it

ive played him a number of times now the story is funny about how he learned to do it. he wanted to be able to keep up with anyone so he took a entire summer and sat in his room and constantly practiced until he could do it. theres really no shortcut ether its just practicing the motion over and over and over.


I can’t even fathom that. I was trying it yesterday in practice mode…lost about 9 matches in a row against an asuka with DJ. I can play Asuka too. Blame it on the lag.

Sometimes Asuka is so good and sometimes she sucks lol.


So I’ve recently started actually playing the game. Having a lot of fun to be quite honest. Dunno why but I feel like I do better at a noob level here than in Street Fighter. In SF I get destroyed most of the time unless I’m against a total scrub. Here I can have nice and enjoyable matches even against decent players. Like last night I fought a Bryan with over 500 wins. Went toe to toe with each other. Good times.

Love using the Jukebox, easily the best T7 feature. More games should adopt it. Listening to older tunes is a blessing when awful songs like Helipad at night themes exist


Mishima mirror grand finals. Everyone was warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Apprently Knee had said previously that he though qudans’ DJin was overrated and mostly won off of the strength of uf4 / hellsweep.


here the video of the top8


That DJ mirror was really good.


Where did he say that ? lol.

I can’t see him throwing shade at his own friend…but I think Knee’s movement and general tekken knowledge is definitely higher than Qudans.

My fav part was the first match, second round of the second set at 2:13:03.
Knee basically EWGF him into combo ending in ewgf, then hellsweep on oki into combo ending in ewgf, then hellsweep on oki into combo ending in ewgf, followed by the d+3.

That is basically mishima theory fighter since tekken tag 1 on why they are the best imo…one launch or knockdown = death if you can read correctly the oki with the wavedash.


anyone know how to get a razer panther for ps4 to work with steam/pc tekken 7?

I tried downloading some xoutput driver but it’s still not working.


I though Tekken 7 work with direct inputs. That’s how my Qamba Q1 work.


I have no clue. The PS4 panthera wasn’t working for me at all for Tekken or Sf Anniversary…it only partially worked after downloading some drivers and I think I switched it to PS3 mode and button mapping was an issue for SF Anniversary.

I really suck with computers and am probably going to return SF Anniversary and get it for PS4 instead.

Tekken wise, I believe my character (mains) ranking goes something like this now:

1a) Kazumi 1b) Devil Jin.

Devil Jin leveled up and improved after watching some videos and playing offline sets with various people…and accepting the fact that I won’t have perfect execution all the time. My fundamentals in general has improved and these characters seem to be benefitting the most.
Having said that, I think Kazumi is better in a tournament setting and more consistent with lower ceiling than DJ. She’s definitely weaker in long sets imo…a character like Bryan is like the opposite. I had a set of Kazumi vs Bryan matches in open stage yesterday and scores were 1-0,1-1,2-1,3-1,4-1,4-2,4-3 in my favor…the longer the match went, the more it favored Bryan as my opponent was adapting imo because of higher damage options from good reads/good decisions.

2a) Katarina 2b) Josie
My Josie when not under pressure and controlled can put pressure like the two characters above…though with unsafer options. I played a guy who typically places 1st in the tournaments around here in casual and I think my Josie and DJ did the best. Got a little praise when he mentioned “you should have entered the tournament, that josie is a problem”. Having said that, I think Katarina is better in short sets for me like how kazumi is above…perhaps with even less effort required because of Katarina’s damage and explosiveness. There isn’t really pressure when I’m playing katarina or kazumi because of their limited move set.

After much experience, recent games, and asking people’s opinion…it is clear I play “tekken better” with Josie than with Hwoarang, even though I’ve spent more time with Hwoarang and know that character deeper than Josie…my “tekken” is better with Josie.

Basically Shaheen, Asuka, and Hwoarang got the boot for good and are no longer in the top 10 characters I want to play. No reason to use them when I’m clearly more comfortable at using Kazumi/Kat than Shaheen, have deeper knowledge of Josie/Hwoarang over Asuka…though I think Asuka has a character is is sometimes really good. I saw a lot of Asuka players at combobreaker last month.

I’ve been messing around with dragnonuv in practice mode too the past few weeks and man he can be fun and oppressive. I have less than 15-20 wins with him total in player matches and was beating Vanquisher ranked players as a green “Fighter”.

Also been playing Jin, holy shit he is a beast and just fun. He feels like playing a hybrid Devil Jin and Kazumi.
This guy will most likely be in my number 5 spot, replacing my garbage Hwoarang for good. :slight_smile:


Even though Kazuya is my favorite character to play right now, I’ve also accepted that I’ll never play him in tournament. Too many things can go wrong, and even though I do okay with him on P1 side, my P2 electrics are so laughably inconsistent that it’s completely out of the question, and I’m likely never going to get so far on defensive knowledge that it’ll be worth it.

Leo still works well for me in almost every scenario though. I’m starting to think that she might be the second best comeback character in the game after Paul. She’s so incredibly good at just robbing games; randomly clipping someone with a d/f+2 is all it takes to instantly turn a game around. A friend of mine saltily referred to her as a wellfare character that hands out free wins after I made several 5% comebacks in a set last week, and in a way I agree with that. She’s rock solid in every other respect as well, in spite of a few minor weaknesses.
I do want to add Devil Jin to my tournament repertoire though, specifically to deal with Paul. f+3+4 is a waaaay easier punish for deathfist / demoman than Leo f,f2. I think he might be pretty great vs Eddy as well.


Would you guys mind critiquing my ranked matches against this Bryan?

What I did right, what I did wrong, what I could have done better? What the bryan did right/wrong. It seems katarina has one advantage because some of her lows don’t get hit by orbital…even though that didn’t happen in this match.

In the last tournament where I used Katarina against Bryan, I won 3-2 in the first game, and got completely blown out in game 2 before switching.

You can ignore the first match against Miguel…I won but don’t know anything about Miguel…and the guy was sending me hate messages after losing just one game to my Kazumi…then I beat him again with Kazumi…he left. I switched to katarina, we got paired up in quick play, I beat him, rematched beat him again and he rage quitted before the end of the match.