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yeah i know she has stomp but depending on the pushback of whatever move he did to transistion into rlx and the frames stomps arent reliable. leo needs a faster ground hitting move i dont understand why they made her down 1+2, 2 the flip over move.

Saturday was good cause i went straight through the bracket and won
sunday was agonizing because i went for uf4 and missed the b4 so the person stood up and killed me i needed to warm up as well


Because you can now do ff3~d BOK2. And I can’t overstate how huge that buff is, because a lot of her moves give ff3 as a follow-up on counterhit (cd2, cd2,1, 2+3, uf2,1, SS1+2, and I’m probably forgetting some). A lot of her already decent mini-combos suddenly give close to launcher-levels of damage. It’s ridiculous. It’s also her optimal ender on a far wall splat, and it’s a lot easier to land than the old u3+4 > df2+3-ender.

I’d love for something better than u3+4 or d1 against Eddy though. I’ve been messing around with Kazumi lately (df1 pickups on RLX are stupid AF) but I’m just not having fun with her, and I’m not confident enough in my Mishima play to pick one of them. I don’t really like the other obvious candidate (Jack) either. Anyone else I should be thinking about here?

S2 Leo is so much fun though. You have so many ways to approach the match now.

Also, we get another tournament next weekend, and another one in three weeks. Usually we’re lucky to have three tournaments per year over here, now we get four in two months. Happy times.


Anyone checking out Berlin Tekken Clash? Pools being streamed now.


for the case someone want to rewatch the finals


As the leader of the Manji Party, Yoshimitsu dedicated himself to providing food, medical assistance, and shelter to the ever increasing number of political refugees around the world. Unfortunately, with a constant lack of necessary funding and manpower, Yoshimitsu was unsure about the future of his organization.

When Yoshimitsu heard about The King of Iron Fist Tournament, he envisioned a union between the Manji Party and the Mishima Zaibatsu. With this dream in mind, Yoshimitsu decides to enter the Tournament immediately. He must defeat Heihachi Mishima at any cost.


2.02 Patchnotes: https://d1vtv52f4vjbmu.cloudfront.net/games/tekken/tekken-7/t7_patch2-02_changelist.pdf


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