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Yeah I already checked out a lot his archives. His Paul (or any character he plays) is hella sick. Don’t know if it’s worth trying to imitate his gameplay though, since I don’t understand why he’s doing what he’s doing at any given time.
If I try to block high 90% of the match, all those Lucky Chloe and Eddy players gonna walk the fuck over me.


Written guide for "Practice Mode: Back dash cancel and whiff punish with practical examples for defensive training"

High level overview of Miguel by KongoJack:

Reddit thread for that video, not much posted there though:

Tekken Zaibatsu still exists, but it’s character specific sections vary a lot in quality and quantity.


List of top 15 moves for the entire cast.

Take that list with a grain of salt (there was no “quality control”, so some suggestions may be off. Signed, someone who contributed =p), but it gives a nice introduction to what tools that make up the core gameplan for most characters, and gives ideas about what moves you could experiment with if you’re unsure how to improve.


Yeah, not a single mention of Paul 12 frame tracking whiff and block punish.
But hell what isn’t mentioned in the list you’ll figure out through trial and error.


i know of the list but the reason why i did not put it up so far is because i dont want people to limit themself by just sticking to it
and potentially missing out other stuff…i will give it a deeper look tomorrow.


I saw AK in whatever the last king of iron fist tourney was, I think.

He is a maniac. He really makes the game look fun as hell.


The game IS fun as hell. :3


updated the chars section so that everyone has a movelist video and a link to each framedata (beside of panda) google sheet.
easy to copy/paste or printout.
+some combo videos/guides for several chars.

when you find something which should be put in just post it.


Is there any Akuma mains out there?


-a char specific counter section.
-some combo videos


I was told to post my info on King here. I derived all this over the last month of playing and the info is mine. If it is wrong then I am responsible, but I sure tested it all. First the video I made… it’s in depth.

<iframe width=“560” height=“315” src=“https://www.youtube.com/embed/BtGHIpohTvU” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

So this is all I know about King’s throws. He has other stuff, but this is what I know. What follows is important info listed outside of the video that should be taken into account. I can’t tell you how wrong most of the info on the internet is, but I can point you the right way.

Important game play details follow below

*When a counter is listed as “-” there is no way to break it. I’ve tested each dozens of times, there is no input window shown in practice and the cpu also cannot break them. In general the only throws that can’t be broken are normals on counter hit (such as f,f+4, b+2~3), throws that grab players out of the air, or throws that stand behind the other player. Try to avoid those.

*When a counter lists “EITHER” it means either 1 or 2 will break the throw. No choice needs to be made to succeed. In general in Tekken this will only apply to normal 1+3 or 2+4 throws regardless of whether or not forward is held to increase throw distance.

*When a counter lists “WHILE LANDING” or “WL” it means that if you fail to break the giant swing throw you can tech roll just as you hit the ground to reduce damage. While the giant swing does a very high 65 damage this can reduce it greatly. As a result you should limit the use of giant swing to either throwing into wallsplat opportunities and balcony breaks or setting up shining wizard mix-ups.

*When the counter for the figure-four leg lock lists “on back” it means that if you fail to break the initial throw you still have an opportunity to reverse the hold with 3+4 and do damage back. The window for doing this is extremely small however.

*When a counter lists “MASH” it means to hit the button repeatedly as quickly as possible. While this is not necessary to break the throw normally, in these moves if the other player is also mashing and he out-mashes you the throw break will fail regardless.

*When a counter lists “OR” it means that either 1 or 2 must be pressed depending on which version of the move that was done. It’s easiest to visualize these inputs as “left” and “right” inputs. These moves make obvious breaks into a 50/50 chance. Because of this and contrary to popular belief mashing 1 or 2 during a chain throw will not guarantee a break during King’s extended Mexican Magma Drive chains. If an experienced player utilizes both inputs you will be forced to guess in a 50/50 situation to escape.

When there is a reverse special stretch bomb attempt out of a sidestep (sidestep 2+4) the chain route depends on what side the grab begins on. If grabbed at the sides or back it will result in the chain starting as though cannonball buster was executed, but if grabbed from the front you have the opportunity to do a Manhattan drop for a longer chain route. The break button also changes - if grabbed from the front it will be 2, from the left it will be 1, from the right 2, and if grabbed from behind the throw becomes unbreakable. I couldn’t fit that in the video.

*When King attempts an ultimate throw it can be broken, but if the timing is extremely accurate to a small window afterward you will reverse the throw into the mounted position.

*It has been said in numerous sources that every throw in Tekken 7 can be broken with 1,2, or 1+2. This is NOT true. Some of King’s throws (throw and destroy; figure-four leg-lock) use 3+4.

*It is not listed, but it is still possible to hold back after the executioner drop to throw the opposition behind King. This is somewhat overlooked, but definitely worth noting as the move has an uncommon break (1+2), is fast to execute and can lead to wallsplats for high damage combos, setting up a shining torpedo or even corner traps.

*If you grab someone who is doing an armor move (such as kings f+1+4) any throw you successfully land will be unbreakable with any button. This is true for all characters, but King has a distinct advantage against heavy use of armor moves for obvious reasons.

*It is possible after reverse a right side kick and ONLY a right side kick with King’s b+2+4 counter and press 3+4 to automatically attempt to apply a figure-four leg lock immediately after the leg screw animation ends. The window for input is very small, it can still be countered with and you can do the same thing by holding db and pressing 1+3 with good timing after the move ends so I didn’t bother adding it to the video.

Something I recently realized - the fork in the chain route where you can use the Manhattan drop or power bomb - the power bomb does less damage and has a shorter route for two reasons. First it does less damage sure and has a different break, but it also determines the direction of the final giant swing if you finish the chain with it. The giant swing when throwing the opponent at the wall becomes the most damaging end beating the muscle buster by 5 damage points so if you’re facing the wall do the power bomb route to throw them against the wall, and if your back is to the wall do the Manhattan drop instead to force a wall position and do more damage.

Appreciating King means understanding him. You might feel he is too good, you might feel he is too bad, but I assure if you just understand him he’s an incredible fighting game character.

Edit - I don’t know how to embed… so let’s pretend it works alright.


here your video
you just copy paste the url adress.

i can put it into the king section, not sure how to handle the text.
i will think something out.

Update Post 1-2:

updated post 1 and post 2 with combo videos, counter videos and the universal wall jump attack video which i didnt knew it exist
before i have seen the video. i always thought its a char specific move because i have seen just some ling player using it.

and i of course added geese…at least his name.
image will follow when he arrives.

Update Post 1-2:

update: i will write down now each video so that its easyer to find the new stuff.

*Tekken 7 Combo Breakdowns: Jack-7
Tekken 7 Combo Breakdowns: Dragunov
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Tekken 7 / Law - Basic + Bread & Butter Combos
TEKKEN 7 - LUCKY CHLOE Combo Tutorial (Advanced) *

Tekken 7 - Kazumi Punishment Guide
Tekken 7 - Lucky Chloe Punishment Guide
Tekken 7 Punish Miguel
Tekken 7 Paul " Punishment Tutorial " - Side Step Guide - *

Update Post 1:

Update Post 1
Tekken 7 Guide - Getting Off the Ground! - Learning Fundamentals

Tekken 7 Combo Breakdowns: Lili
Tekken 7 Combo Breakdowns: Jin
Tekken 7 Combo Breakdowns: Paul
Tekken 7 Combo Breakdowns: Bryan

Gigas Combo Guide - Tekken 7 - Easy to Advanced!
Alisa Combo Guide - Tekken 7 - Easy to Advanced!
Asuka Combo Guide - Tekken 7 - Easy to Advanced! *

Update Post 1:

MIGUEL Combo Guide | TEKKEN 7
LEE / VIOLET Combo Guide | TEKKEN 7

Tekken 7 Combo Breakdowns: Kuma/Panda
Tekken 7 Combo Breakdowns: Devil Jin
Tekken 7 Combo Breakdowns: Lee/Violet

Tekken 7 - Jin Kazama Complete Breakdown

LILI Combo Guide | TEKKEN 7
Tekken 7 Lili - Combo Master Guide: NH launchers
Tekken 7Lili - Combo Master Guide: CH Launchers, Low Parry, Big Combo, Rage Drive and Rage Art

How to Play Leo in Tekken 7 in Under 5 Minutes
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Leo’s Bajiquan: Comprehensive Guide to Leo in Tekken 7: Part 1
Leo’s Bajiquan: Comprehensive Guide to Leo in Tekken 7: Part 2*



Update Post 1-2:

Got some rearrangements, Layout changing to make it more structured/ better readable.

Post 2
Anti Videos are now rearranged and each creator is listed separately with his videos
which makes it easier to keep track of a specific content creator

Video Update Post2

The Fighters eXceed - HOW TO PUNISH

hakazuki - Punish Guides

Propper Tech: Punishment tutorials


Lianghubbb: 20 tips how to beat

cutcc: How to Punish

Just Frame: Tekken Tips - How to beat

Afrotekken - Breaking Chain Throws

Update Post 1:

Update Post 01

**Geese Howard **
-Move List
-Staple combos
-Combo breakdowns

-Combo breakdown

**Noctis **
Image / Release Trailer


Startpost is now fixed and all Links are working again.