Tekken 7 - Discussion


Good news: my pools for this weekend got shuffled around. Now Joey Fury, my practice partner (very strong Steve, he’d probably beat me) and NeedsMoarCoffee(OG Kuma player) aren’t in my pool anymore.
Bad news: Ryan Hart’s in my new pool


Is this for Evo? You know kazuya bro you got this.

There’s a king player here, first time tekken 7 player, and I saw a video of him recently from awhile back beat Ryan Hart at a local CA tournament.


I’ve also seen Ryan lose to a random-ass Claudio spamming hopkicks, soooo… maybe there’s hope for beating what might be Europe’s strongest player historically. Who knows. :V

It’s not Evo. It’s a fairly big tournament in Denmark.


sounds interesting. I started playing devil jin a few weeks back and have the hardest time missing ewgf for a free launch on punishes. thinking about giving him up. but still doing okay with him was demoted back to warrior rank with dj always trying to fight the better opponents so that is a big factor of getting demotes too. most weak player at higher rank always avoid rematches.


Use d+3+4 for launch punishes. It’s worse damage, but a lot more consistent.


I got destroyed in T7 and Xrd. Had some really nasty pools in both games. Entered aT5DR side tourney without ever having played the game before afterwards, which resulted in some surprisingly even matches even if I went 0-2.

Also, T5DR Mishimas are ridiculously fun to play, holy shit. They move like a racecar and hit like a freight train, with EWGF being ridiculous on top of other stupidly strong tools. T7 Leo felt so damn slow afterwards, I might have to take a break from her to mess around with Devil Jin again.


hopefully ver 2 is around the corner


you mean the new “season” pass? yeah i believe we will see a trailer on the evo finals day.


Tekken ball and Julia pls

Oh, and I’m messing around with Feng now. This guy is bullshit. B+1+2 and b+3+4 are dumb-as-fuck moves. He’s so mobile, too. I’m having fun.


i would rather not see them spend time on a new game mode and instead get us more then 2 chars.
+some little fixes i would like to see.


Gonna miss Knee on Evo. He decide to stay with family this time


Yeah, all I need is Julia with a party crasher and a 111 counterhit like Bears, maybe a 14 frame juggle punisher like Josie or law, a few decent lows and i’ll be happy.


This semi finals into top 8 is incredible.


All of the matches to get into top 8 were great.

if I had to choose a few, coincidentally a lot of jack 7 matches.

Majin vs JeonDing
Saint vs Low High
Majin vs Noroma
Chirichiri vs Saint
Book vs Anakin
Noroma vs Secret


Saint gonna have nightmares about Shaheen hopkicks.


tanukana will help him trough it…she knows the feeling :3


My top 8 prediction was

Take Kazumi
Qudans DJ
Secret Josie
Book Jin
Bats Hworang
JimmyJ Bryan
Majin King
Kokkoma Dragonuv//DJ

I got 3/8 so those are the three players im going for.


Balance Changes, Wallbounce?!, Anna, Lei, Walking Dead Negan and some More Chars to Come with the next Season Pass. Much more then expected. And the Finals itself was great too.


Negan from TWD lol

Hype for lei though, each stance has its own rage drive.

Top 8 was great and majin king was the hype, to bad he couldnt pull it off at the end