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no need to go into defensive mode. he is “hard” to win with because he has barely any “gimmicks” to rely on and you have to “play tekken” with him.
i am sure you growed as a player overall over time, even tho i still have the feeling you overestimate yourself a bit to much, based on the last tourney you mentioned and that you really believed joe is the only one you need to worry about…which at the end from what i have seen didnt end so well for you.

learn what to do against her mixups strings, what are her options afterwards on block ect ect. she can go ham into you while having good tools to keep you away/punish you for attempts to go in. i dont know how you play now with her, thats more a overall leo s1 “rant”. i didnt know the mu so far and maybe the changes will make her less oppressive but at the end its still a char where you really need to learn the matchup. and yes, i agree that its a overall thing in this game that mu knowledge is very important but as i said before for some chars thats something you are really forced to or you get bopped by “gimmicks”.


to switch topics, did anyone tried out anna/lei so far? how do you like em?
ui changes for stage select is a welcome addition, even tho the 4 empty slots look out of place.
hopefully we get at least one new stage with negan.


I looked quickly through my old posts here and I found nothing about how I “only worried about Joey Fury”, I mentioned that he wasn’t in my pool anymore and that Ryan Hart was there. If I ever said something like that, it was probably in the context of “that’s the only guy whose name I actually know, maybe I can get out of pools now”.


strange, i could swear i have read it somehwere (cant find it either) because i remember that i thought back then…wow…is he serious. must have misread things or it was part of one of the many leo nightmares. i have to apologize myself then because it seems what i wrote was bullshit. sorry!


I do get where the overestimation part comes from, granted, because I HAVE made a lot of posts here where I talk myself up after performing well against players I had no chance in hell against a year ago (and, honestly, I never thought I’d ever be able to take games from). Doesn’t make me a good tournament player but it does mean I’ve improved a lot faster than I thought I would. And it’s something I’m proud of tbh.

Also there’s a local tournament in two days. I might be commentating top 8. I’ll keep you posted on that.


thats fine and feel free to continue to post your experience. not much talk going on anyway when its about the game itself. maybe the new chars will change that. its overall kinda strange that people dont talk much about the game while its the most played fighting game (on pc). even tekken zaibatsu is kinda…not so active. reddit seems to be the place with the most people.

soulcal on the other hand has 8wayrun and its thriving.

ed- not sure if have seen you “irl” so far. will be interesting.


I think most of the talk just moved to discord and twitter.


Anyone here want to jump on the Lars bandwagon?


lars 12 frame punish is ridiculous lmfao that alone plus f3 having crush frames makes him good

feng got nerfed a little on his kempo step safety
devil jin remained untouched for the most part you can hit hellsweep at MAX tip range and get a dash up 1+4 but it still launches at every other proximity ill have to test out the laser scaper on oki on side rollers because it has a lower hit box. he can do actions out of his df1,2 faster almost like steve duck cancelling

jin gets consistent combos off of counterhit 4 because the slump animation is different thats the best buff along with 3,1 and d4 being safe

nina got nothing but buffs lmfao shes a secret winner of season 2

hei got super buffed lmfao only thing i hate is OTGF being punishable but ill still use it everything else is ace lol as you know but a stealth change they had is ff2 hitting grounded

kazuya is really good now
those are all my characters that i play so a successful season for me and now i might have to use hei more in tournaments along with nina
im just glad my main devil jin is the same lol and got a buffed electric with all the other mishimas :grin:


I can confirm that Shaheen 4,1 is still a natural combo.

Dude got buffed.

Also, how does one do the combo out of Anna’s d,df2?


thats the interesting thing on the 8wayrun forum, they integrated discord into it so you can see both at the same time.

are people really switching to chars now because they think they might be “broken”?

some vids, its day one stuff but still shows off what you can do with em. better then to just watch the movelists or short twitter clips.


Yes, I love that Devil Jin and Jin are basically the same, with Jin having the CH 4 improvement. I was reading about Kazuya but didn’t quite understand it, is he that much better and what do you find is the best improvement?



I just had to say that.

Also Kazuya got better tracking on several moves which is HUGE for him, f4 and ff3 got buffed, and d1,2 and db2 got buffed.


okay, could take a closer look on feng ingame and my first impressions of the patchnotes.
overall…its kinda…welp…not as happy as some other people with what they got :stuck_out_tongue:

2,4,1 | Opponent reaction on counter hit was changed.

= When 1 CH you get a knockdown which you can shoulder into.

[3,4] 3 | Changed from -15F to -26F on block. Feng reaction on block changed.

= More punishable / Animation changed but i dont see how it affects anything

f+3+4,B | Block timing slower by 5F.
f+3+4,4 | Opponent closer on block.
= Better Punishable for your opponent.

d/f+2,2 | Causes Wall Bounce on hit.
= New WB Mechanic everyone got

d/f+3+4 | Causes Screw on mid-air hit.
= can be used after a wallbounce or against aerial opponents like geese, asuka, eliza kuma?!
seems very situational. gives you combo opportunity

d+2 | Opponent closer on block.
d/b+1,B | Block timing slower by 5F.
d/b+3 | Opponent closer on block.
= Better Punishable for your opponent.

d/b+1+2,2 | Opponent reaction on counter hit was changed.
= CH First 2 Leads to a knockdown

b+1 | Opponent closer on block.
b+3+4 | Block timing slower by 5F.
= Better Punishable for your opponent.

f,F+3 (or back toward enemy 3) | Changed from +4F to +8F on block. Opponent reaction on counter hit was changed.
= Safer on Block, Ch leads to a Ground Bounce which you can combo into.

f,F+4,3 | Recovery for both players increased by 1F. Changed to -14F on block regardless of input timing.
= Delayed 3 got nerfed to -14, Increased Recovery…not sure if it has any real impact.

During sidestep 4 | Opponent closer on block.
= Better Punishable for your opponent.

1,1 | Opponent reaction on counter hit for 1,1,2 was changed.
= Second 1 CH Crumbles your Opponent

1,1,2 | Input window changed from 26F to 24F.
= not sure if it has any effect beside that you have to make the input a bit faster?!

edit - s2 combo video


Question to the old Mishima players: is there a timing difference between Heihachi’s EWGF and the others? It shouldn’t be, but I’ve heard rumors. And for some reason I’m having a lot more success with doing his electrics on P2 compared to Kaz and DJin, so I wanna know if that’s just accidental.

…yes, I’ve played him a bunch now that he got all those buffs. Really enjoyable character.


@appo kind of, you have people like LowHigh flat out giving Lars a go and giving Shaheen the farewell:


Hotfixes incoming, according to Harada. I assume Lars, Lee and Katarina are getting certain broken shit nerfed, and Bryan gets his taunt tracking back.


his df1,2 being hard knockdown offers a free ff4 followup or stomp if you crouch cancel perfectly . db2 offers free ff4 or stomp as well his f1+2 finally having use with the wall bounce and it being safe in previous games it was way too slow and linear and unsafe to have any use at all. now its amazing f4 being closer on block and on hit means that you can main tain pressure without them being able to micro backdash out of certain moves this coupled with the electric tracking better means that kaz is more dangerous up close at 0 range offensively instead of just punishment wise


Tourney report:

Got 9th, and three of my games were streamed. Not happy with my first loss, but oh well. The second one was a close match against one of the heavy hitters. Gotta get that analyzed.
Top 8 coming up at twitch.tv/k2studios . I did some commentary earlier, hope to get some done there too.

edit: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/307451074
Archives. Feedback on games (handle is Bager, the only Leo-player) and commentating style is appreciated (aside from the fact that I say “yeah” a lot, I am aware of that one).


some lei stuff by suiken