Tekken 7 - Discussion


I went to Super Arcade last Friday, which is an arcade Mike Watson runs here. The overall level of the tekken competition is so much higher now, a lot of the newer players who started in Tekken 7 around here have leveled up. I played MYK’s Kazuya and was amazed at his movement.

Love Julia.
Here’s a sick advance combo video I found.


not really surprising with her mixups and that strange long range low poke into small laucher. havent touched her just played against her but mother kazumi seems to be still the only “honest” girl in the game :stuck_out_tongue:

people need to learn the matchup first.


Increased Price Pool - This Years Winner will get 30k

TEKKEN World Tour Finals :

Standing Prize Money (USD)
1st $30,000
2nd $20,000
3rd $15,000
4th $10,000
5th (two Players) $5,000
7th (two Players) $2,500
9th (four Players) $1,250
13th (four Players) $750
17th (four Players) $500


since you did or still do some tourney stuff you might want to look into the new dojo format. when you manage to get 16 people into the tourney you can make it a official twt event.


The Namcops actually phoned my TO-partner and explicitly asked us to do dojo events lol. We’re holding nationals in two weeks so we’ve got our hands full with that right now, but we’ll be doing dojo events guaranteed.


my Julia sitting at a 58% win rate now, down from mid 70s.

I moved up from Genbu to Suzaku on PC and Vanquisher to Genbu on PS4.
Just want to get her to mighty ruler and i’m down with ranked.

But got destroyed a lot today and about to be demoted to Seiryu.