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Suiken (Mike) is a very good nice guy and really good. He hosted a gathering this past Saturday for the community and made some food (Filipino chicken) and later on someone else brought carne asada, most of the tekken players brought chips so we had like 10 different bags.

I had some games and was helping some of the newer players in the community with execution, which felt good.

My Jin/Devil Jin/Shaheen got destroyed by my friend’s season 2 asuka. Later on I played a real 2/3 set and played for real and both my hwoarang and Josie still got busted up still…and this is me knowing asuka.

Before I left I wanted a set with either Suiken or RIB after they played. Suiken won so I played him. I know Lei since I played tekken tag 1 and I used to play him as well…but never learned his post tekken 6 stuff. Hwoarang and Devil Jin got destroyed, it was like I couldn’t even move.

I wasn’t upset or anything but after I came home, I felt super demoralized and pretty much wanted to call it quits for now. I’m sure the feeling will pass but I might startup Dragon Quest XI in the meantime.


S2 hotfix is apprently up. Lars, Katarina and Eliza got their broken shit removed, Bryan got taunt tracking back.

Leo knk4 did apparently not get fixed though, lol. This is the advantage of nobody testing or complaining about your character. :smiley:


Yay doublepost

I went to a Tekken 3 anniversary tournament today. Got to top 8, then died to an Eddy on a laggy screen. Talked to the bartender / tournament organizer afterwards, they seemed interested in actually hosting T7 tournaments for us. We might get something going.


Feedback pls. Preferrably criticism. This is the game I felt was the most representative for my play overall, and while I think I played fairly well, I lost the set, so there’s clearly stuff to pick up on. A second opinion on this might be useful.


Kat still has the i13 punish, just isn’t extremely easy to do. She can OS it though.

Now to modify character select screen with every icon as Katarina.



Yoshi stuff by OYO


Been playing a bunch of Heihachi lately. He’s such a beast now. Top notch low/mid level punishment, his oki is a lot better, ss2,1 is a great QOL-change, and his new rage drive (10f CH launcher) is easily one of the best in the game along with Xiaoyu, Asuka and Steve. I also have to approach offense very differently with him compared to my other characters, which is a nice learning experience.


Tekken 7 Dojo - Game Mechanics/Tutorials/Resources

Sick Vid.


was able to get this yesterday after playing honkey#1 in a long set I learned alot and it fueled my fire


The guy who’s usually hosting casuals here got a new apartment, and decided to fill it with the rest of us sweaty, Tekken-playing nerds. Some dudes had a high-stakes ft10 (a soda :V). I got to play a long set vs a Ling-player that’s been wrecking shop left and right recently (second best Norwegian placement at Headstomper, second place in the tourney last month). I expected to get crushed; it was pretty even. Knowing I can beat this guy in tourney is quite the confidence-boost.

Speaking of tourneys: I’m also organizing a tournament at one of the local gaming bars next week. Shit’s looking good. Lots of people showing up, and the overall level of the top 8 contenders seem very high. Some friendly trashtalk on discord has also gotten me rolled up into two more ft10s (now with even higher stakes; a round in the bar for one set, and a pizza for the other). Dis gon b fun


apparently peru has sick tekken players, and they also still play tekken tag tournament 1. this would explain why one of their kazuya players was so sick at TXT. I found some old ttt1 matches and he was in it. This was one of the sickest kazuya sets i’ve seen. watching the stream chat on ATP was great too.


Got a link to the tag 1 matches?



Humble Store has a Tekken7 Sale.
Season Pass1 has the first time on PC some %, you get it for 12,49€

Base Game - 19,99€
Deluxe (Base Game+SeasonPass1)- 18,74€


Green Arcade closing down, and Echo Fox ending its sponsorships with JDCR and Saint.

Sad times :frowning:


Yes I heard the sad news. I’m more bewildered as to why the high performers were dropped. Did they not win enough tourneys?

What is echo fox’s focus on now?

They might land another sponsorship perhaps?


Afaik Echo fox were downsizing big time. I think it was less about results and more about how big the game is.

One thing’s clear though. They won’t be free agents for long.


won 1 tournament this weekend on Saturday and got forth at the one on Sunday mad about the sunday one though


Oh yeah, and I got 3rd at the tournament I organized last weekend. Got wrecked by my personal demon in winners finals and then by a veteran Eddy in losers. Gonna lab up both of those characters.
I’m almost considering getting a secondary for Eddy though, Leo not having ANY good punish against RLX from standing sucks.