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That’s not Julia >=[


still 3 chances to go for ya


Well, our two-and-a-half Lei players are pretty happy.


who are other strong eliza players that stream on twitch besides chanel?



September 6 the release day of Ana, Lei and the balance patch plus wallbound :o


+Two Extended Trailer and Ranked seems to get now a Bar/Indicator where you see how far you are away from ranking Up/Down, Price for S2 Pass again 24,99.


I’ve always loved Leo f+1+2, so seeing that move getting a specific use as a wallbounce move makes me happy.
Kazuya df1,2 being a hard knockdown with a guaranteed ff4 afterwards is also a great quality-of-life-change for him. It’s not a huge buff, but it means you don’t HAVE to do electrics out of blockstun to get a reasonably huge punish for -15.

Still. Julia when


when txsf comes out :stuck_out_tongue:
does anyone remember how the auto combo system worked in the story mode?
they want to implement one into the “game itself” ranked/offline so i guess they use the one which they already have in that mode but i really have no clue anymore how it worked.



Changes are decent, new move properties only buffs no nerfs from what i see which means team namco is only listening and implementing changes from within the company and not listening to outside complaints from the fanbase which is awesome. stand united

ranking systems showing how much you need is good although i always could keep track based on using math that was already posted so it doesnt really matter to me

I went to a tournament made top 8 getting put out at 5th to ltrain whos a really good lars player best lars player in the us
mak won the whole thing using jin in grand finals here are the results

my tag is maticlixpilotz!

i used feng, devil jin and jin but mostly feng who won me most of my matches i have to start using mishimas. more often again i used feng cause i was playing him in ranked and got him to genbu after 2 weeks
jin is really good though im seeing more and more how great he is offline.


Good shit, dude!
I’ve been playing Feng a bunch lately too. Getting to actually ignore a bunch of shit because this dude has the hitbox of a spastic octopus is great. His shitty ws-punishment and low combo damage are his only issues, but I can live with that.
There’s also been some Devil Jin usage for me, but I can’t play him properly on more than one side. I have a 80% ewgf hitrate on p1 and a 20% on p2 lol


I’ve been playing a lot of regular JIn too, although he is not quite up to par with my other characters.

I started up on PC again and ended up EvilBowlofCereal’s stream, he’s a norcal katarina player if I’m not mistaken and made top 32 at strong style. His Shaheen was a Seiryu against my Fighter Devil Jin on PC. I didn’t play too bad and my execution has been better after practicing more on Korean stick.

Currently using a crown 309 mj with a 35mm tension. Seems perfect.



so thats why you seeked el player.
13 days to go till s2 pass will arrrive.

i guess each of you is getting it?
i am not really interested to play anna or lei but i think i still will get it to support em.


I might try Anna. I’m not ever playing Lei but I need to lab him, my ego prohibits me from being allowed to lose to our local Lei player.


i of course will try em out too but i have no intention to actually switch my main.
who did he played so far without him being in the cast?

ed - bonus content for season pass2


He’s playing Kazumi right now, which is as far removed from Lei as humanly possible lol.

He’s definitely grown as a player from doing that though. Kazumi forces you to actually understand the game, and rewards you well for applying that understanding.

I also realized that Fergus’ character picking guide says she has bad block punishment. She’s like top 5 at overall block punishment lol, it’s absolutely insane how good she is there. Only bad point is her short hopkick range.


Crazy that not only the S2 update is coming out on Sep 6th, but two major events (The Mixup in France and SoCal Regionals in US) will apparently run on said version, as well as Rev Major

All three of those will take place about a week after the patch

People for sure are gonna exploit the shit out of new combos and moves that nobody will have a proper time to lab up lmao