Tekken 7 - Discussion


I highly doubt legacy characters are gonna cause problems at high levels of play. People have played against Lei and Anna for 20 years already.

On the other hand, it might be an issue for me. I’m entering a tourney the 9th. .-.


i for myself am happy that they push it out no matter the tourney scene which in itself is just a small percentage of the playerbase. 6days to go! i really wonder if they will reveal the rest too or drag it out and just announce them before they come out.


Apparently patch notes are gonna drop on tuesday.


The patch notes aren’t really clear, but I think Namco just butchered Leo’s wall oki. :confused:


First Bunch of Patch Notes (English)




Okay, so commentary on the characters I use:

Leo’s a different char in s2 entirely. Mostly for the worse, I think, though there’s a chance her buffs make up for it as a whole. She’s a lot less scummy though, and she might have some damage buffs hidden away in her arsenal once she’s optimized. I’m gonna have to relearn her combos and wall pressure from scratch though.

Kazuya gets better tracking and some QOL-changes. I’m happy. Removes one of his two big issues.

DJin gets a hellsweep nerf which is fair, and a few small buffs. He’ll still be top tier.

Heihachi gets a SHITLOAD of buffs holy shit. Top tier inc, and likely the biggest winner of the patch along with Steve.

Asuka gets buffed across the board. Likely won’t change much, but she’s still better.

Shaheen… he MIGHT be somewhat worse off, OR a lot better off. If the second hit of 4,1 doesn’t naturally combo anymore on normal hit because the second hit is 2f slower, that’s kinda bad. His other nerfs aren’t big, he got some nice buffs too, and he even possibly gets an approach tool in wr2 which covers a big hole in his arsenal. I’m leaning towards him being really strong in s2.

Kazumi got dragged into the streets and publicly executed lol.

Feng is… okay. I guess.

Not terribly happy with the patch, too many nerfs for my taste.


full english patchnotes are now up on the website (scroll down)



New Overview Trailer, including the Costumes.


I’ve been out of the loop, is it a whole season pass and how much is it gonna cost?

I don’t understand what they did to Shaheen, seems like they added a bunch of stuff but took away his 11 frame standing 4…it now comes out at 13F.

Maybe they are trying to make him a deeper and harder character to use.


His 4 is still 11f. The second hit of his 4,1 is slower.
They specifically altered his 4 in another line in the patch notes without mentioning anything about frames there, so I’m pretty certain of that. It’s easier to duck. At worst it’s not a natural combo on regular hit anymore. That’s a big deal too IF that’s the case, but he still has an 11f magic 4 with great follow-ups. And it’s still a natural combo, he’s one of the most buffed characters in the patch, easily.


thats why i just wait, try it out and judge then.

it will cost as much as the first season pass. in my region 25€
content should be clear by now based on the trailer and posts.
6 chars 2 will be out tomorrow, other one follow with no date but its safe to assume that negan comes out next year. + you get some bonus costumes when you buy the season pass.
dlc chars can be purchased seperately too when you dont want them all. 4,99€

the balance patch is free and everyone gets it. same for the ui changes, auto kombos, ranking improvements.


i don’t like change lol. I stopped playing sf5 after season 1.

They took out the zoom in on Katarina’s Harrier 4 in combos…it only zooms on regular hit with the wall bounce feature. For that alone, I won’t play Katarina anymore.

I’m not used to the new Shaheen yet, Low High posted and seems to not like him either.

But omg, you can sidestep left Xiaoyu’s df+1, good news as a former hwoarang player.

I like the Josie changes, bit of offensive buffs and defensive nerfs, i’ll take that. Cd+1+2 is a mid that leaves them crouch and appears to be +2.


update is loading for me.
little price update - it seems the individual chars are 5,99 not 4,99 for whatever reason and the Season Pass 29,99 instead of 25.


Apparently Leo is a LOT better now after all. Much better CH game even without b1 (d1 is an extremely similar move so np). Df2+3 is back to tag 2 status as -12 on block, +5 on hit ch launcher, cd2 is a straight ch launch, ff3 to bok2 is the new u3+4 to df2+3, d2 is +4 on block which is GREAT. Ff4,3 nerf is no big deal, same with ws4,1+2 being -12. I’m gonna liss trolling people with fc df3 though, but I can see why they took that out if they wanted fewer weird situations where you die to one move being spammed.

I hoped to be proven wrong when I said she might be worse. And that I was. Woo!


ed- see, thats why its better to wait before making final judgements.
people still can get carried by leo, no need to worry. i fucking hate this char -.-
really have to learn the matchup, he allows people to get away with wins way to much (when people dont know the matchup) which they wouldnt get with other chars due to his mixups + frames and counterhit on block options.

so, after the patch is now down i got invited to test out the auto kombos and so i did to see if they might really help casuals or not. when you enable them you lose your 1-2 normals and all moves you start with them because the auto kombo triggers direct on the first hit of these buttons. so you cant even jab punish someone. how is this supposed to help new people when they get cut of basic normals/moves?


They removed a bunch of Leo’s straight robbery stuff. A lot of that stuff wasn’t guaranteed, but if people didn’t know the MU there were situations where she could spam one move and the opponent would just die. That stuff is gone, but her new guaranteed followups from those situations are straight better.

She’s still a very fundamentals- and utility based character with a ridiculous wall game, her most “dishonest” stuff is gone in s2. She has some powerful mixups when she has momentum, but you generally beat Leo just by playing better Tekken than her.


come on…thats what you tell yourself because you feel then that you are the better tekken player then your opponents?

there is a reason you didnt won a single match with kaz against my feng and didnt even managed to beat my josie pick ,beside of a few matches, which i didnt knew any combos while had much less struggle just doing things with leo. she like actually the majority of girls in this game needs mu knowledge or you are fucked hard! just “playing tekken” doesnt help you when thats not something you know. overall on the highest level, yeah,because the one who is the better tekken player wins due to all the gimmicks being mostly stripped away, but thats a point no one from us is. not even close.

at the end, of course my fault. people do what they do when the opponent allows em to get away with it.
but there is no denying that certain chars can get away and carrie with a bunch of stuff till they reach a certain point where someone really learned the actuall mu to strip that stuff away. and you dont need to do that for the whole cast to be able to play against em. leo is well packed and not without reason some people thought that she is one of the best chars in the game with all the options/tools she has.


I got beat with Kazuya because my Kazuya was ass back then (this is, what, 6 months ago? I’ve gotten a LOT better since then), and that character is just really hard to win with overall. It’s not really surprising that I do better when I go back to my easier-to-play main.

Can I ask what specifically you think you need MU experience against when playing against Leo? Because as she is, she’s mostly pokes and whiff punishing, and that’s 80% of my game nowadays unless I really smell blood. I’m not denying MU experience is a huge deal in this game, but outside of stuff that got explicitly nerfed I’m not sure Leo’s particularly bad in this regard.